Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Hey Tanner -
That is so awesome - wish I could be there on draft day.

Is there any chance of someone from Texas being able to buy one now. I'm just as big a skins fan then anyone else. just the address hurts.

I think Cooley should buy a pallet of them lite brites and auction em off on his ebay store. ;)

LOL... That is so true on the comparrison of Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder. They definately compete on a business level!

Before Allen/Shanahan got hired, a Dallas friend of mine and me were talking about the two owners. I was saying how they both are almost the same type of owner. He told me the difference is both Jerry and Dan think they know enough to be general manager, but Jerry looks over at his 3 Lombardy trophies and confirms it with himself where Dan can't do that.

That difference I believe is part of the reason Allen is now GM. I think Dan is taking a step back now days where Jerry probably would not.

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