Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This post is in response to a large number of comments that we have got the past few days. So if you didn't know, this website isn't a suggestion box for the Redskins coaches. It's not a "Let's Vent" about everything wrong with the organization. It is for fun. It is supposed to entertain you. So in the future, comments like this will be deleted unless an actual email address and name is posted with your comment.

Year and year out I keep my "optimisim" up only to be disappointed year and year out. It's completely frustration. And to end the night I got to sit in the parking lot for 50 minutes before I was able to move an inch.
First, if you ever go to the games you know you will be waiting afterwards. Second, 3 of the last 4 years this team has gone to the playoffs. Are you disappointed about that?
LOSING IS NOT OKAY! We absolutely needed to beat Dallas to show that we are a serious contender this playoff season. No team is deserving of the playoffs when they can't put more than 10 points on the scoreboard. Pathetic.
I mean...c'mon. Do you understand that players spend 40+ hours preparing for Sunday and coaches spend even more. I think they know more about what's OKAY and what isn't.
The Cowboys owned you last night just like the balloon said they would!
7 Catches isn't really getting owned.
I agree totally. Our team is overated and our fans are in fantasy land.
The Redskins are 6-4 and no one is rating them any higher. The beat Dallas in Dallas and Philly in Philly. If you look that the NFC East teams records, that's not an easy thing to do. You're in fantasy land.
I noticed on that cute little video that they didn't ask if Chris Cooley could block. Because he can't!!! Wake up people, it's not just the O Line that has the blocking responsibility. The defense only gave up 2 touchdowns. That should have been more than enough to win this game. But once again, the crappy pass protection lost the game for us. Take a lesson from Whitten and practice some blocking this week or Jason Campbell is going to get creamed every week. You all should be fined and cofined to quarters until you learn to pass protect. Instead you post these lame ass videos while you should be working on other things. BEAT SEATTLE!!!
Just because you watch some football on Sunday means you know what good blocking is? Just so you know, Chris pass protected about 5 times on Sunday night. 5 times out of about 40 pass plays. Also, "Whitten" is spelled Witten. And just because Madden gets on his knees when he does a Cowboys game doesn't mean Witten is a good blocker. And this video took up about 30 minutes of Chris's time. I don't even know how he lives with himself for taking those precious minutes away from football.
Funny huh? Yeah good point I forgot funny blog's win Super Bowls.
No, but this funny blog is earning enough money to allow Chris to donate nearly 100K this year to local charities. You like the blog now?
More Football, less internet star.
Same response as the comment above. Plus, if you don't like it, don't comment and if you do comment post your name or email. We take credit for what we do, why not try and take some credit for your comments?
Maybe if the Redskins keep sucking, Cooley will start a talk show- cuz obliviously he cares more about being funny and cute then doing his job in the field.
I have two links for you to check out. After you do, tell me Chris isn't doing his job. Click HERE or HERE.

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