Friday, August 14, 2009

Maxim 2009

Well, bummer about the game. As I have learned more and more throughout my career I've come to learn that the first couple preseason games are nothing more than a practice. I know this sounds lame, but it's tough preparing for a game when I know the maximum amount of plays is 12. I also know from talking to a bunch of the young guys that it's tough to be ready to play after standing around for a couple hours. Obviously, it would be nice to win, or at least to score a couple touchdowns, but really, it's just a practice.

On another note, I found the new Maxim on my counter and remembered I did this interview. I also want to thank Maxim for always including me as well as posting all content on their blog. Maxim is badass.

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"I'm going to pay him back in practice when he's not looking. Wait till the team's changing drills and jogging around the field, then just go for the full layout shot."

Please don't Chris, you're going to hurt him! We could kinda use Albert this season.

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No worries, Chris.
One snap and clear!


So Chris- I just HAVE to ask. Did you guys start the rumor about Colt and Jessica Simpson? It kinda smacks of a Cooleyesque pranque to lighten the mood a little...

Just wonderin'...
I mean, the STAR for cryin out loud...

Hip Hip! :-)

The ravens didn't have any problems getting ready to play. Sorry man. After watching the tape I don't feel like they were any better than us (1st team). But when do we stop making excuses, and start making plays? HTTR good luck this year Chris.

PS. I respect your effort, but Auburn one cares. You've got to do something no one else has done.

jake12, i understand, is there anything, like ideas? thanks...but, why was my comment removed? but, who cares? anyways, redskins lost the game because...well...the skins 2nd team has to play, what if our starters get injured??

post more pictures of your wife

I could not have said it better than realestatejake stated. The offense struggled last year and right into the 1st preseason game this year. I am die hard Skins fan and I am very concered!HTTR!!

You kinda sounded like Iverson there for a minute: "practice, man...we're talkin about practice..."

Auburn kid,

Do you go to games? Print some t-shirts and have family and friends wear them around to start off. Go on the chat rooms and have your blog address in your sig. Print out some business cards with just the website on them and pass them around your school. Then, the hardest part...your blog has to be good enough to keep people coming back. Dont focus on Auburn alone. Make it a place where you and your friends can talk about everything...not just sports. (See deadspin, here of course, and barstool sports) *the last one is for grownups though.

The reason your post was probably removed is your only comment was an advertisement. No one wants to read that. No one around here likes auburn either (Im guessing because of location).

95% of blogs fail and are abandoned. Heck, I have one that I havent been to for a year and a half. But if you enjoy it, keep doing it and maybe itll work out for you. Good luck...

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