Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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I pulled into that gas station just as you and Dave Feldman were wrapping up! I met you 2 years ago before you beat the Saints. You were on your way to dinner!

Good to see you out and about again, Chris! Hope you are all healed up and ready to rock soon!


I feel like this site is slooowly dying...

Good comments - regardless of what happens, I believe everyone wishes Jason the best in his career. I'd like to see him stay with the team -I think he adds to the cohesiveness of the team and can continue to contribute to the team. It's great to see you and Tanner back on the net!
Are you and Tanner going to publish your top 10 draft picks or perhaps make a choice on who you think will be "Mr. Irrelevant" in this year's draft class.

"It's funny that we get the guy that likes to talk about how much he likes to play at FedEx...to play at FedEx!"... Lol, classic!

I hope Jason's able to find a team and succeed. The change will be best for him, and he deserves a solid chance.

Meanwhile, I'm excited about McNabb!

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