Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Redskins Cheerleader Turns Redskin Wife

This is a post done for Yahoo yesterday. I took a couple pictures this week for fun and thought they turned out great. Obviously I made a great choice.

Christy stepped through my back door three July’s ago. She walked into the house like she had climbed out of a poster in my high-school bedroom. Past fashionably late, she had given me way too much time to sit and drink and I knew it would be hard not to make an ass out of myself. By the time I was face to face with my favorite Redskins Cheerleader all I could muster was a shrugged shoulder handshake.

It was a summer Saturday night and Christy was thinking about me. I would have never known what she had on her mind, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She confessed that it wasn’t coincidence that brought her to the house and she was prepared. If looks were bait then I was hooked. She dressed to make men panic, but beyond that she was beautiful. Her smile was incredible and she had something terribly contagious in her eyes. Awkward glances and stares filled the room, and before the night ended I knew that I wanted more.

As a couple early on we were controversial, but entirely smooth. Rumors followed everywhere we went. Keeping a secret became hard when there wasn’t a secret to start. It turned out a picture of the two of us had been leaked to the Redskins. Christy was fired from cheerleading two weeksafter we started dating. Since her big paycheck ($75 dollars a game) had come to an end, at least the sneaking around was over.

As we moved through the season I fell in love with her. We went through a lot of weird stuff, but it never fazed either of us. Maybe her dad brainwashed me one of the nights I passed out at her house, because no matter what happened, I was crazy about her. More likely it was her mom, since I was usually trying to impress the old man by drinking him under the table.

It’s amazing that the last three years together have gone by so fast. I’m getting married this Friday evening. I asked Christy to be my wife nine months ago and I’m a lucky man she chose to be with me. I think she has learned being with a football player is harder than it looks. She is looked through countless times by surrounding football fans, and the funny thing is Christy should be getting the attention. Not to mention she has to put up with my terrible attitude five months out of the year. (Football season)

While I can’t wait to put the ring on I’ve had some resoundingly bad conversations over the last couple of months. Golf may have an uncountable list of ethics, though bothering a complete stranger about getting married is not one of them. First of all I’m excited for the big day, so please don’t feel sorry for me because marriage sucks for you. No I’m not nervous, I don’t want any marriage advice, and yes Christy’s mom is still hot.

From the moment Christy said “yes” the plans began. I have to admit I haven’t been the most avid planning participant, but one thing I was put in charge of was the seating. I’ll say this; it should at least be an interesting night. I’ve had calls from numerous wedding guests, most recently Dan Snyder’s assistant asking what table they could find their seats. Obviously my easiest seating solution, anywhere you can find a chair. I’m not trying to stick Dan with my drunken uncle, but drawing up all those name tags was way over my head.

I’m hoping for a huge night on Friday. We’ve paid for two open bars, and invited nothing short of an “animal house” cast of characters. Although I hope Clinton’s friends (Southeast Jerome) don’t crash the party. After our vows the only promise I will make is to not stuff the cake all over Christy’s face. The rest of the reception is free game. It will certainly be a night to remember.

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Congrats Man! I hope she is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. Enjoy your life together!

Congrats, and the 75 dollars was not much to sacrifice, I wish you both the best in life. If you need a minister to do the wedding, I am game.

Congrats to you both. I read your blog on "my yahoo." How sweet to give Christy such a wonderful gift to write so beautifully of her, her family, and your excitement about the future. I hope the many years you have together will be full of life and love.

Chris, congrats in advance. Im super excited for you and w/o giving away locations, im due to get married @ the same place in two weeks. My fiancee fell in love with the backdrop and the rest is history. I've also been a huge part of the planning, i need to make sure the best party in my lifetime goes off without a hitch. Christy's pics are sweet, you are a lucky man. Wish you guys the best of luck in your marriage, f*** the jealous pricks on here who have nothing better to write. Hope the people at the REsort take good care of you guys.

You are awesome Chris. You've got it made. Send me an invite. I'll drink old pops under the the table.

Hope it's a blast man. You'll need to have your videographer put together the Wedding Crashers condenced version for the blog...for all the crazy sh*t that happens. (And if it were me, I'd definitely put Dan Snyder with some drunk uncle...and not tell the uncle who he was. "You know what's wrong with the NFL...the greedy owners..." Funny Stuff!)

Congratulations, Chris. I hope you and Christy find happiness for decades to come.

which drunken uncle were you talking about? hopefully, she doesn't have as many beer drinking relatives as you. good luck and we'll see you in powell this summer.

I met you a couple years ago at the Dollar and you were a really nice guy. I wish you the best and may you have many years of happiness together. Congratulations.


I'm soo happy for you guys. Don't even acknowledge the jealous CowGirls/Iggles fans that only want to hate on your for having a beautiful bride.

Just a word of advice... Cherish every single moment of your big day tomorrow. It goes by so quickly, like a flash and parts will seem like a blur so rty to step back and take it all in before the day/night ends. You'll cherish those moments forever!!! It's been 5 1/2 years since my wife and I got married and it seems like a longe time ago, so soak it all up...

May your wedding day beautiful! Congratulations and Good Luck to both of you...

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Congrats Chris. She is beautiful! I have been married for over 3 yrs now. I married a beautiful girl too. That is the first thing you see and then you get to know the person. I know there is more to her then beauty. I wish you guys the best and keep playing like that pro bowler that you are. Big time Redskin fan here. Much respect.


dude I love that Brand New reference from 'Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Dont'. Just further proof that you sir, are indeed the shit.

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As to the rebuttal on the jealous comment... Let's put it this way--anyone who felt the need to rip Chris for posting this is either jealous or stupid. Concluding a relationship is fraudulent because it involves a cheerleader and an athlete is only slightly more idiotic than my assuming that you are fat and ugly based solely on your comments here. See? See how annoying that is?

Every person hopes for love and happiness...and that is my wish for the two of you! Life always has twists and turns, but two united are always better than two apart. Anyone tough enough to go over the middle on a Sunday is tough enough to face hurdles in life, especially with a loyal person by your side. Congratulations and here's wishing both of you the best!


Congrats! It really is an awesome journey when you find that partner for life! The good news is that everything evolves into a whole new orbit when you get married. My advice on the wedding day is not to let a second slip away. Cherish every second of every minute and you'll never forget them.

$75 a game? May not sound like much but it covers a Keg deposit!

Congratulations Chris. You deserve it. You are my favorite Redskins player and it's so nice to see you bucked all the rules and went for what you wanted. As a woman and a wife myself, the pics of Christy are hot and she's hot - no doubt. And I'm sure it's nice to show off your wife in the pics but you could open Pandora's Box with that. I'd say not a good idea after you're married...if she pursues a modeling career then those types of pics would make sense. Otherwise watch out for stalkers n stuff. It's not as far-fetched as you think.

Oh ya... That's lame you can't date a cheerleader... Ain't that the way its supposed to me. It works that way in highschool. So what gives with the NFL or the Redskins getting all up tight if you date a cheerleader. I think its good press. Plus love is hard enough to find these days. Good get married! Peace...

Oh ya... That's lame you can't date a cheerleader... Ain't that the way its supposed to me. It works that way in highschool. So what gives with the NFL or the Redskins getting all up tight if you date a cheerleader. I think its good press. Plus love is hard enough to find these days. Good get married! Peace...

Dude you haters are missing how great this really is. Most of us wouldn't post pics like this of our future wives because we are mere insecure mortals. Captain Chaos is a bad man and he's sharing his wealth to all of his fans. He's like, hey look at my beautiful wife, you can look all you want because I am such a badass that there is no way she would leave me for any of you rubes. Gotta respect that kind of security. Much props, congrats.

She is very pretty and you guys make a cute couple...I loved the of luck to your future together!

Cooley - you are cool, your wife is hot and I would pay top doallr to hang out with Clinton Portis for one night. That guy is the king. All the best.

Oh no anon! Christy is going to be super-pissed!

Congrats Chris.

Congratulations Chris!! Hope you and Christy's day is very special for you!!

Hey Chris -
I wish you the best with Christy! Ignore the posts that say its not going to last, ignore the ones that say its bad that you put those photos on here. She's gorgeous and I know that if I were her, I'd want those pictures posted - or at least would be ok with it.

Beautiful article - very sweet :). You were on the home page of yahoo too, btw!!!

Awww Chris, congratulations!!! She's pwetty... I hope you have a great marriage!

Seems everybody has someting to say to try and bring happy ppl down jus cause you are unhappy in your life dosen't mean you should tear to happy ppl sown too. o and i don't thing those pics are bad i think they are hott and good art grow-up ppl

CONGRATZ to " BOTH " you and your soon to be wife.... I am a Master Sargent ( pay-grade E-7 ) in Air Force Sepcial Operations... Also, I am a " Die-Hard " SKIN's Fan.... I spend most of my time at "classified" locations.... I follow the "SKIN's" as much as I can given the places I am at or go to....

I wish that both you and your wife have and find all of the happeness that "LIFE" has to offer and give to you (meaning- to "BOTH" of you)... I know that you both are very busy and will probley not have the time to respond to this but just one thing for both of you to keep in mind.....
1. Most of these dudes are just jealious of you, Sir.....
2. They don't understand the feelings that you so obviously havefor your soon-to-be wife and the feelings that she so obviously has for you.....

Good-Luck to both of you...may you both find happeness, prosperty, and joy.....May God Bless you and your-soon-to-wife....


Michael D. Robison, MSgt AFRC

Congrats to you. Marriage is great but has its ups and downs. Remember everyone will try and tell you what to do but it is both of you in the marriage keep everyone out of your business.

Just cut back on trying to out drink everyone under the table as that will definitely be a marriage killer. No booze is even better, plus you will save your liver and money.

Congratulations Chris, May God's blessings be with you as you enter this very special time of your life.

Remember it's not about the wedding ( it's about the MARRIAGE.

Congratulations Cooley. Outside of being a die hard Redskins fan, I do not know enough about either of you to pass judgment on your decision to get married.

I do know that you are a good player that keeps his name out of the media. Christy is a very beautiful young lady and you 2 look good together. I know that ya'll have taken the pass 3 years to get to know one another. So by now each of you really know where this relationship is going. Make sure you are true to the heart and that there are few doubts if any. Congratulations and good luck and heres a gift from me to you:

"When in the red zone, run a play that gets Jason outside the pocket and gives him an option to pass, run, or simply throw the ball away. Make the defense react to the unexpected. This will cause a break down in coverage and it should lead to better production in the red zone for us."

You're a great player and a great guy, and Christy seems to be a great lady. Enjoy yourself and stay a Redskin for life.

I find it funny how people are pissed that Cooley's posting these pics of his wife on his blog. These arent personal pics she just took for him, these are professional ones done to be put in magaizines. Why would she feel any diffent if Chris had half-naked pics on his blog when she was posing half-naked in Maxim? Cooley just wants to show off how hot is wife is--more power to him.

Congrats man! First off, F all the haters out there...jealousy has gotten the best of them. You guys sounds like an awesome couple and its obvious you two are in it for the long haul. Marriage is great and believe it or not, its a fing blast..... especially when you have an amazing woman to come home to every i cant enough of my wife and we have been married for over 5 years now.
Christy looks and seems like a keeper.....good work!!!
Congrats to both of you and here's to an NFC EAST TITLE! CHEERS

Evidently you both are very secure in who you are. So post whatever pics you want.

Thanks for sharing by the way.

I'm far from a Skins fan, but I like the way you play football.

If you don't expect the other person to change once the ring is on.....then marriage is wonderful.

I wish you both the best. Go Bears.

Ignore those who bash the pics! Thanks for sharing! Great pics! And of course, you're the best! Just found this blog and I must say, it rocks!

Mike G

Dude, you sound like a great guy and a lucky guy. I love love love being married. 13 years later, I some days count heartbeats until my husband walks in the door. But I honestly think you should consider a seat in AA.

All kidding (or not) aside, take some good advice from a stranger. DO NOT have a wild night-before-you're wedding. It's a recipe for disaster. It's one of the most important days of your life, and WELL worth being stone cold sober for. Party it up on Sunday.

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos,
Freelance Writer and Social Networking Expert

Congrats on the wedding tomorrow - finding a girl who loves football as much as you do is an awesome thing.
And, the picture of the two of you on the right hand side is gorgeous:)

I'm sure you both will have a wonderful life together...ignore the retards who say otherwise.

Congrats man, best wishes for you both. Love the Blog man.

Well you sandbaggin' sunuvabitch! Congrats CC. Ignore the worthless e-haters. Love the blog, keep it up.


haha, dude you're awesome. have a blast at your wedding! and good luck too, wish you the best!

its been a blast watching you play for the skins, i can't wait for this season. and i love listening to you on Elliot, you crack me up!

ps. i love the rest of these lame-asses dissing you getting married... obviously they've had NO nookie or married the worse Nookie they could get their hands on :)

congratulations, it sounds like you two are truly happy. good luck and have fun tomorrow.

Congrats on the big day!

I'm so glad everyone feels the right to judge you so quickly too, I bet they've never met you.

All you haters: Bugger off!


I second unsilent majority, you're an American hero Chris Cooley. Ignore the haters, they aren't worth the time.

Please, please, please keep up the posting.

Your wife is beautiful and your post was, as per usual, very entertaining. Looking forward to the next one already.


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OOH no! Of the market huh? I`m talking about you Cooley! LOL. Congratulations! I wish you and Christy all the luck and happiness you can get!
Remember us, if you ever get pregnant, to come for a free visit at

A huge Fan,


She obviously approves of being posted half naked on the web, so why the hell should he care!

Good luck, you both seem to suit each other.

xavier you classless douche

OOh NO! Off the market huh? I was talking about you Cooley! LOL.
Congratulations, I wish you and Christy lots a happiness.
Please remember us, if you`ll ever get pregnant,
for a free visit.


a huge fan, Linda

Congratulations to both of you! I wish you all the best. It's so exciting to finally find the person you know you're meant to be with.

Also, you're an awesome photographer and Christy is very beautiful. As an artist myself, I'd like to say that I really like these pictures. I disagree with the comment someone above left saying their "exploitive". They look like pin-up style modeling shots to me and are very nicely done.

Great job on both counts! And again... best wishes to you both.

i agree with tomo there. i have a hunch that chris probably asked his fiance if he could post the pics on his blog and approved. probably because she was proud of em. and guess what guys, you can find half naked pics of christie just googling her-not just on CC's blog.


Congrats and good luck. Hope you enjoy the day, honeymoon, and a life time of happiness.



Ignore da haters. So long as your wife is cool with it, you will be fine. Best of luck tomorrow, not that u will need it.

Word of advice from someone who used to work weddings as a videographer, you and the lady, try not to drink too much before the ceremony. You would be shocked with how many people step to the alter plastered and how embarrassing it can be for them.

Chris, I think it's truly wonderful that you are so willing to put your feelings for Christy into words on here for all of us to read. You are truly a unique individual who doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks and that is awesome. More people should be like that in life. As a wife who's been married many happy years, I think the pics of Christy are hot and if I was in the kind of shape she's in I'd definitely want my pictures up there too! I don't blame you for showing them off at all. Enjoy your wedding day and much love and happiness to you both!

the poster above is drinking 100% pure haterade

all you gauys ragging on chris for those pics are ethier gay or live in your moms basementor just have a wife that take a double wide lense to take a pic. chris has a hot soon to be wife and is proud of it i say good for him. and all you guys saying prenub get a life you can tell that this girl isn't like the other vampires out there. they were together before chris had his break out season (no offense cooley) so she not their for the money.

now for the groom cooley cooley don't tell me she used the puppy dog eyes for the cake man. see that is a ploy u propmise to be nice while wham she slapps you with so much cake you have it in yor eye brows lol i know i had it done to me 3 years ago.

but any way man congrats to you and the soon to be mrs cooley this ones for you to (cheers)

Chris, you will get super duper brownie points for not smashing the wedding cake! You are a wise man! Also, would you please post the reception pics on here after the party's over? I really want to see Snyder doing the Soldier Boy w/Clinton!

Listen to the smart people above and don't get trashed tonight OR tomorrow Cooley! You want to be on point tomorrow AND you want to remember your wedding day and reception. Good advice! Also, don't listen to the jealous haters above about the photos. They are gorgeous!

I love how all the feminist biotches are pissed that cooley puts up hot pictures of his wife. They are only pissed because Christy is much better looking then they could ever hope to be. And why in the sweet hell is is disrespectful for him to put those pics up? I'm sure he has Christy's full support or else they would not be on the blog. You people are stupid.

You guys are a special couple and your blog was so sweet to read. I am so happy for the both of you and wish you nothing but the best in your marriage. Ignore the stupid comments/suggestions/stories that people tell you. Your heart is in the right place. Anyways, congrats to you both! Party hearty! :)

Heh heh, you said she stepped through your back door.

i speak the truth said:

"When was the last time the Skins even hit the playoffs? Sometime in the eighties?"

Last year you dumbfuck. Who are you telling to get their mind right?

Chris ignore the retards. You have a beautiful fiancee and good luck and much happiness to you!

Congrats Chris! Hope you two are very happy together and have beautiful children!!!

Congrats Chris! You are so sweet to qrite such beautiful things about Christy. She's a lucky girl!

Congratulations Chris and Christy!!

Hi Chris! Hi Christy! It's about time,you guys...CONGRATS, and best of luck! I work at your vet. (Thanks to you and your Mom for getting my kids the autographs for Christmas! Awesome!) I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow. Hey, please ignore these D-Bags that are dissing you. On behalf of polite bloggers everywhere, I apologize. On behalf of Skins fans everywhere, LETS GET 'EM!!!!! Hey, Chris, ask me sometime about the funny story I have about our clueless receptionist and Jon Jansen. It's freakin hilarious. And, no matter what he says, I think you are the best lookin!! Ha Ha Ha!!! Hey, Christy, GO VIKES, and keep up with college, girl! You'll be such a beautiful bride. My Best ~Jenni

Congrats Chris, you are a lucky guy!

From what Ive read on Chris' blog, he probably doesnt care that you are dissapointed. If you were a friend of his, you wouldnt be dissing him on here. Dont worry about the shadiness, just enjoy the chaos. Like i said, dont judge lest ye be judged. GO SKINS!

Congrats to you both and the pictures are really good! Christy, I sent you an email on Chris' blog on yahoo, that is one special guy putting all that out there!! I'm sure you both think now all the drama was soooooo worth it!

All the drama is sooooo worth it now! Congrats to both of you, Christy, he is one special guy to put all that out there but you knew that already, didn't you!!

Congrats man...hope you all have a great life together

Hope ya have a great year too...GO SKINS!

go get yourself another pro bowl

Chris, Congrats on the marriage and I am excited that I found your blog. I just got married just over a year ago and i share your sentiments about not wanting advice and being told how miserable you are gonna be. I was tired of that Immediately. Don't diminish people like us who have found the love of our lives.

Anyways, best of luck to you both and although I sadly am a lions fan i always root for #47!!

Congratulations - I read your blog for the sports commentary & was so impressed by this personal post. You are such a wonderful guy & it appears you have a wonderful new wife! You speak so lovingly of her that the love you share literally comes through the screen. I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Cherish every moment, even the arguments, especially the moments where it seems like any other day - those small touches, the littlest things that define your relationship. Those things are so important. May your life be filled with laughter! Thank you for such a great blog!

Chris: You are by far my fav TE and you're always my first pick for fantasy football. Congrats on the wedding and your wife is beautiful. If you guys made it through all that stuff a couple of years ago you've already been through a lot together. Hope you're having fun on the honeymoon! I'm a lifetime Skins fan and proudly wear #47 to all the games.

Congratulations! This was a beautiful anecdote. Thank you for sharing.

I've been reading your blog for awhile now, as I've been a Skins fan since I was a wee girl being taught by my dad, but I'm just now commenting.

She's a lucky lady. Congrats again.

Chris, your the man... Christy is GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!


Best to you and your new bride. I am a long time Redskin's fan and I have the utmost respect for you as a player. You are rock-solid and a key part of the skins. I look forward to the next season. Congratulations on your marriage!!!

Dude please stay away on game days..I need you bigtime for my Fantasy team! :)


congrats Chris, welcome to the married life!

Hey Chris, congrats - you married one of the prettiest girls on one of the hottest squads in the league! I was actually down at the Atlantis the same week of May as your HM.. I had a good laugh at your plane comment - I, too, was on a plane with a projected 2 hour flight that turned to 6 on the way home... we had to make a stop in like North Carolina b/c of the weather and we were running out of fuel. It was all I could do to try to stay relaxed until I got back to Reagan... ugh!


You are a lucky man--I met your wife earlier today in Brambleton, VA. She was with her best friend from junior high 'Cassidy'.

I hope you both have many years of happiness. I'm a Canadian teaching here on an exchange--hope you and your wife can come read to my second graders--it would make their year and I would be the star at my school--my students love the Red Skins!! Keep up the great work!!

Hi Christy and Chris -- Christy, please contact the Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni Association (WRCAA) up date your informaton for the Roster. We are having a reunion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the alumni. Just go to our can get their thru the Cheerleaders site. Congrats on your recent marriage.
Many of the ladies from the your years on the squad have already signed up...we are also trying to get the Redskins to present us at a half-time show. I'm sure you remember the Alumni doing shows when you were on the squad. Hope to see you at the reunion, Cheri

pretty cool stuff here- Congratulations!... good people get good things and good things happen to good people. Mr. Cooley you are the man! Good luck on Sunday and congrats on your next endevour of marriage, its a very nice and humbling event in a man's life.

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