Tuesday, August 4, 2009

J Campbell SI by Matt Terl

Uh Oh, Maybe.
by Matt Terl on Aug 4th 2009 2:08PM

I'm not a big believer in jinxes, hexes, bad luck, or anything like that. But a dig through the SI.com archives of the magazine to next week's issue seems to reveal this:Yes, f'reals. No articles yet (update: see below), but I'm told this is the national cover, so ... if you're a believer in the SI cover jinx, it may be time to start burning some sage or something.

A cautious congratulations to Jason Campbell, though: not counting the incidental appearance of the Redskins defense on the Johnny Unitas memorial cover, Campbell is the first Redskins player featured on the SI cover since Stephen Davis in 2001.

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"Campbell is the first Redskins player featured on the SI cover since Stephen Davis in 2001."

-Talk about the anti-skins bias. There have been a few moments that should have been on the cover in the past 8 years.

Like what?

We have been pretty mediocre in those 8 years.

Art Monk and Darrell Green getting into the hall of fame last yea and Redskins Nation taking over the HoF? How about Sean Taylor? to name a few

Awesome, congrats to Jason. Pretty weird if you ask me, though, I figure since one out of every 3 people is a Cowboy fan a 'Skin wouldn't get anywhere near any cover of anything.

I'd call that a Chris Samuels cover!


Well, under the radar no more!

Hope the issue/article, whatever is may say (hopefully positive since we have our QB on the cover), will end the BS news about the Skins. HAIL!

Nobody deserves it more than Jason! I think he is gonna have a solid year this year!

Jason will be fine! All you nay sayers and haters will see. My boy is going to have a great season. First time he will be in the same offensive system 2 years in a roll. I'm confident in Jason Campbell skills. No one is more deserving!

Jason Campbell has been a true teammate through this whole ordeal this off-season. We should all be proud as fans to have a QB who is such a man. He did not cry about things like another QB our teenager playing Madden trapped in a middle-aged man's body owner pursued. He also did not quit on his team, but instead has taken it upon himself to be a leader on a team where the ones running it have shown him nothing but disrespect. I admire him for this and hope he has a great year to jumpstart a long career with the Redskins so my son can grow up to see a shining example of what a PROFESSIONAL athlete should be. Good luck Jason and Hail to the Redskins.

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