Monday, August 10, 2009

Brothers Cooley vs Brothers Mottram Part 2

In a competition in which the older brothers are clearly superior to the younger brothers, a throw off was had. In this competition in which the Cooleys went first, basic ground rules were clearly set involving both distance and accuracy. One of these rules was either left out of the Mottram's video or not filmed due to lack of camera memory. Either way, a champion is yet to be crowned. A champion that, in my mind, can only be determined by way of a face to face meeting between the four brothers. Until then, all we can do is sit and marvel in the fact that the Mottrams can heave one hell of a pigskin. So congrats to both of you for your efforts and I look forward to meeting up in NOVA in the near future so that we may determine a true winner. All other challenges can be discussed at that time.

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Man I feel like a complete wimp, I'm 6 ft 235, and Im lucky if I can throw 40 yards. Mottrams juicing or......trick photography?

Hey Chris- Maybe you should have a punting competition. After all, you are the second team punter as per the first depth chart on

Yup- gotta be in the same place at the same time. Too many cuts in that video for me...

Bwahahaha! HTTR!

Oh stop whining Tanner, the Mottrams clearly beat you. Mister Irrelevant clearly is not only king of the DC blogosphere but king of the football field as well.

Yeah... they kind of left out the entire accuracy part of the competition, and throwing an extra yard or two more after going 2ond is not that impressive. Then there is the wind factor that can easily make a several yard difference in each throw. I agree, you guys need to meet up and do it together before crowning the victor!

You all should throw a big fan party somewhere to do the throw-off but you'll have to offer them something to get them out of their comfort zone in NC. Then beer pong after the season.

As the Mottram with the weaker arm, allow me to address some things brought up here in the comments:

1) There was no trick photography involved. We can barely work Photoshop, let alone adding CGI to videos.

2) We recorded w/ a digital camera. It's impossible to do it all without cuts. The Cooleys' video had plenty of cuts as well.

3) I realize there's no such thing as a 55 (or 60) yardline.

4) zarknothing makes some good points.

5) As we said in our post at Mr. I, we left the accuracy portion out 'cause we had no memory left. The accuracy portion was bunk anyway.

6) It was a crosswind -- not helping. If anything, it made it more difficult to throw a sprial. You'll note the Cooleys video had strong winds, too.

7) I was deathly hungover when we did this. Blame it on the alcohol.

I would say a multi-event feet of sport is a must. Beer pong is a sport, though most confuse it with, Beirut which is not a sport. I recommend that the a total of 7 events be chosen from a range of sports, including but not limited to,
- Throwing a basket ball backwards over one's head and getting it in the net.
- ultimate frisbee.
- 3 legged race.
- go cart's.
- A feat of strength.

Is this Ashley High School? You guys are in my neck of the woods, you should give me a call and i will show you how to really get down Wilmywood style. Go Skins

Yeah, ajlaird, that was Ashley. Jamie lives in downtown Wilmington, not far from there.

I knew it, I play soccer there all the time. I live at Carolina Beach moved down here when i graduated from Maryland about 5 years ago. I love this place. Downtown is awesome, did you guys get a chance to go out?

One more factor that seems to be overlooked. What was the football? A college game ball is a lot easier to throw than an NFL game ball for example. The NFL game ball is harder to throw than most any other IMO so let's sychcronize balls. OK I realize that's just wrong, but there it is...

Check each other's balls for weight and shape!

From the audio, it sounds like this may have been a little wind aided.

Where can I get a "Town of Champions" Vienna VA shirt??

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