Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pittsburgh Sights and Sounds

I'm gonna go Redskins blogger Matt Terl style postgame.  Gotta love the bullet points.  Gotta hate last night.

  • Monday dragged ass.  The worst part of MNF is waiting around all day to play a football game.  Really, were just stuck in the hotel the entire day.  We did play about four hours of Euker.  Team Cooder (Cooley + Yoder) we up big until Fabini went double loner on us. (Obviously "double loner is Euker terminology)
  • The new Batman movie is awesome.  I'm aware that I should have watched it months ago, but training camp intervened in my theatre time.  I had been waiting for it to come to the pay per view in the hotel and this week it finally arrived.  How bad ass was the Joker, Heath Ledger was amazing!
  • After Euker and Batman, I had time to do a hot/cold contrast treatment on my legs.  This is done sitting a couple minutes in freezing cold water (preferable below 45 degrees) and then moving into hot water (over 105 degrees).   This worked out perfect with the hotel situation I have.  My room conjoins with Yoder's room, so I dragged four garbage bags of ice into cold water in my bathtub and ran straight hot water into Yoder's.  45 minutes of dragging my naked ass back and forth from room to room and my legs felt amazing.  Oh yea, surprise, I forgot the naked pictures.  
  • Looking back on things, I took for granted the best part of the day.  I would have hoped at the time that I had better things to look forward to than a steak sandwich, but not so.   On behalf of the of the Marriott pre game dinner crew, the steak and the fresh rolls created and amazing sandwich.
  • There was a ton of excitement as we drove into the stadium.  The place and the fans were crazy.  Lots of fun early.
  • Every week for pre game we play a throwing at the goalpost game.  The game begins with 5 throws from the five, any of the throws hitting the cross bar worth one point.  Each player throws from the five.  The game moves back to the ten and there is four throws, each now worth 2 points. Then 3 throws from the 15, all worth 3 points and so on back to the 25.  I was dominant in the game, but lost to a 5 point bomb that Yoder threw from the 25.  Unbelievable.  
  • Last night was not a good night to be my helmet.  It started out in the team warm up.  I was so excited coming out of the locker room that I left the helmet in my locker.  I spent the first five minutes catching balls while one of our trainers ran back inside.  Into the second quarter I caught a pass on 3rd and 8 and was tackled inches short of the first.  I came of the field and smashed the helmet.  Good thing our equip. guys kept a spare.  After not converting on 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter I smashed helmet #2.  Who would have guessed something that protects your head would be fragile enough to break with a simple smash to the ground?  What's amazing is that our staff actually carried my old helmet with them to the game.  3 helmets for one person in a game, they must know me way too well.  I guess it was just that kind of game.
  • Kickoff.  How the hell were there so many Steeler fans at the game.  It's sickening watching all the ugly yellow towels.
  • Pittsburgh's defense was outstanding.  They are a physical, well coached unit.  Bottom line was we didn't play well enough on offense to score points.  Who cares if it was the best defense we will play this season, we needed to play better. 
  • Jason Campbell is tough as nails.  That guy is a man, he took a beating all game, never quit, and kept us moving the ball till the end of the game. 
  • Thank goodness we have a week off. I sure know I need it.
  • We gotta get Dallas.  What a big game.

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