Saturday, November 1, 2008

TC: Player Profile Plackemeier

The punting situation for the Washington Redskins has been the one position in the spotlight since Durant Brooks was selected in the 6th round of this year's draft. Since then, we have seen the release of veteran Derek Frost, an injury settlement with Brooks, and the latest of punter headlines, the signing former Seahawk Ryan Plackemeier. His stats can be found here.

On Wednesday I had a chance to sit down with the new punter. During the interview Ryan explains where he was prior to signing with Washington, why the odds of the Australian punt bouncing your way are better than 50/50, and also, he is given his chance to speak out about recent fan poems written about his size here on the blog. It seems to me that Ryan is making himself quite a home here in DC. He loves the staff, the players, and gives mad props to Ethan Albright and the gunners for the Redskins. Check out our first ever player profile.

Not caught on camera was me insinuating that Plackemeier's size (6'3" 247 lbs) instantly qualifies him to be involved in any on-field altercation. Here's how that conversation went down.

Me: I feel like in a fight most punters and kickers would not jump in but for some reason I can see you in the center of things. Is this true?
Ryan: I don't know about that cause they fine big and most kickers and punters don't make the money like Fred Smoot here does.
Me: Smoot, would you be in on the fight?
Fred: Ya, if my boy in there.
Ryan: That's cause Fred's got some money to pay a fine...I don't.
Me: What if Smoot offered to pay your fine, would you be in then?
Ryan: (laughs) I mean it just depends on what we're fighting for. I wouldn't just go out and scrum with a bunch of football players. But, for like, a really bad cheap shot, or if fans were doin' something that wasn't right...I actually just watched The Express and in that sort of situation, ya, I would be behind my teammates.

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