Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Survivors' Lunch

So enough with the commenting on the comments. Before I say anything further I would like to thank everyone again for checking out our stuff and to all the fans who have been so interactive with this site. It would not be nearly as cool without everyone's comments. Of course we understand what a blog really is and we don't by any means think that we are going to get all positive comments, but I we had enough of the ignorant ones. I think our biggest point of emphasis isn't to end all negative comments, we just ask if fans, or especially other teams fans feel compelled to trash me or the team they should be proud to take credit for it. So once again, thanks so much for everyone's interest and support, we have had a blast with the site.

Now on some of the better things we can do with our site. Yesterday at Redskins park "The Cooley Zone" paid for an event hosting over 20 women with breast cancer. We teamed up with the Redskins Charitable Foundation and the American Cancer Society as part of the Look Good Feel Better program. I want say thanks to both groups, they both did an amazing job organizing the details and the scheduling for the day.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and to avoid the whole story, she is doing great, but one of the hardest things she dealt with was losing her hair and the appearance change she went through. So I felt like it would be cool to put together an event where we could bring a group of women with the same problem together and do something fun for them even if it was for just a couple hours. At first I was nervous that what I was trying to accomplish as far as appearance during chemo would seem too superficial considering what chemo does to people physically, but the day turned out to be a success. It's definitely something I want to remain part of.
After treating the ladies to lunch they were split into different stations. I was in charge of the tour which ran from the Super Bowl trophies to the Players Club and everywhere in between. Each tour was 15 minutes which much of were spent listening to Zorn, Randel El, Marcus Washington, and some other nice folks we met along the way. These guys were awesome and I really appreciated them taking time out of their day to talk with us. From there we gave them a chance to try on and pick out a wig, some jeans, and get a little makeup session and sent them home with a makeup kit.

I am so glad to have been able to do this for some women going through a really tough time in their lives. If anything, I hope that just getting them out for a day makes them stronger and helps with their fight. I understand what they are going through and if you can survive breast cancer, you are a very strong person.

If you want another more in depth account of yesterday, check out the Redskins Blog.

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