Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Guru's Take on Dallas Game

Written by The Guru

I was able to get a ticket to the big game last night. I left campus around 3:30 and headed towards Landover. Like the rest of the Redskin Nation, I had high expectations and confidence in this Washington team that has been tough all season both in victory and defeat. The freezing temperatures didn't matter, the assignments I blew off to be there didn't matter, what mattered was that I was in FedEx Field to see the Redskins - a team that we can all agree is not only entertaining, but a true inspiration.

This was my first Redskins v. Cowboys game since becoming a Redskins fan from seeing my father wearing the shirts, to taking me to training camp when it used to be at Frostburg State University. It is documented as one of the biggest rivalries in major sports. One thing I took away from the game, seeing fans from both teams scream at each other, throw things on each other (including fists) is that this is what makes Washington fans great. Throughout the whole game, our fans were screaming for the Redskins. Of course we wanted a win, but to us all that truly matters is that the Redskins played their asses off the whole game. And from what I saw last night, you guys did. And we were proud.

One of the greatest moments of last night was when the offensive starting lineup was being announced. All week the thoughts of CP not playing plagued my head. I expected to see Shaun Alexander, Ladell Betts and company split time throughout the game. But when the massive screen showed #26 standing under the helmet with the USA flag, it was an unreal feeling. It wasn't just the fact that he would produce offensively for us, but that he refused to take the game off. He played through pain, through injury and even though he could have sat out with a serious injury- he didn't. I couldn't even imagine the adrenaline that was running through CP's body running out with the flag, but if it could be put into words, I would love to hear it.

Yes, you guys are paid millions each year to play football, but one thing I have learned from watching this Redskin team is that this game is fun, and that's why you originally started playing the game, and it still is a major reason why you continue. When I watch the team out on the field, you guys are amped at each play. When the team loses, you guys are legitimately angry, frustrated and upset. Helmets are thrown, and it is evident that this game is not just a paycheck.
These past two weeks are just minor speed bumps. We as fans are fully behind the team, no matter the outcome. I am confident that this team is a TRUE CONTENDER, no matter what any analyst, any commentator, any random moron says. You guys are strong as a team and continue to give everything you have out on the field.

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