Saturday, November 29, 2008

TC: College Football GOW

15 games have already been played this week yet there are so many more worth watching. If there is a word that can describe my feelings about college football it would be "Playoffs." I mean I don't care if the four one loss teams look better than Utah on paper, Utah just crushed BYU. Giving them two wins against top 15 teams this year. Now I know they will probably get a BCS bid, but what about Boise State? They're winning by an average of 27 PPG and if I remember correctly, they beat Oklahoma in their last BCS game. They have only lost 10 games since 2002 (one more loss than USC over that period). That alone proves they are a legit program. Put them in a MF BCS game!

Okay, on to this weeks games. The first one should be Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, but how many Big 12 south match ups can we take in one year? This brings me to the Florida/Florida State game. I can't figure out how Florida is ranked #4 (biggest wins were over LSU (5 losses) and Georgia (2 losses)).  I guess that's what playing in the SEC does for a program. Either way, this should be a great game and if Florida can pull off a win on the road they will be ONE BIG WIN away from the National Title game.

Due to my location I've heard so much about the Virginia/Va Tech game. It may be a huge game to the alumni and the locals, but these two teams have 10 combined losses and coaches that are more concerned about impressing this weekends recruits than anything else. This brings us to Auburn at Alabama. These games always seem like the ones that bite a team in the ass. A rivalry game in which one team has everything on the line and the other, only pride. Pride can be enough at times but I've been to Bryant-Denny Stadium and that "Sweet Home Alabama, ROLL TIDE ROLL" crowd is going to be tough to overcome for the Tigers.
Some other good games worth noting are Georgia/Georgia Tech, Maryland/Boston College, and Oregon/Oregon State. I wish I could say that the USC/Notre Dame game was going to be a good one, but USC might win by 50 points, sorry Brady Quinn.

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