Sunday, November 30, 2008

Player Profile: Jason Taylor

Saturday, November 29, 2008

TC: College Football GOW

15 games have already been played this week yet there are so many more worth watching. If there is a word that can describe my feelings about college football it would be "Playoffs." I mean I don't care if the four one loss teams look better than Utah on paper, Utah just crushed BYU. Giving them two wins against top 15 teams this year. Now I know they will probably get a BCS bid, but what about Boise State? They're winning by an average of 27 PPG and if I remember correctly, they beat Oklahoma in their last BCS game. They have only lost 10 games since 2002 (one more loss than USC over that period). That alone proves they are a legit program. Put them in a MF BCS game!

Okay, on to this weeks games. The first one should be Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, but how many Big 12 south match ups can we take in one year? This brings me to the Florida/Florida State game. I can't figure out how Florida is ranked #4 (biggest wins were over LSU (5 losses) and Georgia (2 losses)).  I guess that's what playing in the SEC does for a program. Either way, this should be a great game and if Florida can pull off a win on the road they will be ONE BIG WIN away from the National Title game.

Due to my location I've heard so much about the Virginia/Va Tech game. It may be a huge game to the alumni and the locals, but these two teams have 10 combined losses and coaches that are more concerned about impressing this weekends recruits than anything else. This brings us to Auburn at Alabama. These games always seem like the ones that bite a team in the ass. A rivalry game in which one team has everything on the line and the other, only pride. Pride can be enough at times but I've been to Bryant-Denny Stadium and that "Sweet Home Alabama, ROLL TIDE ROLL" crowd is going to be tough to overcome for the Tigers.
Some other good games worth noting are Georgia/Georgia Tech, Maryland/Boston College, and Oregon/Oregon State. I wish I could say that the USC/Notre Dame game was going to be a good one, but USC might win by 50 points, sorry Brady Quinn.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday Sale at Shop47

We recently reloaded Shop47 with great and affordable holiday gifts. We will also be adding Cooley jerseys in all sizes and colors soon!

Yode's Corner: Hail to BOSCHETTI

The day before thanksgiving marked the return of the great Ryan Boschetti. Since I wrote the ode to Boschetti leaving us. I find it only fitting that I write of his glamorous return. I think Thanksgiving week serves as the proper backdrop for the comeback. When I think about the many things to be thankful for this holiday. I am thankful to have Boschetti back with us. Plus with all the wide variety of food choices for Thanksgiving tomorrow, why not a Big Greasy Meatball to go along with all the traditional favorites.

With the defense battered and bruised this week Boschetti might see some action. He is a true utility player who can play all the D- Line spots for us and also mike linebacker. If London Fletcher can 't go this week can you imagine Boss roaming the middle like an old school kick ass Dick Butkus? The possibilities are endless.  

During his first day of practice yesterday Boschetti didn't disappoint. He was back to his usual balls out, fly around, out of control, Tasmanian devil like self that makes him special. He started one altercation with the offense line to no ones surprise, I think we all knew it would happen at some point during practice. He then managed to get through practice with a slippery like ease that only a Greasy Meatball could. So welcome back Boschetti.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you fans out there.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday's Harvest Feast

I'm nervous, standing and watching anxiously. I had just arrived at Fed Ex field for the Washington Redskins Harvest feast. It's a Thanksgiving based event that attempts to help so many hungry families have a great meal for the holidays. I'm happy that my wife and brother have made the trip with me, I look over my shoulder and even though they only see me smiling and signing autographs while I work, they make me much more comfortable. It's not that I'm scared to be a part of any charitable event, it just feels awkward to be a part of when its people in need. It's hard to take in my surroundings, there are just so many unfamiliar people. Some are better dressed , some in rags, many weathered and worn out, some look desperate. There is noise all around me, but the stadium feels quiet.

After meeting with all the volunteers I learned my job for the day wouldn't be working in the lines at the stadium, but driving around to different shelters in the Fed Ex delivery truck. A half hour at the stadium blew by like 5 minutes I'm hurried toward my ride for the day. I'm standing on the stair of the truck and a woman is coming towards me. She is in her early 30's and she has a black trench coat and she has short dark hair and desperate eyes. She has been watching me. She's quiet when she tells me she has no place to live and she has been cut out of the line for the food. She arrived too late and just wants a turkey. I'm being pressured to leave by three different people at this point. I had just watched over 300 turkeys thrown in the back of the truck and I know they are going with me to the shelters, but I figured I could get just one. I get to the back of the truck and I cant get the door open. I feel stupid and after a minute a worker again hurries me toward the door. I don't really know what to do. The woman says she can probably sell an autograph. I don't have a pen, she doesn't have any paper. I felt lost in our interaction. I feel sorry. I wish I could be more help.

An hour later I'm riding around Greenbelt Maryland in a burgundy 47 jersey handing out turkeys like Fed Ex deliveries and I'm thinking about how I've gotten to where I am. I'm thankful for my life and my family. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had at success and the people who have been behind me all the way. I'm thankful that my biggest worry for the Thanksgiving meal is figuring out how to bake an apple pie from scratch. I'm thankful that I'm the guy passing out the turkeys. I smile knowing I'm sharing the day with my wife.

We make another stop to unload more bags. We walk into the shelter and the first guy tells me I'm not big enough to be Chris Cooley. He really doesn't believe me. I look down at my jersey and he sees me. He tells me lots of people got Redskin jerseys. One of the volunteers confirms to the older man who I really am and that I came to help them with their Thanksgiving dinner. He tells me he could tackle me, but it's nice that I'm helping with the bags of food. I laugh. After four or five more trips of carrying bags inside a small crowd of the residents begins to form. I have a team ready to tackle me. We start to share some football stories and after ten minutes everyone is laughing. It's great to see people smile. I feel more comfortable in the intimate situation. We all shake hands before we leave. Crazy to think how close our lives had been at one point in time. Again I'm thankful.

We make a couple more stops on the trip around and all with great result. Everyone is very thankful for the food. I feel much better now that the trip is coming to a close. I'm excited we took part in the event. The Redskins did another outstanding job of putting a charitable function. As we get back to our truck I see over 20 players still there hanging out talking to people. It's funny we all show up a little apprehensive and by the end of the day everyone is secure and content. Of course it's impossible to help everyone, but it's feels great to be able to put yourself out there and try to help who you can.

One Year Ago

When I was a senior in high school I spent nearly 12 hours in my basement watching the 2004 NFL draft. My brother (Chris) had just returned from a disappointing trip to Dallas (the trip where Bill Parcels said he would be nothing more than a decent special teamer in the league) and knew that if he was going to go anywhere it would likely be Washington. Well as fate would have it, the Washington Redskins selected Sean Taylor instead of Kellen Winslow and goosebumps ran down my back knowing that Chris could play with "that guy from Miami." Sure enough, the trade flashed across the screen and with the 81st pick the Skins took Chris forever connecting him with whom would become much more to me than just "that guy."

November 5, 2006 would be the last time I saw Sean in action. It was a game full of ups and downs. One minute I was 100 percent sure of victory and the next, 100 percent sure of defeat. I stood by my seat moping with the rest of the crowd when all of the sudden, as the Cowboys attempted their winning field goal I see #21 sprinting down the sideline with the ball! I jumped to on the railing screaming with all I had. With no time left Sean needed to find the end zone for the win...but he didn't, he was tackled. And as he went down I felt defeat in every ounce of my body. I was packing up and preparing to make the walk of shame to my car and sulk until next week. But wait...a penalty. Yes! We get one more shot. The snap...the hold...the kick! REDSKINS WIN! REDSKINS WIN!

That was the last time I saw Sean play a down of football but definitely not my last memory. I remember getting a call from Chris one morning telling me Sean had been shot and that he wasn't doing very well. It was a call I will never forget. Chris sounded lost on the other end of the phone and I could do nothing to help ease the pain. As the hours passed I watched the endless news coverage. I was glued to the TV trying to soak in everything that was happening to the Redskins, to Sean's family, to my brother. It was a very tough experience to watch and to live.

As horrible as some things in life are, some good can still be done for Sean's family. Unable to keep everything they felt it would be best to give the fans a chance to own something of Sean's. Eastern Motors is helping auction off his vehicles through an online auction that ends on Dec. 2. All proceeds will go to the Sean Taylor Estate Trust set up for his two year old, Jackie.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wired Up: Jim Zorn

Another gem from Rebecca Mejia and the Redskins broadcast crew. Thanks! We hope you you guys enjoy these as much as we do.

Monday, November 24, 2008


There is no better way to celebrate a win than getting grabbed and punched in the balls by a bunch of offensive lineman on the bus. Lesson learned though, if you go back and try to mess with one of them then the rest are gonna gang up on ya. To their defense, I guess I kind of had it coming. Last Thursday in practice we were working on our run game and one of our guys fell down as the play ended. I had just finished off my block and turned back to see him wallowing around on his hands and knees trying to get back to his feet. I don't really know why, but I thought it would be funny as hell to air hump him in while he was down, maybe catch it on the end of the film clip to have something to laugh about in meetings later that afternoon. I was even nice enough to make sure he wasn't really hurt before I moved in behind him. As I finished off and made my way back to the huddle I heard about half the team erupt in laughter, really I didn't expect any reaction, but apparently it was noticed by everyone.

So, back to the bus, when the game ends I usually load up on bus #2 and move towards the back with the offensive line, Yoder, and the kickers. Kind of our little after the game club. After games we usually have to sit on the bus and wait for a half hour or so before all the interviews are done and the gear gets loaded up to take to the airport and then it's usually another half an hour before we get to the plane. So we get some quality time to spend together, especially after a win. After Sunday nights game I was getting all kinds of hell about what was going to happen to me when I fell asleep on the plane due to the whole air humping thing.  You know, asses on your face, dicks drawn on you forehead, or the very popular picture of you sleeping with someone's balls touching you then getting the photo texted to your phone in the morning prank. So I went back to entertain a little pre-plane wrestling match and take care of business. Before I knew it I was held down on the floor being manhandled and punched in the crotch, oh yea, I got air humped in retaliation while I was down too. Yea, we are a bunch of 14 year olds, at least until we get back home to our families and then we mature to at least 17.

After all the shenanigans we had a good laugh and then I proceeded to remain awake the entire flight home. It's hilarious to think about how someone may explain the antics on the bus to a human resources director at a normal workplace. Can you imagine a some dude at an accounting firm complaining about all his fellow workers pinning him down in a cubicle and punching his nuts? That's assault brother! And we just laugh about it like a bunch of idiots.

Well enough of the bullshit. I think everyone knew that this week's game was a must win to keep any kind of pace with the rest of the NFC. Let's not even talk about winning our division, I mean, it will probably take 11 wins just to get into a wild card spot. Right now everyone is winning games and we couldn't afford to drop another one. Seattle was a tough team and a crazy ass place to play, I think that's all I have to say. It was a huge win!

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More Old Videos

These just keep popping up.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just for Fun

If you are bored you can waste a good 6 minutes watching these guys "Ram it all night"

I just learned that apparently making locker room raps was the thing to do in the 80's. To waste more of your life, check out the others.

RAIDERS Gotta love Howie Long in this one.

TC: College Football GOW

First, VOTE FOR KEVIN BITTENBENDER for Samsung's favorite fan video. This guy is a true hero and deserves this more than anyone. 

When you get deep into November the college season definitely heats up. Great rivalries are played with more than a win or loss on the line. They mean conference titles, bowl games, and for a lucky 2, a shot at the Title. This year is no different and the BCS is as crazy as it has ever been. There are three non-BCS schools still undefeated bringing the total of unbeatens to 5. That total could easily be reduced to 2 today as three of the unbeaten teams face off against tough conference rivals.

Boise State has dominated the WAC conference over the last decade but today they head to Reno Nevada. The last time these two played, it ended in a 69-67 BSU victory. If they can pull off a win they will not only be outright conference champs but they will be one win away (and one Utah loss) from a BCS bowl game.

10 of the last 11 games between Utah and BYU have been won by a touchdown or less. But today there is more than the Mountain West title at stake between these two in state rivals. Utah holds their fate as well as that of Boise state in their hands when it comes to a BCS bowl bid. A win today gives Utah 2 wins against ranked teams plus a win at the Big House making them the front runner for non-BCS schools in a BCS game. Now I don't even want to get into how awful the BCS is but I don't see Utah winning. BYU won two years ago at Utah on a last second touchdown and a win tonight will give Boise a leg up on Ball State in the undefeated category. Plus the WAC needs that BCS money. As a Utah State alum, I am glad these Utah schools are doing so well but I have to say, GO COUGARS

The biggest game today and one of the biggest of the year is that between Texas Tech and Oklahoma. Texas Tech has proved to the world that they know how to win in big games with wins in the last three weeks over #23 Kansas, #1 Texas, and #9 Oklahoma State. Can they do it again tonight?
"I'm thinking about OU, that's what I'm thinking about," Crabtree said, dismissing the bigger BCS picture. "We take it one game at a time. It's been working so far and I think I'm going to stay with that scheme."
I will make no predictions about this game that I cannot wait to watch. I would love to see Tech win for plenty of reasons but, OU is good...really good.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Player Profile: Shaun Alexander

Today we give you sort of a different player profile than we did with Plackemeier. It is really just the interesting points from Shaun's wiki page. I used some of it to justify that there is a possibility of what Shaun says in the video coming true.
During his junior season in 1993, Alexander ran for 2,396 yards and forty–two touchdowns as Boone County made it to the state semifinals. In a game versus Campbell County, Alexander rushed for seven touchdowns. He was listed in "Faces in the Crowd" section of Sports Illustrated in January 1994.[4]

In 1994, in his senior season, Alexander rushed for 3,166 yards and a state record fifty–four touchdowns[5] and was named Kentucky's "Mr. Football".[6] In three varsity seasons, Alexander rushed for 6,657 yards and 110 touchdowns—both of which are Top 10 prep all-time records.

In 2002, he started all 16 games en route to an NFC leading (and franchise record) 16 rushing touchdowns, four of which came in the first half of Seattle's September 29, 2002 game against the Minnesota Vikings where he also caught a touchdown pass. The five touchdowns in that half set an NFL record.

On January 1, 2006, in a game versus the Green Bay Packers, Alexander set the single season touchdown record at 28, and tied Priest Holmes's record of 27 rushing touchdowns in a season. Alexander also won his first NFL rushing title with 1,880 rushing yards. In 2005, he joined Emmitt Smith, Priest Holmes, and Marshall Faulk as the only running backs to record consecutive seasons of 20 or more touchdowns. Four days later, on January 5, he was awarded with the 2005 NFL MVP Award, becoming the first Seahawk to win the MVP award in franchise history.

At the end of the season, he was selected to be the cover athlete of Madden NFL 2007. To date, Alexander is the only player that has been featured on both the covers of Madden NFL and NCAA Football.
To us, the rest is history. Even though Shaun has been less than impressive for the Redskins, he gives us a great prediction for Sunday's game.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wired Up: Fred Smoot

I feel like the last Wired Up we posted was a huge success. Rebecca Mejia and the rest of the Redskins Broadcast team has done an awesome job putting these videos together. Just so you know, you can watch other Wired Up features along with Redskins Broadcast Network TV Shows. Redskins Players Club, Redskins Weekly, Redskins Late Night, Redskins Game Day, or Redskins Nation. I hope you enjoy Smoot on his Wired Up.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's Words

Great day to be back into work. I was happy to walk outside this morning and breath in the crisp 19 degree air. Nothing like looking forward to a frigid day out in Ashburn, but seriously, it was tough after a loss and especially a loss to the Cowboys to sit around and listen to everyone analyze our problems. At least today I could get back to work and as Joe Gibbs would say "FIX IT!"
Talk about Seattle was great. I learned all kinds of stuff about their team and players through meetings and film in our morning session. First of all this is no fu***** Mickey Mouse team were playing here! They don't have any Chicken Littles over on the defensive side of the ball. Another thing, we can't just go all the way over there and strut our shit....we gotta fu****** show up. We definitely can't count on this game being a picnic. Those guys don't wear skirts over there, they wear pads and they'll pound our ass if we let em'. We also discussed the personnel on the Seahawks. I guess 93 has got a motor and can really get to the ball. His motor is going all the time, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if his motor was going right now! Anyways, you gotta love football talk, just another thing that makes this game so great. I mean, put 60 men together every year and you shouldn't expect anything different.

I felt great for practice today. For some reason lately I have been really into spinach and for lunch I served up a whopping bowl of just spinach, and well a couple tomatoes. Sounds terrible, but the Skins lunch staff makes a bad ass spinach. Whatever it was, the spinach gave me crazy energy on the field. I guess I have a new spinach experiment. Spinach, spinach, spinach. And if I hadn't said it enough in this paragraph, spinach. I'm dumb.

We got lucky with the temp on the field topping out at a whopping 37 degrees and just a nice cool breeze. I wore my best ski outfit. Gortex pants and coat, the only thing I was missing was the wool sweater. It's funny cause I really did feel like I was getting ready to go skiing. Also, we always practice outside. Always. There is no indoor facility. Following the suspected forecast for the next couple months I think I'm really going to need to perfect the ski outfit. Nice.

So to try to finish off in all seriousness. How do we need to make the playoffs? Win the seventh game. I think were off to a great start for the week.

Survivors' Lunch

So enough with the commenting on the comments. Before I say anything further I would like to thank everyone again for checking out our stuff and to all the fans who have been so interactive with this site. It would not be nearly as cool without everyone's comments. Of course we understand what a blog really is and we don't by any means think that we are going to get all positive comments, but I we had enough of the ignorant ones. I think our biggest point of emphasis isn't to end all negative comments, we just ask if fans, or especially other teams fans feel compelled to trash me or the team they should be proud to take credit for it. So once again, thanks so much for everyone's interest and support, we have had a blast with the site.

Now on some of the better things we can do with our site. Yesterday at Redskins park "The Cooley Zone" paid for an event hosting over 20 women with breast cancer. We teamed up with the Redskins Charitable Foundation and the American Cancer Society as part of the Look Good Feel Better program. I want say thanks to both groups, they both did an amazing job organizing the details and the scheduling for the day.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and to avoid the whole story, she is doing great, but one of the hardest things she dealt with was losing her hair and the appearance change she went through. So I felt like it would be cool to put together an event where we could bring a group of women with the same problem together and do something fun for them even if it was for just a couple hours. At first I was nervous that what I was trying to accomplish as far as appearance during chemo would seem too superficial considering what chemo does to people physically, but the day turned out to be a success. It's definitely something I want to remain part of.
After treating the ladies to lunch they were split into different stations. I was in charge of the tour which ran from the Super Bowl trophies to the Players Club and everywhere in between. Each tour was 15 minutes which much of were spent listening to Zorn, Randel El, Marcus Washington, and some other nice folks we met along the way. These guys were awesome and I really appreciated them taking time out of their day to talk with us. From there we gave them a chance to try on and pick out a wig, some jeans, and get a little makeup session and sent them home with a makeup kit.

I am so glad to have been able to do this for some women going through a really tough time in their lives. If anything, I hope that just getting them out for a day makes them stronger and helps with their fight. I understand what they are going through and if you can survive breast cancer, you are a very strong person.

If you want another more in depth account of yesterday, check out the Redskins Blog.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This post is in response to a large number of comments that we have got the past few days. So if you didn't know, this website isn't a suggestion box for the Redskins coaches. It's not a "Let's Vent" about everything wrong with the organization. It is for fun. It is supposed to entertain you. So in the future, comments like this will be deleted unless an actual email address and name is posted with your comment.
Year and year out I keep my "optimisim" up only to be disappointed year and year out. It's completely frustration. And to end the night I got to sit in the parking lot for 50 minutes before I was able to move an inch.
First, if you ever go to the games you know you will be waiting afterwards. Second, 3 of the last 4 years this team has gone to the playoffs. Are you disappointed about that?
LOSING IS NOT OKAY! We absolutely needed to beat Dallas to show that we are a serious contender this playoff season. No team is deserving of the playoffs when they can't put more than 10 points on the scoreboard. Pathetic.
I mean...c'mon. Do you understand that players spend 40+ hours preparing for Sunday and coaches spend even more. I think they know more about what's OKAY and what isn't.
The Cowboys owned you last night just like the balloon said they would!
7 Catches isn't really getting owned.
I agree totally. Our team is overated and our fans are in fantasy land.
The Redskins are 6-4 and no one is rating them any higher. The beat Dallas in Dallas and Philly in Philly. If you look that the NFC East teams records, that's not an easy thing to do. You're in fantasy land.
I noticed on that cute little video that they didn't ask if Chris Cooley could block. Because he can't!!! Wake up people, it's not just the O Line that has the blocking responsibility. The defense only gave up 2 touchdowns. That should have been more than enough to win this game. But once again, the crappy pass protection lost the game for us. Take a lesson from Whitten and practice some blocking this week or Jason Campbell is going to get creamed every week. You all should be fined and cofined to quarters until you learn to pass protect. Instead you post these lame ass videos while you should be working on other things. BEAT SEATTLE!!!
Just because you watch some football on Sunday means you know what good blocking is? Just so you know, Chris pass protected about 5 times on Sunday night. 5 times out of about 40 pass plays. Also, "Whitten" is spelled Witten. And just because Madden gets on his knees when he does a Cowboys game doesn't mean Witten is a good blocker. And this video took up about 30 minutes of Chris's time. I don't even know how he lives with himself for taking those precious minutes away from football.
Funny huh? Yeah good point I forgot funny blog's win Super Bowls.
No, but this funny blog is earning enough money to allow Chris to donate nearly 100K this year to local charities. You like the blog now?
More Football, less internet star.
Same response as the comment above. Plus, if you don't like it, don't comment and if you do comment post your name or email. We take credit for what we do, why not try and take some credit for your comments?
Maybe if the Redskins keep sucking, Cooley will start a talk show- cuz obliviously he cares more about being funny and cute then doing his job in the field.
I have two links for you to check out. After you do, tell me Chris isn't doing his job. Click HERE or HERE.

The Guru's Take on Dallas Game

Written by The Guru

I was able to get a ticket to the big game last night. I left campus around 3:30 and headed towards Landover. Like the rest of the Redskin Nation, I had high expectations and confidence in this Washington team that has been tough all season both in victory and defeat. The freezing temperatures didn't matter, the assignments I blew off to be there didn't matter, what mattered was that I was in FedEx Field to see the Redskins - a team that we can all agree is not only entertaining, but a true inspiration.

This was my first Redskins v. Cowboys game since becoming a Redskins fan from seeing my father wearing the shirts, to taking me to training camp when it used to be at Frostburg State University. It is documented as one of the biggest rivalries in major sports. One thing I took away from the game, seeing fans from both teams scream at each other, throw things on each other (including fists) is that this is what makes Washington fans great. Throughout the whole game, our fans were screaming for the Redskins. Of course we wanted a win, but to us all that truly matters is that the Redskins played their asses off the whole game. And from what I saw last night, you guys did. And we were proud.

One of the greatest moments of last night was when the offensive starting lineup was being announced. All week the thoughts of CP not playing plagued my head. I expected to see Shaun Alexander, Ladell Betts and company split time throughout the game. But when the massive screen showed #26 standing under the helmet with the USA flag, it was an unreal feeling. It wasn't just the fact that he would produce offensively for us, but that he refused to take the game off. He played through pain, through injury and even though he could have sat out with a serious injury- he didn't. I couldn't even imagine the adrenaline that was running through CP's body running out with the flag, but if it could be put into words, I would love to hear it.

Yes, you guys are paid millions each year to play football, but one thing I have learned from watching this Redskin team is that this game is fun, and that's why you originally started playing the game, and it still is a major reason why you continue. When I watch the team out on the field, you guys are amped at each play. When the team loses, you guys are legitimately angry, frustrated and upset. Helmets are thrown, and it is evident that this game is not just a paycheck.
These past two weeks are just minor speed bumps. We as fans are fully behind the team, no matter the outcome. I am confident that this team is a TRUE CONTENDER, no matter what any analyst, any commentator, any random moron says. You guys are strong as a team and continue to give everything you have out on the field.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Every Position

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wired Up

So during training camp this year the Redskins video staff did a bunch of "wired up" videos of different guys on the team. This is the one they put together for me and I feel like they did a great job. You will have to let us know what you think.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boohoo Box

This has been the week of negative fan mail. I guess it's really to be expected after losing to the Steelers and then getting ready to play the Cowboys, but I have had some crazy shit in the fan box.

Early this week I found the "Boohoo Box," apparently sent to help me stop crying from the loss on Monday night. The box was sent "just for me, because boohooing was all I do." Just a little yellow box filled with tissue paper and some cartoon sports items with frownie faces. Seemed pretty stupid to me, but I guess there is all kinds of way to make money.

Today I walked in the house from a rainy ass day on the field and Christy hands me a present that came in the mail. Keep in mind this one was actually sent to my house, so I was expecting something cool. I open the box and find a silver Cowboy's balloon, but the best part was the attached note, crediting the entire Cowboy's defense for the friendly gift. If I had to guess I would say it was Zach Thomas got all the guys together to play this joke on me. Hahaha, those guys are so silly, so funny too, they've probably been laughing all day while they waited for me to get it. (<- Sarcasm, hopefully understood by the laughing note, but I figured many people do not grasp sarcasm very well in writing, so instead of looking like a dumb ass I figured I would make the previous statement way less cool by explaining. I'm sure the "entire" Cowboy's defense did not get together and send this package. If I had to guess I would say it was just a couple of them. Probably Zach Thomas though). Also explained in the note was what my stats for the game would be and how the Cowboys own me. Once again, another way to make money.

Actually, after taking a closer look at the last couple mocking items I did figure out how I would be a likely candidate for fan items. I am writing about them, increasing popularity. So, Boohoo box and RivalJab, if you guys make more money this week you can send me something better next time. Maybe some flowers, gift card, a case of beer, or really I accept any kind of check or money order, I guess whatever you guys decide I would really like.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Smoot's Feelings on Dallas

Fred Smoot doesn't like Dallas and neither should you.

Is it the NBA or NFL?

I got this email the other day and with the elections and everything happening on Capitol Hill I thought it was interesting enough to share.

Is itOr

36 have been accused of spousal abuse
7 have been arrested for fraud
19 have been accused of writing bad checks
117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
3 have done time for assault
71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges 8 have been arrested for shoplifting
21 currently are defendants in lawsuits,
84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the last year

Can you guess which organization this is? Give up yet?

Neither, it’s the 435 members of the United States Congress; the same group of Idiots that crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line.

The Guru is Back for Big D

Written By The Guru

First of all, our beloved Redskins are 6-3, and I think everyone other than the Redskin faithful can explain how a foot tastes. This team has come a long way since the pre-season, making the necessary adjustments in key games, and in turn being able to go on the road with a tough schedule and get the job done against Philadelphia and Dallas. It was funny to see the analyst picks already this season. No credit for the Redskins? As they sleep on the team, the team is wide awake and a huge contender.

Clinton Portis and Jason Campbell are in Pro Bowl production mode, and defensively many people have stepped up and made great contributions to get much needed wins. Chris Horton and London Fletcher are definitely doing their part and more for this banged up Redskins' defense. Hopefully Jason Taylor and Shawn Springs can get healthy for the Dallas game. In addition, having D'Angelo Hall will help strengthen this defensive team with Big D around the corner.

Big D is coming to FedEx this week. After a bye-week last week, I think we all are ready to see the Redskins back in action. For me, it was either watching the Ravens, or a nap. I picked the nap. Tony Romo's boo-boo has somewhat healed and he will play in the game. Defense will be key in this game. Dallas is banged up offensively, while the Redskins are banged up defensively. If the Redskins can cover the passing game effectively, Dallas will have to force balls to receivers and rely on the running game. With the way the d-line and the linebackers are playing, this will more than compensate the Skins D. Just like earlier this year, this game is about bragging rights between the two teams' fans. The loser will have to hear about it until next season.

Offensively, Campbell has the interception out of the way, it means nothing based on the way he has been playing this season. Other than not throwing any picks, he has been controlling the game in the Redskins favor, and making the right decisions in key moments of the game. In addition, he has been tough in the pocket. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Portis will play. Right now he is an MVP candidate, and he is the key to this game. If he is able to play in any way, he will.

Unlike the rest of the NFL analysts, I am firm in the thought that the Redskins will continue this great season this week at home. If I am able to make the game, I hope to see it in person. I am not sure if I can get tickets, maybe I can get a hook-up. Or just a field pass so I can mingle. Fans and Chris. So look for a "Guru" sign this Sunday.

Hail to the Redskins

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TC: Message from a T.O. Fan

It brings me great joy to share this with Skins fans on Dallas week. A few years back, former Redskin Brian Kozlowski got a handwritten letter in his mailbox. My first thought after reading this were, "This must have come from a little kid" or "That it was a cool gesture, Koz probably doesn't get a ton of fan mail this late in his career." But no, this letter came from the hand of an actual functioning adult. I have typed it in here exactly as it was changes.
Dear Brian,

How are you doing? I'm doing fine. Can you send me a photo of yourself? Terrell Owens turned 32 years old on December 12, 2005. Terrell Owens threw a birthday party for himself. Jevon Kearse and 18 other football players came to Terrell Owens birthday party. Freddie Mitchell even came to Terrell Owens birthday party. Freddie Mitchell left the Philadelphia Eagles and started playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. Did you hear about Terrell Owens? Do you think Andy Reid would let Terrell Owens come back to the Philadelphia Eagles? My favorite basketball team played against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Terrell Owens birthday and the Philadelphia 76ers won the game. It was a close game. The Philadelphia 76ers had 98 points and the Minnesota Timberwolves had 89 points. What is the name of your favorite hockey team? Did your team play against the San Diego Chargers? Can I be on Wheel of Fortune with you or Mark Brunell on NFL week? My other favorite football team played against the St. Louis Rams 6 days after Terrell Owens birthday and the Philadelphia Eagles won the game. It was a close game. The Philadelphia Eagles had 17 points and the St. Louis Rams had 16 points. Would you like to have Terrell Owens on your team? Can you give Terrell Owens a chance if your coach decided to let him play for your team? Maybe you or Mark Brunell can come to Wal Mart the day before or the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, the day after Christmas or New Years Day. I would like to get a chance to rub elbows with you and some of the other football players. Wal Mart would be on South Columbus Boulevard in Philadelphia. Did you or anybody else watch the basketball game on Terrell Owens birthday or the football game 6 days after Terrell Owens birthday? Good luck to you and your team.
I'm sure Koz and Mark Brunell would love to join you on Wheel of Fortune and if all goes well there, I bet they would love to come meet you at Wal Mart on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or New Years Day. Who wouldn't?

I mean...this letter is amazing. After reading it again I can't be too certain but, T.O. may have written it himself. I think he's been known to talk in the third person from time to time. Anyway, if we're lucky this guy will show up Sunday night with 10,000 friends and some blue towels. Can you even imagine...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Walt Disney Adventure

Roller Coasters, turkey legs, character pictures, a ton of walking and matching T-shirts. Not a whole lot more I could have asked for out of a week off. There was also nothing better than spending a couple quality days with your quarterback before starting a playoff push. Maybe I can get a couple touchdowns in the last seven, but really, we had a great time. It was awesome to get away from the everyday schedule of the Redskins and spend a couple days hanging out.

This was my first trip to Disney World and to be honest after going in with low expectations, I was impressed. I thought the "Soarin" through California was one of the coolest rides I've done, I mean you never even move and it feels like your going 100 mph. The Rockin' Roller Coaster was probably my second favorite, the takeoff was the coolest start to any ride that I've ever been on. Actually, other than a couple rides I had a blast, Disney was definitely worth it.

I'm happy to get back. It was nice to sit around and watch football like a fan. I'm pissed Philly didn't win, they could have gave us a little help against NY. Really, we just gotta get ready to go on another big end of season streak. At least we will be rested, finally.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

TC: New Hockey Fans

A few weeks ago before the Redskins game I met Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Ovechkin, and Mike Green down on the field. I will not lie and say I am a huge hockey fan cause I'm not. I have never been to or even watched a game. So for me, meeting these three was like meeting some regular guys excited for a football game. But after attending the Caps game last night, regular would be the understatement of a lifetime. I am not kidding when I tell you that what these guys do on the ice is nothing short of amazing. I mean I can remember when I was in middle school playing field hockey. It was hard for me to score a goal then...on an inexperienced 13 year old goalie. And last night, the Caps scored three goals. The most exciting came with 5 seconds left. It was an open netter that traveled the entire length of the ice.

Now the goals were great and all but the best thing about the whole night didn't happen to be the scoring nor was it a fight (there were close calls but no real ones). It was however, the blocked penalty shot in the third period that would have tied the game with about ten minutes left. Backup goalie Brent Johnson bitch slapped the puck away from Rangers captain Chris Drury before he could even think about taking the shot. It was amazing.

“I just came out and challenged him as much as I could,” Johnson said. “He was close enough that when he tried to go to the backhand, I was able to get my stick on it.”
So with that said, the Capitals officially have two new fans. And if you're not a fan I challenge you to get out to a'll be hooked. It is unreal! So thanks to Comcast Sportsnet for getting us out. We loved it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Picks of the Week

Jason and I decided to take a trip for the bye week. We originally planned on taking the girls to Miami and just hanging at the beach but they thought it would be more fun to hit up Disney World. So we are here in Orlando (I will write a trip post tomorrow). For now, here are my picks for week 10. Since it is known that I am a former Broncos fan, I would have picked Denver in this weeks game.

New Orleans
New England

San Diego


Thursday, November 6, 2008

TC: Win a Super Ride

Want to win a Super Ride? Easterns has teamed up with their players to give you a chance to do just that. Here’s how it works, the first game that Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley, and Antwaan Randel El all score either rushing or receiving touchdowns, a registered name will be chosen. The winner will then pick which Super Ride they want to own…NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. In addition to winning a Super Ride you will also have a chance to win a pair of tickets as well as autographed footballs.

To qualify to win, all you have to do is register by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Voted

I'm proud to say that yesterday I voted for the first time. It was way cool, but so much easier than I expected. The Republican tent even gave me a green cheat sheet before I went in to vote. Just copy in a couple circles. Hahaha, I'm not that dumb, but really they do give you a cheat sheet. Also, I was proud as hell to wear my "I voted" stickers around for the rest of the day.

Congrats to Barack Obama! What a huge step for our country, I think it was awesome that he won the election and I cant wait to support him as our new president.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pittsburgh Sights and Sounds

I'm gonna go Redskins blogger Matt Terl style postgame.  Gotta love the bullet points.  Gotta hate last night.
  • Monday dragged ass.  The worst part of MNF is waiting around all day to play a football game.  Really, were just stuck in the hotel the entire day.  We did play about four hours of Euker.  Team Cooder (Cooley + Yoder) we up big until Fabini went double loner on us. (Obviously "double loner is Euker terminology)
  • The new Batman movie is awesome.  I'm aware that I should have watched it months ago, but training camp intervened in my theatre time.  I had been waiting for it to come to the pay per view in the hotel and this week it finally arrived.  How bad ass was the Joker, Heath Ledger was amazing!
  • After Euker and Batman, I had time to do a hot/cold contrast treatment on my legs.  This is done sitting a couple minutes in freezing cold water (preferable below 45 degrees) and then moving into hot water (over 105 degrees).   This worked out perfect with the hotel situation I have.  My room conjoins with Yoder's room, so I dragged four garbage bags of ice into cold water in my bathtub and ran straight hot water into Yoder's.  45 minutes of dragging my naked ass back and forth from room to room and my legs felt amazing.  Oh yea, surprise, I forgot the naked pictures.  
  • Looking back on things, I took for granted the best part of the day.  I would have hoped at the time that I had better things to look forward to than a steak sandwich, but not so.   On behalf of the of the Marriott pre game dinner crew, the steak and the fresh rolls created and amazing sandwich.
  • There was a ton of excitement as we drove into the stadium.  The place and the fans were crazy.  Lots of fun early.
  • Every week for pre game we play a throwing at the goalpost game.  The game begins with 5 throws from the five, any of the throws hitting the cross bar worth one point.  Each player throws from the five.  The game moves back to the ten and there is four throws, each now worth 2 points. Then 3 throws from the 15, all worth 3 points and so on back to the 25.  I was dominant in the game, but lost to a 5 point bomb that Yoder threw from the 25.  Unbelievable.  
  • Last night was not a good night to be my helmet.  It started out in the team warm up.  I was so excited coming out of the locker room that I left the helmet in my locker.  I spent the first five minutes catching balls while one of our trainers ran back inside.  Into the second quarter I caught a pass on 3rd and 8 and was tackled inches short of the first.  I came of the field and smashed the helmet.  Good thing our equip. guys kept a spare.  After not converting on 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter I smashed helmet #2.  Who would have guessed something that protects your head would be fragile enough to break with a simple smash to the ground?  What's amazing is that our staff actually carried my old helmet with them to the game.  3 helmets for one person in a game, they must know me way too well.  I guess it was just that kind of game.
  • Kickoff.  How the hell were there so many Steeler fans at the game.  It's sickening watching all the ugly yellow towels.
  • Pittsburgh's defense was outstanding.  They are a physical, well coached unit.  Bottom line was we didn't play well enough on offense to score points.  Who cares if it was the best defense we will play this season, we needed to play better. 
  • Jason Campbell is tough as nails.  That guy is a man, he took a beating all game, never quit, and kept us moving the ball till the end of the game. 
  • Thank goodness we have a week off. I sure know I need it.
  • We gotta get Dallas.  What a big game.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mom: Dreams Come True

Remember the little boy who stated that when he grew up he wanted to be a fireman or the little girl who wanted to be a nurse? By the time Chris was five he had his mind set on becoming an NFL player. He lived and breathed for the Denver Broncos. When he was five he got his own Denver Bronco uniform – pants, number seven jersey, and helmet – they rarely came off. He wore them every day. He also had a number seven shirt. Before he got his uniform, I made him a makeshift helmet from an old helmet and some foam pad added so that the helmet would fit.
We lived in Wyoming, and during football season the weather could be frigid. Every Sunday, Chris would get dressed in his uniform (rain, snow, wind) – being sure to put on lots of warm clothes underneath. Before the game he would go out to the front yard and have his own “pretend” game. He would be every player on the team – constantly commentating as he played. He would throw the ball up, catch it, run it, kick it – he was the team. If I opened the window or went outside, I could listen to the play by play. It was amazing what Chris knew about football at such an early age. When the game started, he would sit in front of the TV intently watching every play. If the Broncos got behind, he was devastated! He would get so upset that sometimes he would cry and couldn’t watch. He would put on all of his warm clothes and go back outside to have his own game, coming in every so often to check the score.

Chris always wanted me to go outside and kick a football to him. No matter if the ball was kicked right to him or a little bit away, he made a diving catch. Every single catch had to be a diving catch. When I would get tired of kicking, he would always say “Just twenty more, Mom”. He never wanted it to end; we did this for hours.

When Chris was seven, he was asked to write a paper in school about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said that when he grew up that he wanted to play in the NFL for the Denver Broncos. He always, always wanted to play in the NFL!

He actually started playing on his first “real” team when he was in fourth grade – flag football. He was amazing! He really was the whole team – he was the quarterback, the kicker, and the defense. He was a little league coaches dream player. He also got his first set of “real pads” for Christmas that year. He was very excited and wore them all the time.

We moved to Utah the summer before Chris started fifth grade and found out that they had tackle football. That was the first year Chris played tackle, and he never quit from there. He played in high school at Logan High – never starting varsity until his senior year (who knows what was wrong with that coach). He earned a scholarship to play at Utah State and was invited to the Senior Bowl and the Combine and then drafted by the Redskins in the third round. The rest is history. Now he is a ProBowl tight-end for the Washington Redskins. The most ironic thing is that the first game that Chris played in the NFL was in Canton, Ohio, at the Hall of Fame game against the Denver Broncos the weekend that John Elway was inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Redskins won.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

TC: Player Profile Plackemeier

The punting situation for the Washington Redskins has been the one position in the spotlight since Durant Brooks was selected in the 6th round of this year's draft. Since then, we have seen the release of veteran Derek Frost, an injury settlement with Brooks, and the latest of punter headlines, the signing former Seahawk Ryan Plackemeier. His stats can be found here.

On Wednesday I had a chance to sit down with the new punter. During the interview Ryan explains where he was prior to signing with Washington, why the odds of the Australian punt bouncing your way are better than 50/50, and also, he is given his chance to speak out about recent fan poems written about his size here on the blog. It seems to me that Ryan is making himself quite a home here in DC. He loves the staff, the players, and gives mad props to Ethan Albright and the gunners for the Redskins. Check out our first ever player profile.

Not caught on camera was me insinuating that Plackemeier's size (6'3" 247 lbs) instantly qualifies him to be involved in any on-field altercation. Here's how that conversation went down.

Me: I feel like in a fight most punters and kickers would not jump in but for some reason I can see you in the center of things. Is this true?
Ryan: I don't know about that cause they fine big and most kickers and punters don't make the money like Fred Smoot here does.
Me: Smoot, would you be in on the fight?
Fred: Ya, if my boy in there.
Ryan: That's cause Fred's got some money to pay a fine...I don't.
Me: What if Smoot offered to pay your fine, would you be in then?
Ryan: (laughs) I mean it just depends on what we're fighting for. I wouldn't just go out and scrum with a bunch of football players. But, for like, a really bad cheap shot, or if fans were doin' something that wasn't right...I actually just watched The Express and in that sort of situation, ya, I would be behind my teammates.