Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fantasy Football Insurance

Protection….for the important things in life.

Some of you may have heard about the new insurance available, that provides protection against something, many of us hold dear to our hearts. I’m not talking about life insurance, health insurance, auto or even home insurance. I’m talking about insurance on something that millions of Americans, up until now, have not had a chance to insure. Something that many of us have been burned on for many years.

Fantasy Football Insurance!

I myself have fallen victim to an injury plagued Fantasy roster last year; as my starting QB-(Tom Brady), Wide Receiver, and backup QB all were injured by week 3. Apparently the folks over at, have come up with, dare I say it, and ingenious plan to capitalize on the fantasy sports world. For a nominal fee (from what I can tell is about 10% of your league's entrance fee), they will insure your fantasy team starters against season ending injuries.

The way it works: if you have any of the Top 50 ranked players in the league on your team, and the player has an injury that prohibits him from playing a X% of games, your policy will pay you back your league entrance fee. Many of us play for fun, bragging rights, and even trophies, however there are a boat load of people who put down serious money on their leagues each year. Like many, my entrance fee, along with any chance of winning my league, went down the toilet last year.

I’d like to think I’m not alone here, but my wife gives me all sorts of crap each year about playing (and paying to play) in my fantasy league. I’ve been thinking since I’ve heard about this “important protection,” how I might bring up the topic to my wife; that I had just spent money, on an insurance plan that protects my entrance fee, if one of my fantasy football players get hurt. I feel kind of silly/scared just thinking about that conversation. But who the hell knows, as poorly as I show up each year in my league, she might cough up the cash for this new protection.

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This is fantastic!!! There is a market for just about anything...

I think you are in trouble!!!

Insurance...or as Chris Rock says "in case shit happens."

I'm like the Madden curse anyone I draft in the 1st 2 rounds is done. So just "in case" you have Slaton or the insurance.

This is like insurance when the dealer shows an ace while you are playing blackjack. Always say, "NO"

It would be epic if you had your first round pick injured with this insurance, get your entry fee back, then make some nice pickups off the waiver and end up winning your league.

Have you guys been watching The League on FX? It's about fantasy football, and it is hilarious. Seriously, check it out. They even have fantasy football rings.

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