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TC: Randy Moss is a Classy Guy...Not

If you are a frequent reader of the blog you know that we make a huge effort to put up entertaining content. Last week, entertainment came in the form of a post game interview with Colt Brennan and Chase Daniel. During the interview I hinted that there would be an attempt to interview Tom Brady this week. Unfortunately I failed in my attempts to meet Brady. I did, however, make it into the Patriots locker room. This is where the entertainment for today begins.
Being in an opposing team's locker room is entirely new to me. I have never entered one, let alone one that housed New England Patriots. One of the best current teams around. Needless to say, there was a small amount of intimidation prior to me entering which was only magnified by Belichick's cold heartless stare. I thought Z had a stern look, but Belichick, the grim reaper lives in his eyes. I eventually shrugged off Bill's cold hard stare and got my bearings in the locker room. I decided to look for the only familiar I knew. Shawn Springs.

After walking around for a few minutes looking for Springs, I began to gain confidence. I have no idea why but I decided to post up at Randy Moss's locker. I knew he was still there because all his shit was in his locker. A minute or two passed before he emerged from the depths of the locker room. I patiently stood waiting like a school boy in the principal's office for Moss to acknowledge me. Finally after waiting for several minutes.

"Whatchu want man?" He said glaring at me over his shoulder.

"What's up man. Do you have a second?"


"I'm Chris Cooley's brother. I just wanted to see if I could get your thoughts on the game. It's is for Chris's website.

"Man, that don't mean shit to me! No interviews."

At this point Moss had completely blown my mind. I never knew that Randy Moss, or anyone for that matter, could be such a bitch after catching 2 touchdowns and winning a football game. Thankfully the awkward silence following his shenanigans didn't last long.

Enter Ben Watson, "Man, you look exactly like Chris Cooley."

You can liken my feelings at this point to finding an English speaking person in a foreign country. With what little dignity I had left I managed to to utter, "Ya, he's my brother. Would you mind (pointing at camera), this is for his website."

BW: "No interviews." he said in the same rude voice that Moss did. "But tell your bro what's up."

And just as I thought the interview debacle was over, Randy pulled another dick move. "Ya, tell your bro WE said what's up!"

They both then turned their backs to me and began mumbling to each other, probably about who gets to massage Tom's "sore shoulder" on the plane ride home.

As I exited the locker room, dejected and pissed off, I couldn't help but think how big of assholes those guys were. I know the facts, I was a zilch in their locker room, but I also know that not one player on the Redskins would treat someone like that. Not one.

Thinking that as I walked through the door of the Skins locker room I couldn't help but tell the first person I saw (JC) about my belittling experience.

"Man, that's just not good hospitality is it?"

No Jason, it isn't. I hope they had a shitty plane ride home filled with turbulence and visions of this as they went to bed.

By Tanner Cooley

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lol. nice one Chris. I'm not a skins fan but i enjoy your blog. I respect you as a player.

Pats are notoriously tight lipped in the locker room with members of the media per direction from BB. BB would probably kill Moss/Watson if they gave an interview. (BB got burned bad by the Cleveland media, so now he just gives the media nothing)

I'm a Dolphins fan first and foremost (Redskins are my favorite NFC team though), and I HATE the Patriots with a fiery passion. This is exactly why!! They are all such douchebags, and class is just not a word found in their vocabulary.

Keep up the good work guys!!

PS - that pic is almost as good as this one

Nice try, but as you said, Belichik was there and he would have reamed their ass had they spoken to you. I know Ben Watson from college and he is most definitely not an asshole. Think about your surroundings and situation before you pass judgement on people. Just because the Redskins are more forthcoming with the media doesn't mean all teams are or even have to be. Notice Ben Watson took the time to talk to him, before declining the interview. Not exactly the prima donna you guys would make him out to be. I believe what Moss was trying to say was, I don't care it is for Chris's website, we can't talk, it doesn't matter to whom. If I knew the rules regarding the Pats talking to the media (regardless of whom the media is), I wouldn't invite their scorn by causing them to have to talk to Belichick later about what they did/didn't say to you. Know what you are walking into before you do it next time.

Actually, Tanner I saw you do something similar to a fan (lady) during the training camp. I was amazed when I found out you were related to Chris.

Tanner, first you and your brother need to stop ignoring me on Facebook!( HAHAHA. I can read the status'(which led me to this article) but I cant reply....not cool! LOL. Secondly..The Patriots can kick rocks...from this story and other stories I have read in the past, they seem to be unpersonable bastards...they let fame get to their heads, but also when you have a dickhead end up with dickhead players! Obviously we have a hard time with any team bearing silver and blue! You and Chris keep being you! You guys are the life of the Skins and make the Redskins that much better on and off the field! Hail.

@ dquentind. Passing judgment??? Bamma, you sound like the same type of hater that wishes Mike Vick never got a second chance in the NFL. It doesn't matter what Moss meant to say, he said what he said! Would you like it if I cursed you out right now? NO you wouldn't. If he couldn't do interviews then he could have been cordial about it and said, "Man, we cant do interviews."...there was no reason to be a dick about it and also I don't see where Tanner said anything bad about Ben Watson. If BW said it rude...he was rude, period. So get your panties out of a bunch and stop being so sensitive. Oh...last thing...take your own advice and know what you are walking into before you do it next time. HTTR!

Tanner- you could have interviewed the Pats' rookie long snapper Jake Ingram - Colt's teammate in Hawaii.

Rookie luv works for me :-)

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I used to respect the patriots but I lost some of it after the pre super bowl press conferences when Brady and Moss were arrogant about how there was no way that the giants were holding them to 17 points like Strahan guessed. Now I have lost all respect for the whole organization especially Randy Moss. Their coach is a douche and their players are arrogant douches that believe they are the best just because they are Patriots. Moss can suck it and I hope this team falls on their face and Moss never gets his ring. We all know that is the only reason why he came to NE and the only reason he still is happy with them.

My hate list:


It's no big secret that Moss is a world class douchebag. He was just keepin it real.

Colt is on the air now with Tanner and Nick.


Sounds like someone is still bitter over the 52-7 curb-stomping the Patriots gave the Redskins back in 2007. Face it--the Redskins are a weak, pathetic excuse for a team. Too bad.

(Oh, and good use of a comedy catchphrase. You have a good blog ... NOT!)

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Not to mention you're a complete mangina for deleting posts. Guess it's much easier to dish it out than take it.

What if every players douchebag little brother walked into locker rooms asking for interviews? These guys are professionals, they don't have time for over-sensitive blogging pussies like Tanner Cooley or whoever. STFU man.

The only vision I have after reading this is of forest Gump in this case Tanner Cooley, as the akward Tanner gets on the bus just looking for a friendly face....there is good old Randy Moss spoouting those famous words "Seat's Taken"...his WV accent even fits the Bill.

Wow, Tanner. I find it pretty hypocritical that you waltz right in to the Patriots Lockerroom, uninvited, and think that you are owed something. Sounds to me like you are the one with the arrogance. Not Moss, Belichick or Watson.

Its well known that interviews are cleared ahed of time. Did you even have a press pass? Seriously, Why would you think you are entitled to anything?

Hey REAL GIRLS SWALLOW... First of all Chris and Tanner are two of the most down to earth guys I have ever met! The only thing they feel entitled to is having a good time! You mirror your team, all about talking shit, but hide from from conflict behind " I lay down for big cock" Belichick. Chris is always there for his fans and great causes with Tanner supporting them as well. Your team thinks that they are there to be worshiped. Chris/Tanner realize that the fans and people are important, not egos. If your team had an inkling of that they might rise above maggot status. As for your queer of a QB I hope that Haynesworth put the beginning of a season ending injury on that fruitcake.

With regards for "REAL" girls, it doesn't count when you have to pay for them! As always REDSKINS ROCK!!! BTW try not to suck any dick on your way to the parking lot of the next PATS game!

Also RODRIGO can eat a bowl of dick up as well...

Im a true redskin fan (more than 30 years). But, maybe if some of the redskins had 'the killer instinct' or a real good John Riggins in the uniform mean streak. I mean lockeroom and field are a war zone. Not a play ground to see how warm and fuzzy and cutsie we can all act. Lets get all jovial at the bar in March. Lets reek of anger and revenge in an August locker room.

Delete this entire post and thread. Would you stand there tired and beat up after a game giving an interview to some random blog? Of a guy related to an opposing player? I wouldn't. This is a back-handed smear tactic when we all know the actual Redskins players are way above this and would probably laugh it off.


@ Rodrigo

You said, "We waste absolutely zero time thinking about your team here in New England", but here you are on a Redskins blog running your mouth. I find that rather ironic...and stupid.

The reason I listed the Pat's #2 on my list of hated teams is loudmouthed, douchebag, asshole fans like yourself. I have no problem with the team, with the exception of the world class dick Randy Moss, but with the fans in which I encounter. Your fans arrogance have surpassed Philly fans, which is quite an accomplishment. You just reconfirmed for me what I already knew...Patriot fans are "wicked" pricks.

I don't expect a reply, since you spend zero time thinking about the Redskins, and most of your time wondering what it must be like to be Gisele.

I believe Tanner has a press pass AND a weekly radio program.

But it is interesting how people see themselves and express themselves in front of the world- which does include women and children.


ohhh they won't talk to me. grow up.who cares. why would anyone want to talk to you for your blog - f'ing loser.

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It's too bad you didn't get what you were looking for. As a Patriots fan, I really couldn't care less about classiness or who kisses their teddy bear before bedtime. I am a grown man who has a job and a family. The players on the team I root for are not my friends. They are playing a sport that I enjoy watching and they enhance my week by allowing me an escape from the occasion monotony of the "real world". They can be whoever they want and they can be "mean" to you if they want... it shouldn't bother a fan. That Dolphins fan who mentionned personalities affecting how he views the Pats - hey, that's the way you see it I guess. I'd rather have a team that wins, than a team that's viewed as classy. I wouldn't trade Moss for the classiest Dolphin of all-time... like, maybe, Mercury Morris.

Chris, I LOVED YOUR reception and run!!! WHAT A GAME!! JC played well! randy moss sucks the patriots suck... they are RUDE COCKY ASSHOLES.. Who is worst them or dallas cowgirls? They have to be too cool can't give a interview... They got beat in the super bowl.. Where is the fun?

Go Skins, have a great year! Love the Skins and #47 HTTR...

This is a sad situation Chris. I'm sorry to hear/read that your brother had to endure that type of disrespect. Some people no matter how great of an athlete can be total and complete jerks. I am not a fan of the Redskins, but I do respect your team. My boyfriend is trying to convert me over to the Skins fan side. Not sure if it going to work however I did enjoy the game. I had never been to a football game before in my life. I am a die hard Patriots fan as they are my home team. My first football game was the preseason game on Friday. My boyfriend and I were just about 12 rows behind your team. As I rooted for my team I was nervous about the reception I would receive. An older gentleman yelled at me to sit down, but I brushed it off. I looked around and saw alot of respect and love for the skins. I would like to extend a true congrats to your team. You have come a long way from the way things were looking in prior years. I do wish you all the best of luck. Here's to a better season. As for the Patriots, I'll pray for them, because no one should carry themselves on such a high horse except our good lord. Not everyone in New England is so arrogant or ignorant. God Bless you and your fellow team mates.

Tanner, I don't know how many interviews you've tried to score with players or coaches from other teams, but the Patriots in particular have rules in regard to who they are allowed to give interviews to, what they are allowed to talk about, and so on. It's just a guess, but maybe Belichick's "cold heartless stare" should have been a sign that he didn't want a strange face in the lockerroom, especially when everyone was trying to secure a story about Brady's apparent injury. I'm sure you're aware of this, but a few reporters and talking heads have burned them in the past, and Bill didn't have a great relationship with the media in Cleveland.

When it comes to Moss, I've read the other comments submitted, and I have to say most of these negetive comments must be coming from people who really know little about Moss. He's one of the few guys who's always staying late to sign autographs, and he generally reacts well to fans, even in the parking lot. He's hosted and taken part in a number of chartible events (mostly for children), but you won't see him on ESPN trying to get facetime over his participation in said charities, as he's actually a somewhat private person, especially at this stage in his career.

Ben Watson? Class act, and a number of sources both in and out of New England have charactorized him as a well spoken, intelligent, and down to earth individual. So, I really can't see him being rude to you, unless your somehow came off as being a little pushy. You also might have simply mistaken a matter of fact reply for rudeness, which would seem likely considering he then said "tell your bro what's up". Also, Moss adding "Ya, tell your bro we said what's up" doesn't come off as a "dick move" to me.

An additional note where Moss is concerned. He doesn't give interviews in the lockerroom, and he rarely gives interviews at all. Once you enter the lockerroom with a press pass and a camera, you aren't seen as Chris Cooley's brother, but as a member of the media, which has burned him in the past. Maybe if you simply wanted to talk to him, didn't have the camera, and hadn't asked for an interview, he would have been nicer.

Rodringo said, "We waste absolutely zero time thinking about your team here in New England because Washington is so irrelevant in today's NFL it's not even funny."

Yet, he has posted repetitive comments and also commented on Chris Cooleys manhood picture that I thought was only news worthy in DC. Hmmm, gay love if you ask me.

They're just pissed cause Brady got pummeled to the ground and hurt is precious little shoulder. Boo hoo for Brady. The whole infection thing was a lie. That organization is lower then the Obama administration and that's practically impossible. Full of liars and cheaters.

You know that Moss stopped doing interviews years ago, right??? Was he supposed to break his rule, just for your special blog?? I can see it now: CBS, nah. ESPN, nah. NBC, nah. Cooley blog: Hell yah I'll open right up to ya!!! You probably didn't know that before you posted this nonsense though.....journalism, right there.

What a bunch of primadonnas (An extremely sensitive, vain or undisciplined person). I had to add the meaning of the word in case Randy and other uneducated Pat fans read the blog. All I can say is I hope others treat them as they treat others regardless of the situation. I guess a blind squirrel finds a nut more often than once in the case of Randy Moss. He's only as talented as the person throwing him the ball and he still puts himself out to be this one man show. He will never get any respect from anyone until he starts to show respect to others - I don't care who the hell he "thinks" he is and I put my name on it - not just some blog name. So Randy - if you can read this and or comprehend it - feel free to reach out. I'm just keeping it real....and tell Bill WE said what's up.

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Because your somebody's brother you feel your owed special treatment. Maybe the players would treat you with respect if you actually accomplished something on your own...instead of riding your brother's coat tails.

I'm sure your brother appreciates you blasting fellow NFL players. If I was Chris, I would fire your ass so fast for direspecting the Cooley name.'re a classy guy

Can't we all just be friends and love eachother?

man, some of the comments on here are amazing, and make Moss look like a choir boy in comparison. I hope you all aren't Skins fans

Tanner, this is exactly why they wouldnt talk to you. Players dont always feel the need to expose themselves for the world to see. Also, I assume that many teams have rules regarding post-game interviews, and I am sure you will learn this as you enter other opposing teams room in the future. I personally am not a Pats fan, but I think it is wrong that you would put these guys on blast like this. It is great the Skins allow mucho player access, but not all teams are like that. I hope you realize that these guys would have gotten in trouble and maybe even fined for breaking team rules if they had spoken to you on camera. And maybe they didn't appreciate whatever it was that Chase Daniel said about brady that had to be edited out of your video last week...just a thought.

I love the blog in general, but i think this post is classless in it's own right. Keep up the good work.

PS: they were probably thinking about this on the plane ride home:

One more time: Tanner writes for his Bro's website: I think it is great to gave a fresh and real perspective. You really think he was going in to trash talk? He got shit on by some classless guys. If they weren't allowed to give interviews then say that! Don't be a pompas ass what gives one man the right to disrespect another? I think Ben Watson wanted to be cool but had to suck up to Randy no Class Moss.

I think the experience would've gone MUCH more smoothly had you entered their locker room wearing the official Randy Moss Mask and Wig. Oh well, there's always next time.

Dean, it doesn't sound like ben watson did much to "impress" moss. he cleared the awkward silence, but isn't allowed to be interviewed in the locker room. he even said to tell chris he said whats up. i feel like the whole situation is overblown...

Some of you making comments here, make me ashamed to be a Redskins fan youre so stupid. Pats, too, but I dont give two shits about them.

Actually, Im ashamed we let you all vote. Castrations for everyone!

hey Rodrigo callate la puta voca pinche pendejo de mierda chupame la verga cabron de mierda andate a la mierda de este blog que no perteneses ni mierda y yo no eh visto algun patriots player con un fucking blog so stfu bitch!

It really doesn't suprise me at all that Randy was rude. I once heard him ask a girl at a bar to dance but she was waiting for her boyfriend so she politely said no, he responded with "Bitch do you know who I am?! I could own you!". So yeah, him being rude to you was nothing new for him.

I think its funny rodrigo said that they dont think twice bout the skins, but writes a three paragraph comment about them. congradulations buddy, you wrote an essay on the redskins.

If my team had to play the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys 6 times each year, I'd be crying like pussies too. "Randy didn't talk to me...Brady should talk to me even though he just got injured." I guess you tools need distractions from another piss poor season ahead of you. Not to worry, GM Snyderbergerbaumowitz and Vinny "the Yes Man" are hard at work...rubbing Tom Cruise's balls up in a sky box.

Just curious Tanner, what were you planning to ask Brady if you had time for a question or two with him?

Thanks & HTTR!

Hey Andrew I agree with the Ben Watson comment. I think he was being cool. But Moss went out of his way to make Ben be a smart ass too. If it were Ben one on one it would of been a lot friendlier!

people hating on Tanner here need to realize he's not bitching about not getting an interview, it's about treating people with respect, and cursing at them (especially after just meeting them) would piss me off too.

i doubt he would be saying anything if Moss would've just said "nah man, we can't do that, but tell Chris i said what's up". but moss is an asshat.

These are the same jerks that hung 52 points on Joe Gibbs. Brady laughed when asked about going for it on 4th and 7 after they were up by forty points. Classless to the core. Winners, but nasty. Cheaters as well. They will die alone in Hell.

Why should he talk to you? Just because your brother plays pro ball doesnt give you any right to be in there asking questions. Just because you have a blog doesnt make you a member of te media. Get a real job and stop living off your brother.

It great to hear that the Skins' locker room shows some interity and respect for folks... because the front office sure doesn't.

It's one thing to be rude to an opposing team's interviewer after a game when your job is to catch a ball. It's a total different level of classlessness to go after your own fans during a recession; sue them, take their tickets and sell them to some company that will most likely sell them to another team's fans.

I've been a long time Skins fan, but after reading this... I'm going to have to think long and hard about what i'm going to do this season.

my guess is that they got chewed out by bb and are under strict orders not to talk to anyone..
I get you's all in the tone.

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