Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Guru is Back for Big D

Written By The Guru

First of all, our beloved Redskins are 6-3, and I think everyone other than the Redskin faithful can explain how a foot tastes. This team has come a long way since the pre-season, making the necessary adjustments in key games, and in turn being able to go on the road with a tough schedule and get the job done against Philadelphia and Dallas. It was funny to see the analyst picks already this season. No credit for the Redskins? As they sleep on the team, the team is wide awake and a huge contender.

Clinton Portis and Jason Campbell are in Pro Bowl production mode, and defensively many people have stepped up and made great contributions to get much needed wins. Chris Horton and London Fletcher are definitely doing their part and more for this banged up Redskins' defense. Hopefully Jason Taylor and Shawn Springs can get healthy for the Dallas game. In addition, having D'Angelo Hall will help strengthen this defensive team with Big D around the corner.

Big D is coming to FedEx this week. After a bye-week last week, I think we all are ready to see the Redskins back in action. For me, it was either watching the Ravens, or a nap. I picked the nap. Tony Romo's boo-boo has somewhat healed and he will play in the game. Defense will be key in this game. Dallas is banged up offensively, while the Redskins are banged up defensively. If the Redskins can cover the passing game effectively, Dallas will have to force balls to receivers and rely on the running game. With the way the d-line and the linebackers are playing, this will more than compensate the Skins D. Just like earlier this year, this game is about bragging rights between the two teams' fans. The loser will have to hear about it until next season.

Offensively, Campbell has the interception out of the way, it means nothing based on the way he has been playing this season. Other than not throwing any picks, he has been controlling the game in the Redskins favor, and making the right decisions in key moments of the game. In addition, he has been tough in the pocket. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Portis will play. Right now he is an MVP candidate, and he is the key to this game. If he is able to play in any way, he will.

Unlike the rest of the NFL analysts, I am firm in the thought that the Redskins will continue this great season this week at home. If I am able to make the game, I hope to see it in person. I am not sure if I can get tickets, maybe I can get a hook-up. Or just a field pass so I can mingle. Fans and Chris. So look for a "Guru" sign this Sunday.

Hail to the Redskins

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