Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Theft of a Tomahawk

Catastrophe has struck Redskins nation! The Chief's tomahawk has be stolen.
From the Style section of the Washington Post
On Aug. 9, the Chief -- a Washington Redskins superfan whose real name is Zema Williams-- set his signature prop down while he was signing autographs at the Redskins' preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. When he turned to retrieve it, it was gone -- subject to a prank or plain petty theft, he believes.

"I had that thing for 25 years. Anytime you saw me, I had my little tomahawk," Williams, 67, told us yesterday. "I don't see what they would do with it, but I'm sure whoever took it was playing a trick. I sat in the parking lot long after the game was over thinking someone would come out with it." But it never turned up.

The 12-inch tomahawk has a slender wooden handle with a rubber blade, and appears in many photos of Williams since he started attending Redskins games nearly 30 years ago. "It's my main piece -- it's got Sean Taylor 's number on it and everything," Williams said.

Williams isn't offering a reward, but hopes a good Samaritan will bring his tomahawk back: "If it's out there, please return it. It's a part of me."
I know that the Chief has been harassed countless times over the years for being one of the truest of fans, but this is my first witnessed account since becoming a Redskin. I am disgusted that someone would stoop so low as to steal from such a great man. This tomahawk is to be carried in honor of fallen super fans and I am offering a free autographed jersey to the person who finds and returns one the Chief's most prized possessions.

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