Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post Patriots

Photo by Brian Murphy

Thank goodness the preseason is almost over. Fortunately for everyone there's only 14 more days in waiting. It will be a great feeling wrapping up this Thursday night and finally getting ready to prepare for week 1. It's not that these don't feel like real games, because we strapped it on last Friday night and played with a little attitude, but it's still just a practice. On one hand it's great to not have a loss count, but it's tough not being able to count a 73 yard reception.

Some positives stood out to me from this weeks game. First, we have been very persistent with the way this team has continued to work and are making huge strides offensively. There is not one throw our quarterback can't make on a football field. Our line is getting much better at picking up the protections and it's showing were we have way more time to throw the ball. Finally, a couple of the young receivers are starting to come on. Devon Thomas is playing at a different level than he did last year. There is no question that for us to be good offensively someone has to step up big in our two and three receiver roles.

There are also many improvements we need to make. We've played with terrible discipline. "You gotta stop the stoppers." As Sherman Smith put it. Too many penalties, dropped balls, and turnovers. Joe Bugle stated "running the ball is paramount! You run to win, you pass to score. We have to establish a more violent running game." And in Z's words "We have to establish the reputation we want. It's up to us men, we need to be the hammer."

I also want to dispute the notion that Tanner strode into the Patriots locker room looking for negative publicity. My brother's initial intentions were to see if he could ask Tom Brady one question, not to bad mouth Randy Moss. Obviously, he knew this was unlikely to happen, but was thrilled with the chance. I will also apologize for him for not knowing the Patriots have a strict no interviews policy in their locker room; surely everyone in America should know everything about the gods of football and should be treated like a d-bag for not accommodating. Seriously, all teams should adopt this silence philosophy. It makes for an extremely fan friendly environment.

Last thing - I will stand up for Ben Watson. Although there may have been casual incivility, I am aware he not only very respectable man, but also a great guy to be around. In addition, I think he is a hell of a football player.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

TC: Randy Moss is a Classy Guy...Not

If you are a frequent reader of the blog you know that we make a huge effort to put up entertaining content. Last week, entertainment came in the form of a post game interview with Colt Brennan and Chase Daniel. During the interview I hinted that there would be an attempt to interview Tom Brady this week. Unfortunately I failed in my attempts to meet Brady. I did, however, make it into the Patriots locker room. This is where the entertainment for today begins.
Being in an opposing team's locker room is entirely new to me. I have never entered one, let alone one that housed New England Patriots. One of the best current teams around. Needless to say, there was a small amount of intimidation prior to me entering which was only magnified by Belichick's cold heartless stare. I thought Z had a stern look, but Belichick, the grim reaper lives in his eyes. I eventually shrugged off Bill's cold hard stare and got my bearings in the locker room. I decided to look for the only familiar I knew. Shawn Springs.

After walking around for a few minutes looking for Springs, I began to gain confidence. I have no idea why but I decided to post up at Randy Moss's locker. I knew he was still there because all his shit was in his locker. A minute or two passed before he emerged from the depths of the locker room. I patiently stood waiting like a school boy in the principal's office for Moss to acknowledge me. Finally after waiting for several minutes.

"Whatchu want man?" He said glaring at me over his shoulder.

"What's up man. Do you have a second?"


"I'm Chris Cooley's brother. I just wanted to see if I could get your thoughts on the game. It's is for Chris's website.

"Man, that don't mean shit to me! No interviews."

At this point Moss had completely blown my mind. I never knew that Randy Moss, or anyone for that matter, could be such a bitch after catching 2 touchdowns and winning a football game. Thankfully the awkward silence following his shenanigans didn't last long.

Enter Ben Watson, "Man, you look exactly like Chris Cooley."

You can liken my feelings at this point to finding an English speaking person in a foreign country. With what little dignity I had left I managed to to utter, "Ya, he's my brother. Would you mind (pointing at camera), this is for his website."

BW: "No interviews." he said in the same rude voice that Moss did. "But tell your bro what's up."

And just as I thought the interview debacle was over, Randy pulled another dick move. "Ya, tell your bro WE said what's up!"

They both then turned their backs to me and began mumbling to each other, probably about who gets to massage Tom's "sore shoulder" on the plane ride home.

As I exited the locker room, dejected and pissed off, I couldn't help but think how big of assholes those guys were. I know the facts, I was a zilch in their locker room, but I also know that not one player on the Redskins would treat someone like that. Not one.

Thinking that as I walked through the door of the Skins locker room I couldn't help but tell the first person I saw (JC) about my belittling experience.

"Man, that's just not good hospitality is it?"

No Jason, it isn't. I hope they had a shitty plane ride home filled with turbulence and visions of this as they went to bed.

By Tanner Cooley

Friday, August 28, 2009

Redskins vs Patriots

Follow local media members from DC and New England as they tweet through the game tonight. Leave your comments about the game in the comments section. HTTR

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ghosts Don't Exist: The Trailer

Over a year has gone by since we started working with 19th and Wilson on Ghosts Don't Exist. And today we finally have something to show for all the hard work. A trailer! If you don't get chills from watching it then something is seriously wrong with you. After you watch it please let us know what you think.

Also, check out the official Ghosts Don't Exist website for updates.

Most Popular Current DC Athlete?

This was written by Dan Steinberg from the Washington Post

Three years ago, Mike Wise wrote a column, dubbing Clinton Portis D.C.'s most popular athlete, ahead of Gilbert and Ovechkin. Two years ago, I did a similar Top Six list, leading with the same three names as Wise, but in a different order: Gilbert, then Portis, then Ovechkin. Then a few months ago, the AP's Joseph White wrote this:
Ovechkin has clearly become Washington's No. 1 sports star -- ahead of the Redskins' Clinton Portis (who seemed to spend all of last season grumbling about one thing or another) and the Wizards' Gilbert Arenas (who hasn't played all season because of a knee injury).
So is it a done deal then? I certainly thought so, and for months I've told anyone who asked that Ovechkin has the crown, full stop, next question. But then I started chatting with Wise the other day, and he still disagreed. If we were in a room with Ovechkin, Portis, Gilbert and a random sampling of D.C. area residents, he asked, would Ovie really attract the biggest crowd? I said yes. Wise said no.

But who cares what we think? Let's find out what you think? Even cooler, I'm going to find out what the local media thinks, via the first ever D.C. Sports Bog Top 5 Athlete Poll. To me, there are only five reasonable answers for the top spot: the three names of above, plus Zimmerman and Cooley, but I'll let the people speak. And, of course, I asked some wise observers for their thoughts on who's most popular.

Click to VOTE and read the thoughts of Portis, Cooley and Smoot below.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fantasy Football Insurance

Protection….for the important things in life.

Some of you may have heard about the new insurance available, that provides protection against something, many of us hold dear to our hearts. I’m not talking about life insurance, health insurance, auto or even home insurance. I’m talking about insurance on something that millions of Americans, up until now, have not had a chance to insure. Something that many of us have been burned on for many years.

Fantasy Football Insurance!

I myself have fallen victim to an injury plagued Fantasy roster last year; as my starting QB-(Tom Brady), Wide Receiver, and backup QB all were injured by week 3. Apparently the folks over at, have come up with, dare I say it, and ingenious plan to capitalize on the fantasy sports world. For a nominal fee (from what I can tell is about 10% of your league's entrance fee), they will insure your fantasy team starters against season ending injuries.

The way it works: if you have any of the Top 50 ranked players in the league on your team, and the player has an injury that prohibits him from playing a X% of games, your policy will pay you back your league entrance fee. Many of us play for fun, bragging rights, and even trophies, however there are a boat load of people who put down serious money on their leagues each year. Like many, my entrance fee, along with any chance of winning my league, went down the toilet last year.

I’d like to think I’m not alone here, but my wife gives me all sorts of crap each year about playing (and paying to play) in my fantasy league. I’ve been thinking since I’ve heard about this “important protection,” how I might bring up the topic to my wife; that I had just spent money, on an insurance plan that protects my entrance fee, if one of my fantasy football players get hurt. I feel kind of silly/scared just thinking about that conversation. But who the hell knows, as poorly as I show up each year in my league, she might cough up the cash for this new protection.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Bee Movie

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post Game Interviews: QB's Colt and Chase

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Live Twitter Feed Redskins vs Steelers

I will be attending tonight's home game so I will not be able to control the chat like I did for last weeks game. I still wanted to have a place that if you aren't watching you can get instant updates. So I have set the chat to update via twitter from local media outlets and anyone that writes about the Redskins/Steelers. You will not be able to comment in the live chat but you can do so in the comments section. HTTR!

If you want to listen to the game on ESPN 980 do it HERE

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chris gives the Business to Clinton

Video sent to us by David Eitel. Thanks!

Captain Chaos Life Coach? By Joe White

Published: August 21, 2009
Filed at 4:13 a.m. ET

ASHBURN, Va. (AP) -- This week, for only the second time in his NFL career, Chris Cooley missed a practice.

Want the details? It's all there on his blog, how his back went into spasms when he bent over to pick up a napkin while eating at a sushi place with wife Christy.

What the two-time Pro Bowl tight end didn't miss this week was another savvy marketing opportunity, capitalizing on a Jessica Simpson rumor that didn't have an inkling of truth.

It started when an online report suggested a romantic link between Washington Redskins teammate Colt Brennan and pop singer Simpson, who recently broke up with Dallas quarterback Tony Romo. Cooley thought such a story was too good to kill off right away, so he persuaded Brennan to tell reporters: ''My life coach, Chris Cooley, said that I should neither confirm nor deny it.''
This being the Internet age, it wasn't long before ''Cooley'' and ''life coach'' were linked everywhere. Knowing a good thing when he sees it, Cooley now is selling ''Chris Cooley Is My Life Coach'' T-shirts on his Web site.

''To be honest with you, I said that because I thought it was hilarious that players have life coaches,'' Cooley said Thursday. ''For example. Tony Dungy is Michael Vick's life coach, and that's been big on the news. I obviously should not be a life coach for any player. I've done great in my life. I have a little bit of an abstract approach to the way I do everything, and a lot of times that doesn't work for other guys. But it's worked for me.''

That's Captain Chaos at his best, saying what he pleases, doing what he wants and telling the world about it with few holds barred. An interview conducted during the dog days of training camp is usually the best time to get a player to open up his personal side, but with Cooley it's redundant: He's already at the forefront of all-access to himself, using the Web to dish details about everything from his home renovations (including a new pool and a ''man room'' with a poker table) to his vacations (although he decided his video of burning a horse corpse was too sensitive to post).

Last year, one posting got him in trouble on two fronts. He mistakenly displayed his private parts in a photo that was meant to feature his pregame study materials. It was the materials, more than the nudity, that concerned coach Jim Zorn.

So where does he draw the privacy line, if at all?

''There's no definite line. I feel pretty open about everything I do,'' Cooley said. ''When you put yourself out there like I have, you can't hide a lot of things. People are going to come out of the woodwork and talk about what is happening in your life, so when you put yourself out there you have to be pretty honest. The line is drawn where I go with the other guys. Being a media source myself, I have a different level of access than everyone else, so you have to be extremely careful with what gets said about anyone else.''

At 27, he is still a kid living the NFL dream, married to a gorgeous ex-cheerleader and able to buy the toys he wants. He gets away with it because his football record is impeccable: zero games missed in a five-year career that includes four of the five top receiving seasons by a tight end in Redskins history.

''There's nobody quite like Chris,'' receiver Antwaan Randle El said. ''Cooley's going to be a jokester, he's going to have fun, and then when it's time to work he's going to work. He's going to show up. If he was doing all that stuff, the videos, doing all the shoots and all that stuff and then wasn't showing up on the field, it would be a different story.''

Cooley has played hurt, practiced hurt and attributes his good attendance record to pride and a high pain tolerance. The only negative on his stat line last season: a mere one touchdown, a byproduct of Cooley learning Zorn's offense and the new coach learning how best to use the talented tight end.

''I feel like I've made the adjustments to become a better player in this offense,'' Cooley said, ''and now it's just fine-tuning my game.''

Besides the regular-season opener Sept. 13, Cooley has two other big debuts next month. Tired of the usual day-after-game coaches' news conferences? Cooley plans to hold his own Monday Q-and-A on Ustream, answering questions sent in by fans via text.

Next month also marks the premiere of ''Ghosts Don't Exist,'' a horror movie Cooley produced with his brother, Tanner. Cooley says he is mainly a fundraiser with a cameo role and ''zero influence'' on the final product, so there's no plans yet to make this another career.

''If it turns out great, we may do it again,'' he said. ''If it's poor, then I'm going to look like a terrible movie producer, which I have no clue how to do anyway. We'll see.''

Cooley's carefree existence was nearly shattered last year when his mother Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer the week he married Christy. It turns out the son got his indestructible genes from the mom: Cooley said Nancy is now cancer-free after chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries. And, like Cooley, she went through the entire ordeal without missing a game.

''The greatest things I learned -- and I already knew a little bit -- is how tough she really is,'' Cooley said. ''That's a pretty big accomplishment, to go through all that and stay upbeat and never miss anything.''

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Special Correspondent part 2

We love Jim Rome and want to say thanks for having Chris on your show.

Special Correspondent

A couple weeks ago a Jim Rome camera man was sent to Redskins park to film Chris playing a special role for Jim Rome is Burning. Today that episode will be airing so be sure to check it out. You are in for a treat. The video is a tease of what you have to look forward to thanks to Colt Brennan's videographer skills. Highlights include Chase Daniel eating and Chris yelling Tony Romooooo.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Injury Report

I have luckily made it through training camp with nothing more than a couple scratches thus far. Yesterday was nothing different; it was a hard two a day as normal, but I was fine making it through both practices. I actually walked off the field after the second practice beaming about what a good day I had - it was really two of the best practice I have put together this season. I showered, dressed and then sauntered out of the Redskins Park for dinner.

As usual, Christy picked me up to grab some food so we could spend a little time together. Dinner breaks are about the only time we get to see each other during training camp, so we try to take full advantage of that. After leaving the park we headed to Akira Sushi Bistro in Ashburn, which is one of the only place we ever get sushi. We sat down, ordered drinks and as the miso was being delivered I dropped my napkin on the floor. Bending down to pick it up shot spasms down my back and into my legs. I made it through dinner in absolute misery, and had to cut our night short to head into the training room and get stretched out.

This morning I woke up an hour early and headed into to the park. At this point I was still planning on making an attempt getting on the practice field. I spent an hour working on my lower back in the training room, going through some heat and stem (electric current), then following up with a good stretch. Finally, I worked on a bunch of strengthening exercises on a physio ball and while I was feeling much better than when I rolled out of bed, I still felt pretty shitty. The final decider of missing practice was Colt laughing at me while I struggled around my naked body trying to put my socks on.

It's tough for me to sit out and watch practice. I know for a lot of guys it's not a big deal to hang out with minor injuries, but this was only the second practice I've missed in my career and I kind of felt like a douche. I also felt bad for Yoder and Fred Davis since they had to take the extra reps. I felt even worse talking with Yodes while he was getting his IV in the back room after the day was done.

Fortunately, this isn't a big deal. Once the muscle relaxes a little bit, which it pretty much has I will be back on the field. Now, while tomorrow may suck, there is no real worry about causing any damage. I'm just going have to tough it out a couple days. Training camps supposed to be tough. They say.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chris sits down with Dave Feldman

Monday, August 17, 2009

Redskins Rides 2009

I'm now driving Lavar Arrington's old Maserati. I know, it's kind of like vehicular sloppy seconds, but for a holdover car it'll do for the next couple months. Somewhere in the middle of the 2006 season I started working with Eastern Motors, thus getting awesome cars to drive around for free - and by working I really mean driving their car and pretty much doing nothing else. For the eighteen months I have driven a variety of cars ranging from a CL550 to a long bed Duramax 2500 and over that time I have developed a new respect for how cool cars can be.Per a conversation a couple months ago with Robert (the owner) we came to the conclusion that I needed a better or actually classier car to drive for the new season. Actually, Robert's exact words were "You've got redneck pretty much covered, lets get you something bad ass." He then continued to say "Nothing is out of you league, tell me what you want." I had to hand it to him, the redneck statement was pretty true. My garage currently houses a jacked up 2500 truck, a Hummer, an XLR Cadillac for the wife (really not redneck), and a 1967 Camaro. However, saying that nothing was out of my league was something that really intrigued me.

As soon as I arrived at my house I went crazy on the computer search for new cars. After over an hour I had come up with a faultless answer. Austin Martin is making a new four door model called the Rapide. If there were ever an amazing car this is it, but to my dismay it is a concept car and will not come out for at least a year, if ever. I then moved down the line to the Quattroporte. Masarati makes one hell of a four door car and before I knew it I was sitting in the passenger seat barreling through Ashburn at 130 holding on for dear life. A five minute test drive of this car was more than enough to convince me that the Quattroporte was by far the coolest car I've ever sat in.

I was nearly ready to put the order in for the Mas until I came across a Panamera Porsche packet. This new four door Porsche is absolutely beautiful. At this point, I was more perplexed than ever about what I should do. I spent a couple days thinking and while I loved the Maserati, I went out on a limb (way out - lol) and decided to go with a car almost no one will have. The only bummer about this choice will be waiting until October for the release of the car.

About a week later I got a call from my brother Tanner. He tells me there is a black Mas sitting at the Eastern motors dealership in Leesburg and he doesn't want to get my hopes up, but what possible reason could that car be there for? Less than an hour later I'm surprised with another call, this one from Robert telling me that he decided I could test out the Maserati for the next couple months while I wait for the Porsche. I laughed as he continued to tell me he was sorry Lavar's rims were still on the car and would get them changed. I told him no big deal, I don't know shit about car rims, but the Giavanna rims would suffice. He then had to explain "Brothers don't like to drive other brother's cars." And I'm wondering what the big deal is before he continues to explain "you don't wanna get shot for somewhere you've never been." Right now it couldn't get any better as far as automobiles go, as long as Lavar just chilled out. Robert's right, I don't really want to get shot.

Finally, I am completely aware how vain this post is. All I can say is that it's real life right now and it's F'ing awesome. I'll live it while I can. Also, thank you Eastern Motors - this has been so much fun for me, I can't thank you enough. You can see my new ride at Redskins Rides presented by Easterns on August 23 at Redskins park.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Maxim 2009

Well, bummer about the game. As I have learned more and more throughout my career I've come to learn that the first couple preseason games are nothing more than a practice. I know this sounds lame, but it's tough preparing for a game when I know the maximum amount of plays is 12. I also know from talking to a bunch of the young guys that it's tough to be ready to play after standing around for a couple hours. Obviously, it would be nice to win, or at least to score a couple touchdowns, but really, it's just a practice.

On another note, I found the new Maxim on my counter and remembered I did this interview. I also want to thank Maxim for always including me as well as posting all content on their blog. Maxim is badass.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live Game Chat

For no real reasons, I did not make my way north to the fine city of Baltimore. So I will be watching the game from home. If you are doing the same and would like someone to chat with, tell your friends and do it here. Go Skins.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Z's Finger

There was a little bit of nervous excitement at Redskins park for my hardworking, blogger of a brother Tanner. I have invited him down to the team cafeteria for lunch the last couple days and we've sat and shot the shit with different guys. We actually had a 30 minute conversation about contracts and a rookie salary cap with Joe Theisman yesterday, which was really cool. So this morning after practice we headed downstairs to grab a bite before the afternoon break and I not only brought my brother, but also my cousin Ryan.

As camp began a couple weeks ago the team had an initial rules meeting and I have to say that I vaguely recall the cafeteria rules being that only players could eat in the players area. There was also a couple different areas, one for the coaches and another for the helpers. The helpers tables being the ones that seem to be quarantined off to the back of the room where no one could possible hear or see anything. The thing is, as camp has dragged on I kinda dismissed the eating rule and had Tanner come down for a couple meals.

This morning ended the free lunch for family spree. After heading downstairs, I went ahead and got my food, then sat down to eat. As I glanced up out of the corner of my eye I saw Z's finger sternly beckoning Ryan as he piled the food on his plate. Head on a swivel he then quickly surveyed the lunchroom, finding Tanner and giving him an assertive, pointing c'mere, like "I caught you buddy." I watched from afar as the lecture went on for the next couple minutes, only guessing what was being said. I then watched while I continued to eat as they quietly crept around the corner like scolded puppies to the last of the workers tables.I went ahead and finished my meal in the players section before heading over to calm the two sulking little kids at the back table. I couldn't help but laugh as I got there and Tanner asked me if Z was gone yet so he could leave. I tried to confirm that it wasn't a big deal and that Z really wasn't mad at him, but he wouldn't leave his hidden table until I went back and checked if the head man was gone. Finally they talked me into a spy mission and we decided I would make a bird sound if Z wasn't there and we could leave. So with no head man in sight I made a screeching ka-kaaa we headed out the side door. As we got to the car both Tanner and Ryan had come up with a bunch of ideas on how to have better handled the situation. Hindsight solutions are always much more creative and while we laughed off their scolding, I though it would be fun to share a couple brilliant ways to handle a head coach.

By the way, before I share anything else, I would like to state that I am the one writing this story because Tanner is still scared of upsetting Z. So his point of view will be null and void for this story. Let me reiterate, Tanner wants nothing but to be on Zorn's good side. Also, feel free to share any other fantastic ideas in the comment area. Thanks.

- Drop plates of food at Z's feet and run.
- Pee in pants, slowly watching a puddle accumulate on the floor. Maintain a half grin of warm pleasure.
- Collapse into a full epileptic seizure - avoid banging head too hard on the ground.
- Shrug shoulders, laugh loudly while telling Z what a good joke that was. Congratulate him again having such a great sense of humor, then give him a friendly back handed tap in the nut sack before making their way to my table.
- Slowly, but carefully fold money in hand while he is lecturing, then using the appropriate tipping method, slip in a 20, and tell him to give you the best table he can find.
- Pull pants down, wait for spanking.
- Kiss him on the lips, tell him he is a beautiful man and you think about him every night. Tell him what a lucky woman his wife is. Gently grab his biceps before walking away. Sigh softly.
- Tell him to hold on for a second, then answer pretend phone call, say hello loudly to president Obama. Hold up finger, asking for minute then casually stroll away.
- "Hey Jim. Woah, Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clicky the Robot can Rap

Monday, August 10, 2009

Brothers Cooley vs Brothers Mottram Part 2

In a competition in which the older brothers are clearly superior to the younger brothers, a throw off was had. In this competition in which the Cooleys went first, basic ground rules were clearly set involving both distance and accuracy. One of these rules was either left out of the Mottram's video or not filmed due to lack of camera memory. Either way, a champion is yet to be crowned. A champion that, in my mind, can only be determined by way of a face to face meeting between the four brothers. Until then, all we can do is sit and marvel in the fact that the Mottrams can heave one hell of a pigskin. So congrats to both of you for your efforts and I look forward to meeting up in NOVA in the near future so that we may determine a true winner. All other challenges can be discussed at that time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Get Fined


Camp is well underway so let the multitude of meetings continue - all kinds varying from local gang activity to how to handle your baby's mama. A training camp wouldn't be right if the team didn't acknowledge every aspect of daily life, and oh yea, don't let me forget the compelling hours spent on the finer points of offense/defense. Whatever meetings are on the horizon make for a special surprise, but it seems something always needs addressed. One of my favorite annual meetings was held as the the team gathered restlessly yesterday afternoon. The NFL dress code and fine schedule.

Because this seems to be a sensitive subject I feel inclined to reserve all judgements on the way the National Football League runs things and simply state the facts. I have learned from the mistakes of fellow players like Antonio Cromortie that announcing public disdain can become a fine in itself, even if it's tweeting something as simple as bad food in training camp.
Per our meeting with the Redskins uniform checker (I can't think of a better title) I fully understand the NFL has established dominance over what the players will wear on and around the field. This is a classy game and nothing like a hand towel taped up or a t-shirt coming out of a jersey is going to jepordize that.

To begin our meeting, a couple important items were given attention. First, the league will not be recinding fines like they have in the past - if you mess up with the uniform you're basically paying, no questions asked. Second, an example will be made out of, what the NFL considers, second time offenders. This consists of anyone who has received a uniform fine in the past, but not just the recent past, all the way back to previous seasons. If you have a second time offense the fine is usually around 100 percent more. The league is also taking inventory from last season about what players have been getting away with. For example, I have had my jersey tailored for the last couple seasons and have now made it on the possible offenders watch list. Other guys have been wearing their socks to high or too low, many have their pants too high, some have the wrong gloves, others are trying to put messages on their tape. We have even gotten to the point where were naming offenses after players, like the Tom Brady, I won't buckle my chinstrap, so now I'm gonna get fined rule.

The actual strategy of the uniform checker was also brought to our attention. Whoever is in charge of the home stadium will be spending the game scouring the field and sideline with a pair of binoculars. No player, coach, trainer, or ball boy will be passed up in the search for uniform infractions. The lively-hood of the uniform checker is at stake here and he takes this job very seriously.

The meeting went on and on about how the NFL wants guys to feel good and look good, but it seemed to keep contradicting itself with the concept of nit-picky fines. We ended with a couple questions, I asked where the fines went after they came out of the check. The answer, "to charity." Clinton figured that the fine would be a tax deduction since it was going to charity, but that idea was confirmed with a direct no, and an explanation that the money would be taken pre taxes out of the check. We wrapped up with the dude telling us that he played 12 years in the league and understands the way guys want to wear their uniform, but he will still fine us if we don't comply. Awesome.

Just for fun I figured I would list some of the fines mentioned in our meeting and different amounts.
$5000 fines
- High/Low whites on socks
- Pants not covering knees (no skin should show below the waist)
- Bandana
- Wrong nasal strip
- Hand towel alterations - towel must be 7 to 8 inches and have no tape on it
- Tape not the same color of the shoe.
- Jersey untucked (usually there is a warning for this one)
- Jersey cut too short
- Sleeves coming out of jersey - only QB can have this and only a certain amount can come out
- Chinstrap undone ($7500)

$10,000 fines
- Personal messages
- Any second offense fine
- Wrong attire 90 minutes previous and after a game - clothes must be Reebok apparel
- Tinted visor - must have a doctors note for a tinted visor

There is also a special fine schedule for the post season. The minimum fine in playoff games will be between 10 and 20 thousand dollars. The minimum in the NFC Championship is between 50 and 75 thousand and for the Super Bowl the minimum is 100 grand. It's been made very obvious the NFL and it's sponsors want the players to dress accordingly.
I think my uni is pretty solid here - I've never been fined

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Responsibility Matters

Check out Diageo's website. Proud sponsor of the Redskins and hopefully a soon to be proud sponsor of CC47.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brothers Cooley vs Brothers Mottram

Let the games begin.

D-Hall is the Latest Redskin on the Web

Yesterday was a day of new media for the Redskins. We launched our iPhone app and DeAngelo Hall also launched his new website. He will be blogging and interacting with fans much like Chris does on this site. So far so good as the site has a boxing workout, behind the scenes vids, and posts written by #23. Check it out and give him some feedback.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cooley Zone App Now Available

We are really excited to finally launch our cooleyzone app for the iPhone. This was a pretty unique opportunity that was proposed to me by Oscar Santana a few months ago. After some tweaking we felt like we were finally ready to get our app out there. If you have the iPhone or iTouch check it out and let us know what you think. Sorry for now blackberry users.And if you are in the market for designing your own app, Oscar and his friend Josh Sroka made ours. They have an app development company called renegade apps and they are amazing to work with.

J Campbell SI by Matt Terl

Uh Oh, Maybe.
by Matt Terl on Aug 4th 2009 2:08PM

I'm not a big believer in jinxes, hexes, bad luck, or anything like that. But a dig through the archives of the magazine to next week's issue seems to reveal this:Yes, f'reals. No articles yet (update: see below), but I'm told this is the national cover, so ... if you're a believer in the SI cover jinx, it may be time to start burning some sage or something.

A cautious congratulations to Jason Campbell, though: not counting the incidental appearance of the Redskins defense on the Johnny Unitas memorial cover, Campbell is the first Redskins player featured on the SI cover since Stephen Davis in 2001.

Flex Off

Chris Mottram brought us the screenshot of Zimmerman

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fantasy Files Bloopers

To show you how much fun went into making the fantasy file videos. And a few pictures from this mornings rainy practice.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lost and Found Part:2

Plus here are some pictures from this mornings practice.