Thursday, March 13, 2008

The start of something new!

Hello everyone. We are in the progress of starting a new and innovative type of player/fan interaction. This is the beginning of something great. So stay tuned because this blog will be updated regularly. We are also starting a new website called Check it out and tell us what you think. The more feedback we get the better this can be.

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looking forward to this site

Looking Good Chris and Tanner

On the about me section of Chris you misspelled the word input. Must have went to school in Utah

T, If you are getting these messages, The black text on the red background is hard to see and read. Maybe it is just because I am old.

Hi Guys, Love this site. It's awesome!!!!!!! Judy

I look forward to reading the Blog. Oh and by the way my two kids are big fans of you Chris. They both enjoying chanting Cooooley when you make a big play at FedEx.


You are a future Hall of Famer. Play your whole carrer here and you will be like Riggo, Dgreen, and Art Monk. I have never met a Skins fan that didnt love you. You are living a dream and just stay heathy. Youve been heathly so far! I have tickets behind Potis;s family and you guys are awlsome. Ive met you in centerville before, and you were a class act! I just got cheated on by me girl. Let go out and see if you can help me out. How cool whould it be to have a beer with you bro! Im buying. Let me know

I would love to see some chris Cooley art go up for sail on the site. Maybe a mini-football helmet with an original Cooley design on it?

Always love a good Redskins blog site, especially from one of the players. We've been blogging our guts out in the WaPo RI and they sent us here. Love it. HTTR!

Chris, Your a great player and I was glad to see you get your deal and stay with the Redskins. I look forward to this site and thanks for taking the time to share some things and have some fun with us...The fans.

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