Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Awesome interview. Colt is not a kid any longer and Chase is officially a rookie QB!
From a tutu's (grandma's) perspective - these are all good things.

Best of all- after "graduation" (true victory is preceded by a commensurate crisis), Colt will be ready for his junior and senior years of production... and then, like his lifecoach, he can be a kid again in spirit - but with understanding.

Chase should be the starter. I mean, he has the attitude, shows leadership qualities, and actually has a personality. Cambell, can't throw a ball, is not a leader, and he could care less., Collins won't start becuase he can win games but he is old and Zorn is an idiot. Colt, sorry you're nice, but don't even see you as a back up in this league. From what I've seen they have nothing to lose. Chase can think on his feet, the other guys stumble and mumble, enough said. I can't wait until the skins get a real football coach.

Is it just me or does Chase Daniel look a whole lot like Ben Rothlisberger? Tell him to shave the Gotee.


Thought the exact same thing about Chase...

Is Chase, Ben Roths long lost brother?

Anyone else think Chase is a tool? Every answer he gave Chris sounded like it was a canned sound bite

Hey Chris. What were you saying to Brett Keisel after the game that made him push you?

Adam, very profound. Campbell sucks and I have no idea why he is a starter, do you? He cannot throw a football. Collins can throw and gets td's but because of his age Zorn (complete idiot) won't start him. So, that leaves little tiny Colt Brennan who throws from the side and can't run OR a rookie who is the only one on the team so far that can get the ball to the end zone and shows leadership qualities. Falco and Ryan come to my mind. Start the rookie what do you have to lose? Oh, you might have a winning record! That would suck. We know where the skins will be with Campbell. Long vacation.

I feel bad for Colt. The INT was a bad pass but it was no where close the the horrid pick 6 that Mark Shanchez threw tonight against the Ravens. I'm looking forward to Colt bouncing back against the Pats on Friday night. HTTR!

@randot i think your just a daniels fan. sorry the cult of colt dont agree *like me* he may have done good but you got to think colt has only been working on footwork. and out plays campbell in training camp so we'll see who'll be better.

RANDOT, are you that ignorant really? Chase was throwing against 3rd string defense or worse. This is exactly why Colt looked like a superstar last year. I get sick and tired of fair weather monday morning QB skins fans. You don't think Jason has leadership qualities and the ability? Really dude? Try doing a wiki on this guy then shut up you hater.

Todd Collins should be traded before he retires and keep Colt and Daniel. That would be quite the stable of young talent.

Randot... Who's Falco? Shane Falco from the Replacements?

Chase Daniel should definitely be the starter. He could have been separated at birth from Big Ben. Only Chase is way hotter than Ben.....HTTR!

Chase Daniel is Roethlisberger's twin!!!

This is a great interview! Nice Games Chase!

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