Saturday, July 5, 2008

Feels Good to Feel Good

It's Independence day, BE FREE!!! But since were in Wyoming think about saying it in a drawn out and slurred, but kinda awesome way. For the 4th I took a trip with my brother and the two wives over the hill and through the woods. Oh yea we had my Dad and his girlfriend for the tag along duo. Our entourage started out in Powell Wyo. and headed into the great wide open, figuring we'd just go for a freedom drive.

Into the mountains we thought we might do a little fishing, but were sorely disappointed to find the usually cool running creeks were raging rivers. Not an ounce of fishing was done. Tanner (my brother) tied some string on the end of a stick with a worm and caught some craw fish, but that was stupid and didn't last very long.

After the fishing concept ended we designated our time completely to tourism. I grew up in Wyo. and always spent a lot of time here, but I have to say it's completely bad ass. I spent July 3rd boating on a lake in 100 degrees and then the 4th climbing a ski slope. The mountains are unbelievable. I just couldn't believe its July and I'm taking pictures of Christy and Kirst in 15 foot snow drifts!

Our family drive continued over the Beartooth mountains into Red Lodge Montana. We got into an intense game of radio trivia, or "name the artist." I am unbelievable at knowing who is singing on the radio. From country to rap singers, my game is so well rounded that I am hard to beat. Tanner and the girls teamed up against me in a match to 20, but really stood no chance as I coasted to victory.

Everyone was starving and we cruised into Bogart's bar for some pizza and buffalo wings. I swear our waitress was Flo from Dumb and Dumber, I may be mistaken, but she was at least a cousin. 24 wings, four pizzas, a couple pitchers and a tip under 100 bucks!! I love Montana!

We finished up the trip and headed back to Powell for the fireworks show. We guessed almost every family in the town was headed to the fireworks as we followed the mile long procession of headlights into some field outside of town. We mocked what Powell could do for a fireworks show performance as stray explosions burst around the surrounding area. Then to everybody's surprise an outstanding array of light was upon us. I know that sounds dumb, but really for a little town we got an amazing show.

Being free started as a big joke for the car ride, but we all felt happy we live in a country where we can spend a day as a family doing whatever we want.

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