Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2008 Beard Growing Contest

Well, only five days before training camp and I've been trying to get in the right mindset, but it's tough! It seems like if I can do something stupid or silly it makes it easier to get through some of the days. I pulled off the long hair, I wore the shorts, there is always a couple sharpie tatoo days but now I'm ready for a new adventure...Greatest facial hair of training camp is going to be this years motif. After leaving Wyoming for my summer vacation I came home with quite a start on my new project. It's been a little over two weeks since I've shaved and I'm as proud as I can be! One thing about my little endeavors is that it is much more fun if I can have a partner in crime, or as many participants as possible. So I've decided to start the Chris Cooley Beard Growing Contest.

Winners will be chosen in two stages. I will personally choose the first winner based on the "Greatest Facial Hair in General." That winner will be chosen Saturday July 26 and will receive two family passes to training camp to share beards with me.

The second winner will be chosen Wednesday August 6. The prize for that winner, and really the grand champion, will be two tickets to the first preseason game at home against the Bills and also a family parking lot pass so the winner can take bearded pictures with me after the game. The consolation prize for the second place winner will be a replathentic jersey personalized by me in anyway.

The rules for the Grand Beard Champion are a little tougher. You can't just have good facial hair to begin with. The winner will chosen based on greatest beard or facial hair transformation. Yes, this means a before and after picture are required (send photos to tanner@chriscooley47.com) . Band members from ZZTop will have no advantage over the competition.

All winners will also be posted front and center throughout the website as proud bearded or mustached supporters of chriscooley47.com. I am very excited to see the many beards! I hope everyone will be as excited about this as me. Good luck!Update: There has been some concern about the contest but the stipulations are what they are. By sending your before picture you are automatically entered in the contest. You do not need to do anything else but let your beard grow! Thanks for those who have already entered.

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