Thursday, August 6, 2009

Responsibility Matters

Check out Diageo's website. Proud sponsor of the Redskins and hopefully a soon to be proud sponsor of CC47.

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You know what responsibility is? Not ditching the kid you're kicking the football with. Maybe even helping put the footballs away. Perhaps a goodbye...I guess we're even since you bought lunch.

hahaha that borat accent is hilarious chris. they totally have to air that on tv.

Can you guys stand a bit more uncomfortably close plz... lol

Hey Cooley Congratulations on finally getting your Fathead! It is about dam time!

Damn, it was really good until the whole "thumbs up" thing..!

Please send me my jersey...err get your people to- Ive been waiting for 2+ weeks now!!!
Nobody from Shop 47 has answered my emails and my excitement and anticipation has just turned to frustration.
HELP get the word out Tanner!

(order #2546)

Yeah he's a beast looking forward to this season so much!

can you please help me win a million dollars by voting on my dog!

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