Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ghosts Don't Exist: The Trailer

Over a year has gone by since we started working with 19th and Wilson on Ghosts Don't Exist. And today we finally have something to show for all the hard work. A trailer! If you don't get chills from watching it then something is seriously wrong with you. After you watch it please let us know what you think.

Also, check out the official Ghosts Don't Exist website for updates.

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It could have been better if Cooley had been wearing nothing but a diaper in his scene. Other than that seems pretty good..Leaves you wanting to see more...Thats the point right? Maybe the movie sucks but the trailer was good.

i like it alot it looks interesting

I'll be honest, it looks to be excellent production and high quality, but it's going to be difficult for me to get 'scared' when I see Lindsay Czarniak, Chris Cooley, and Todd Yoder's faces...I can't help but laugh!

Judging by your musical tastes, it looks like the kind of hokie 80's crap you would be into. That's cool, just score lots of TD's this year.

And how did Lindsay get involved with this?

Dude! That trailer is awesome!

When does it come out in the theater?

Wow that actually looks like it can be pretty good. The most striking thing is the production value and quality of video, oh and Redskins are in it. I have to admit I bust out a laugh when I saw The Cooooooleeeey on screen.

But yeah I'd watch it.

The footage looks great! Gotta love that RED camera!
Can't wait to see the film--when's the release date?

The production value is very high.

The dialog is a stilted in the trailer's first scene -- no halfway-decent interview is going to begin two questions with "so", it sounds nervous and amateurish, while the reporter appears professional and composed, not flustered. Consider cutting on of those two sentences, or at least the "so" in front of "clearly".

Consider inserting the "We've investigated hundreds of places where people have died Richie, it's what we do" earlier in the trailer, because it sets up the bulk of the action. Maybe lead with it, maybe after the interview, but before diner scene.

The whole Nicole elements were a bit of a non-sequitur. Is this a secondary plot element that doesn't need to be explained in the trailer? My gut reaction is that you don't need to introduce Nicole in the trailer. If you need it, flesh it out more.

The last 30 seconds or saw are classic horror trailer goodness, nice work.

it honestly looks a lot better than I thought it would look...

I liked the opening scene. It creates interest and anticipation. It is unexpected and a but unnerving...

Looks great! But, of course, I'm bias ;)

a.c. must be a script reader that nitpicks on old school rules, or a professor that can only teach and not do

That looks amazing, very well put together trailer.

Nope, just a literate 'skins fan trying to help make a good thing better.

Love it, actually. Could be a solid little indie.

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