Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yode's Corner: Hail to BOSCHETTI

The day before thanksgiving marked the return of the great Ryan Boschetti. Since I wrote the ode to Boschetti leaving us. I find it only fitting that I write of his glamorous return. I think Thanksgiving week serves as the proper backdrop for the comeback. When I think about the many things to be thankful for this holiday. I am thankful to have Boschetti back with us. Plus with all the wide variety of food choices for Thanksgiving tomorrow, why not a Big Greasy Meatball to go along with all the traditional favorites.

With the defense battered and bruised this week Boschetti might see some action. He is a true utility player who can play all the D- Line spots for us and also mike linebacker. If London Fletcher can 't go this week can you imagine Boss roaming the middle like an old school kick ass Dick Butkus? The possibilities are endless.  

During his first day of practice yesterday Boschetti didn't disappoint. He was back to his usual balls out, fly around, out of control, Tasmanian devil like self that makes him special. He started one altercation with the offense line to no ones surprise, I think we all knew it would happen at some point during practice. He then managed to get through practice with a slippery like ease that only a Greasy Meatball could. So welcome back Boschetti.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you fans out there.


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hey cool how about getting boss back for 2009 cause oakland let him slide///// what a mistake for them

this is the old man bosco//// his dad, he got some good preseason film this year

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