Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post Patriots

Photo by Brian Murphy

Thank goodness the preseason is almost over. Fortunately for everyone there's only 14 more days in waiting. It will be a great feeling wrapping up this Thursday night and finally getting ready to prepare for week 1. It's not that these don't feel like real games, because we strapped it on last Friday night and played with a little attitude, but it's still just a practice. On one hand it's great to not have a loss count, but it's tough not being able to count a 73 yard reception.

Some positives stood out to me from this weeks game. First, we have been very persistent with the way this team has continued to work and are making huge strides offensively. There is not one throw our quarterback can't make on a football field. Our line is getting much better at picking up the protections and it's showing were we have way more time to throw the ball. Finally, a couple of the young receivers are starting to come on. Devon Thomas is playing at a different level than he did last year. There is no question that for us to be good offensively someone has to step up big in our two and three receiver roles.

There are also many improvements we need to make. We've played with terrible discipline. "You gotta stop the stoppers." As Sherman Smith put it. Too many penalties, dropped balls, and turnovers. Joe Bugle stated "running the ball is paramount! You run to win, you pass to score. We have to establish a more violent running game." And in Z's words "We have to establish the reputation we want. It's up to us men, we need to be the hammer."

I also want to dispute the notion that Tanner strode into the Patriots locker room looking for negative publicity. My brother's initial intentions were to see if he could ask Tom Brady one question, not to bad mouth Randy Moss. Obviously, he knew this was unlikely to happen, but was thrilled with the chance. I will also apologize for him for not knowing the Patriots have a strict no interviews policy in their locker room; surely everyone in America should know everything about the gods of football and should be treated like a d-bag for not accommodating. Seriously, all teams should adopt this silence philosophy. It makes for an extremely fan friendly environment.

Last thing - I will stand up for Ben Watson. Although there may have been casual incivility, I am aware he not only very respectable man, but also a great guy to be around. In addition, I think he is a hell of a football player.

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You and Tanner continue to impress me with this blog, man. You're both personable, entertaining, fair but not afraid to call "bullshit" when you see it. Looking forward to seeing that next 74 yard reception hit the stat sheet.

Great blog, I read every new post. Thanks for being accessible to the Skins fans!

I love the blog chris, but what's with the "football gods" thing? sounds like jealousy or something. I honestly think it is poor class/bad reporting to enter any teams locker room without knowing their rules/restrictions. I think Tanner will learn that a lot of teams are like that; he is accepted in Washington b/c he is your lil bro. Everywhere else, he is just another reporter trying to get an interview...

With that said, I am sure that you are always extremely nice/cordial to ever reporter that asks for an interview.

Andrew, I know that guys don't have to say anything to the media if they don't want. A simple, "Sorry man, not tonight." would have been more than sufficient.

i agree with Tanner, because its a sport and Randy is a high profile athlete that entitles him to look down on other people trying to do their jobs? No, in any other work force if youre not allowed answer questions you politefuly decline, not act like a douchey douche bag who thinks your better then everyone else. Before Tanner even said anything to the guy he was being a flaming vagina, its just upsetting, and i completely agree that a Redskin would never act that way.

lol@"Gods of Football"

I can feel the jealousy oozing out of you from here.

Waaahh! How dare professional football players not give a hack blogger living off of his brothers name an interview.

I hear what you're saying Tanner, but I assume that this is pretty standard throughout the league. It's pretty sad, but it is what it is. Most of these guys are just punks that happened to be blessed with athletic ability.

It still is some funny stuff though. We will be in Jax this Thursday, so lets see if we can get some funny stuff outta there

Dude you and Tanner dont have to apologize for a douce's actions. Someone should have shown him some manners I mean tanner didn't go in there dressed like a traffic cop did he.I'll tell you what the poor guy was lacking in childhood it was a role model and lack of hugs.

Face of the Franchise and Perennial pro-bowler Chris Captain Class Act Chaos Cooley

That nickname just keeps getting longer and longer but hey keep it up dude.

who does ur brother think he is?????? If I (a nobody as well) snuck into a NFL lockerroom and tried to do someone else's job (the media) I wouldnt act like these players owe me anything. Getta life dude

That's why the Patriots win and the Redskins don't. Keep leeching off of your brother, why would Moss or Watson give you the time of day?

It is amazing how much the Boston fans have become like New York Fans.....New England has had a long time tradition of losing. A few World Series wins and a few superbowls and all of the sudden they compare themselves to the Yankees and Steelers. Boston had a chance at legacy and tradition but the let the Boston Braves (later the Redskins) go after only 2 years. In both sports they had to cheat to win. (spygate and Manny and Big Popi PED's). So know your role in history New England Fans. Some Humble pie is coming your way agian. (I mean besides the Giants SB victory and the loss of your perfect season) Karma is a MF'er

While your busy posting blogs and defending your idiot leech brother for sneaking into an opposing locker room trying to be funny.. the patriots are probably studying film, working out, and preparing for the season.

Tanner cant hold Tom Brady's jock; nevermind interview him

1500 players in the NFL, most with their own websites. So the Cooleys are demanding that players engage with every fanboy blogger who sniffs jocks for a hobby/job. Get real. the real reason these two players blew you off is because that look down on leaches who can't accomplish anything on their own. Bottom line Tanner, you have hurt your brothers rep with your whining...poor dead beat brother.

thanks for the blogs. I hope to someday be able to watch a Redskins game live. Until then I will be watching at home on the couch in Oklahoma. good luck to you guys in the season.HTTR!!

Hey to you Pat's fan's....get a life. If ya dont like what Tanner did or Chris is backing up his bro...than stay off his site. Go back to NUTHUGGING Tom Brandi and Brandy Moss. Stay off Redskins players site. Tanner, Keep on...Keeping on...its funny. You Cooly's got love for Hawaii's adopted son...we got yo back for that.

You should change your name to Cuatro Siete you lowlife. I love how your brother sneaks into the Pats lockerroom for an "honest" interview with Tom Brady and then has the audacity to trash both Moss and Watson when they deny him an interview. First of all why would you post up next to Moss's locker if you wanted to interview Brady, and second of all, for a couple of guys who claim to be knowledgeable, its pretty fuckin' stupid for you and Tanner to think that Brady (or belichick) would talk to anybody in the media about his shoulder let alone the brother of the tight end on the opposing team he just played. The patriots hardly ever talk about minor injuries. They never have and they never will while Belichick is running the show. So don't sarcastically blog about Randy Moss and the rest of the patriots and act like your leech brother deserved to be treated like anything more.

You honestly expected any other reaction from the Pats? These guys don't even talk to their own media. Its not their job to talk to the media, its their job to play and win football games. They are professionals. They win.

Ever hear the saying "loose lips sink ships"? If your choice is between winning and knowing every little detail about a team, you should choose winning.

Why isnt Tanner allowed to blog about this? Do people not realize what a blog is. It is usually what happens people during their day and how they see what happens to them in their own perspective.

Lets say you try to get an autograph from one of your favorite players and he turns you down with some comment that seems mean to you (which might actually not be the case), if you have a blog theres a good chance you will blog it, or atleast tell your friends/family about your experience. This will most likely be a negative statement, who cares, its a blog, do people take blogs like it is 100% accurate news?!?!No you will probably only credit it if it is someone you know/are a fan of/etc.

This is the COOLEY's blog. This was Tanner's experience into the Patriot's locker room from his point of view. They don't need to please every single person who reads this site, if you arent happy with it- Get the hell off of it, there are plenty of other blogs for you to read.

You and your brother are jackasses. Enjoy golfing in January while the Patriots are in the playoffs going after another Super Bowl Championship.

Focus on the game, get off the blogging, and tell your brother to keep out of opposing locker rooms. I feel bad then next time you play the Patriots or another team because a bounty will most likely be on you so you might want to watch your knees or this blogging might turn into your full time job quickly.

What ever Pats fans! If we played the bills jets and dolphins 6 times we would be in the playoffs every year too. Wait u weren't there last year! Fricken losers! The Cooley Bros put this content up for us the fans and supporters. I still can't figure out while you jerks waste your time hangin out on the Cooley/Reddkins Blog. As far as your Team Brady is injury prone and our O-line dominated ure D. What Super Bowl? You lose Tommy then forget about it! Seriously you didn't win two years ago! NFC East best conference in the NFL!

I'm sure if a small child walked into the locker room asking where its mommy was; BB would of picked it up and shut it into a locker screaming, "NO INTERVIEWS!".

You can be polite or atleast not hostile even if you are a professional football player.

The patriots are big boys with big attitudes.

I kind of met Jason Campbell at Circuit City last summer. After waiting in line for 3 hours, I stood in front of him at the autograph table waiting for him to acknowledge my presence so I could ask a question (what is your favorite play), but he just ignored me. The cheerleader next to him was really nice and offered to sign a picture for me and actually would look up at me and make eye contact. JC just sat there waiting for someone to tell him it was time to go. He didn't once act like he wanted to be there. I was going to buy a $25 football and have him sign it, but why would I be cheering for this guy who shows no class for his fans - just sits there like a "God of Football". That was a pretty shitty day in my life, and a day I lost a lot of respect for JC. The cheerleader did get him to sign my 'Geico' hat though, so that should be a collector's item here shortly. Jason Candle for life. If you ever talk to him, ask him about that day - maybe he was just having a shitty day also.

Deion Sanders is definitely the worst when it comes to fans. I was 15 and he told me off. AND he had just come to OUR town. what the f man.

Wow you patriot fans are dinks! You kinda remind me of BYU fans. Everyone should kiss your butt and know your rules. I guess that Randy Moss clearly showed why Bellicheck doesn't allow interviews and if he does let Moss give an interview he is probably required to read it off a teleprompter so he doesn't offend his interviewer. Go Skins and go Ags!

I loved seeing that catch on Friday night Chris! My sis, a friend and I were in a Baltimore Ravens bar watching the game and went nuts on that reception. We got jeered but hey who cares, it's the fan-razzing in good fun! I feel kind of bad for Tanner though. I know when I worked in NASCAR, after a race if a driver had a bad night, I stayed out of his way. There are just too many prima-donnas out there these days. They forgot where they came from (fan based neighborhoods back at home), forgot who pays their salaries (the fans that followed them from the neighborhoods to college and on to the big league), and obviously the only friends they have are their lawyers!(who keep them out of jail and contracted to be assholes)! Keep up the faith Tanner! All is not lost buddy... and no, I never met a driver I didn't like until Joe Gibbs hired Kyle Bush!

Simply put my best friend from college worked for the Skins' and he said Arrington and Portis were pricks. His job was to prompt them on the next days activities. The job of a bitch first year member in the organization. But still every team will have its policies and its pricks. Why are these fans on both sides fighting so much.

I understand if they have a no interview policy in the locker room but this is just ridiculous. The reason so many people, even non-Redskins fans, love you is because you're accessible. I don't think some of these idiots realize that if there weren't fans there would be no football so get off your freakin' high horse and stop being a d-bag.

Am I wrong? Isn't Tanner studying for the MCATS? ? ? ? I am pretty sure he can't do that by holding Chris's hand - - the negative comments about Tanner are completely stupid. Jeez!

Props to Tanner for having the balls to even say hi to Randy Moss.

If you would like an "interesting" interview, we should be tailgating all day in Jacksonville Thursday.

Well, my NFL player encounter anecdote can beat up your NFL player anecdote.

I imagine the pros gather round the glass cask and say, "man, this one fan did this." "Well, this happened to me in this town," "Yeah, those fans are dicks."

It's abut civility people. If Tanner felt like Moss was rude (not a far-stretch of the imagination given his history) he can tell all about it. If you think Moss had every right to be rude, or was even rude at all, given the circumstances, than call Tanner on it. My own thing, I think people—regardless of fame, occupation, or the type of day they're having—generally have no business being rude and I tend to take it badly. We're all quickly dying and live for the day and all that jazz.

In other news: The Pats are up by 40+, it's 4th and 1, Tom Brady is still in the game and the play is a QB sneak. Brady is hurt on the play. Perfect season flushed. The decision to keep Brady in the game and run up the score is deemed one of the most bonehead coaching moves in sports history.Pats fans are apoplectic. Coach B's ego is to be blamed. Just because the above scenario occurred with no injury (against the Skins) doesn't mean that it wasn't classless, boneheaded, and an ego-driven moment.

Karma is indeed a bitch.

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