Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boohoo Box

This has been the week of negative fan mail. I guess it's really to be expected after losing to the Steelers and then getting ready to play the Cowboys, but I have had some crazy shit in the fan box.

Early this week I found the "Boohoo Box," apparently sent to help me stop crying from the loss on Monday night. The box was sent "just for me, because boohooing was all I do." Just a little yellow box filled with tissue paper and some cartoon sports items with frownie faces. Seemed pretty stupid to me, but I guess there is all kinds of way to make money.

Today I walked in the house from a rainy ass day on the field and Christy hands me a present that came in the mail. Keep in mind this one was actually sent to my house, so I was expecting something cool. I open the box and find a silver Cowboy's balloon, but the best part was the attached note, crediting the entire Cowboy's defense for the friendly gift. If I had to guess I would say it was Zach Thomas got all the guys together to play this joke on me. Hahaha, those guys are so silly, so funny too, they've probably been laughing all day while they waited for me to get it. (<- Sarcasm, hopefully understood by the laughing note, but I figured many people do not grasp sarcasm very well in writing, so instead of looking like a dumb ass I figured I would make the previous statement way less cool by explaining. I'm sure the "entire" Cowboy's defense did not get together and send this package. If I had to guess I would say it was just a couple of them. Probably Zach Thomas though). Also explained in the note was what my stats for the game would be and how the Cowboys own me. Once again, another way to make money.

Actually, after taking a closer look at the last couple mocking items I did figure out how I would be a likely candidate for fan items. I am writing about them, increasing popularity. So, Boohoo box and RivalJab, if you guys make more money this week you can send me something better next time. Maybe some flowers, gift card, a case of beer, or really I accept any kind of check or money order, I guess whatever you guys decide I would really like.

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