Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Don't believe us, smell our cars.

hey you guys should do a "get to know tanner" blog.
I'm the youngest of three and hated being known as __________'s little sister. I gotta believe there is more to tanner than chris cooley's little brother.

LOL... awesome video!

Vladimir has hit the goal post :)

I think you should include in the contest how much you get paid to touch the football...hehe
I think Chris's contribution might win there!


Was it just the way the video was shot? I hate to say it but Tanner's deep throw looked a bit tighter then Chris'.

Haha, Tanner is already establishing himself in many ways. Radio show personality, movie producer, videographer, character actor, Internet marketing director (and all-around producer/guy Friday) and soon an MD.

Many abilities have the Cooley brothers!

I don't know guys. You may have a fight with the Mottram bros. I hear they're challenging you to beer pong now?

woah what the hell was that last comment? your username says it all.

He's a douche that comes here to show his maturity... best to ignore him!

Yo Chris cooley Why dont you have a kick ass website like deangelo hall i mean i would be like damn i need to fix this thing up. Halls site is really cool and your is like uhhh here you go.
But still keep up the stuff it kills time from the non-football season.

Cooley you should have been a fireman. Its nothing but competition. Trying to make each other puke and always have to outdo eachother. Keep it up. D Halls sight is pretty badass. Go Skins!!

Yikes... did you see the Mottram video? (I cannot paste the URL)
Here's the Mottram video.

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