Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chris on the Junkies

If you missed it this morning, Chris joined the Sports Junkies to talk about his participation with FedEx in the sustainable golf campaign. The highlight of the interview is definitely at the beginning. Give it a listen

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OMG... I am excited about Chris' explanation of the new offense. It should be very familiar to Hawaii fans (grin).
I am really stoked now!!!

Also, here is the link for me on Jim Rome yesterday. Jim Rome

Great interview. I'm so excited about this season!

"Use your balls as much as possible"-- words to live by.

LMAO... Getting pulled over by a cop was too funny! Good stuff Rick Cooley!

Also adding to the pain of last year... my personal low was loosing to the Detroit lions who turned out to only beat the Rams for the rest of the season. I still feel the pain of that one. It seemed as though the team had an on/off switch and it was certainly "OFF" against Detriot. Why did we have to be the team to break their 40 billion losing streak...cry.

Also I like clean balls too!

Any possibility of your "JCAMP" t-shirts going on sale? Always been a Campbell fan a supporter. I live in Nashville and I'm like to show JC some love when Oakland comes to town in September!

Wow, I should learn to proof read....haha

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