Monday, September 21, 2009

Post Game Interview

For now, enjoy the post game interview and the win. Tomorrow, I will post a full recap of the game which will be much easier cause I was able to go home and re-watch the game and highlights on Dish's new Redzone channel. If you haven't already checked it out, do it. Its a great way to watch the games.

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What happened to all the comments?

Yeah what happened to those comments?

Chris Cooley is a great player. Although he might have to start playing qb soon. It could be worse, what if your qb was Jamarcus Russel?

Jason Campbell has a QB Rating of 89.0 and a 68.9% completion rate over the first two weeks. Tom Brady? 76.8 QB Rating and 62% Completion rate...I guess New England should bench Brady because he can't even put up better numbers than Campbell right now.

I can't understand all the booing that went on after the game. It was totally uncalled for. The team walked away with a win - regardless of how some thought the team played - it certainly did not deserve any "boos". As a fan - I was appauled by it. What did people want the team to do - go for a touchdown and possibly turn it over? The smart play was to kneel and walk out with a win in which the team did. You played an outstanding game which reminded me a lot of the Giants game you played in your rookie season - I believe you played with a bruised hip but continued to play your fullest potential regardless of being blown out by the Giants. The team continued to play regardless - never getting down about not getting into the end zone. Great job this past weekend! HTTRS!

I'm so over hearing about how bad we are and how we aren't going anywhere with the team we have. How about the fact the it's only the second week of ? Two out of the three other NFC East teams. I'm also over so called 'FAN' analysis of the game when most of them have never played a down of organized football.

I think everyone needs to calm down. I thought we played a pretty good game on Sunday....with two major problems. When we had the ball, we moved it right down the field. Looked great! Major problem number one to me was play calling in the red zone. I'm fine with running the football but in the NFL when you try to run it in from 10 yards out with 3 tightends and one wide reciever, most defenses will stop you. If you're gonna run there, spread it out. I also like the pass from Portis to Cooley, just not on third down. Thats a second down play.

As far as the defense goes, played great. You guys only gave up 7 points. I mean by the numbers that's pretty good. Major problem number two though is not stopping them on third down. We couldn't get off the field to give the offense another chance to put it in the endzone. So if I could talk to any one part of the defense it would be the secondary. If it's third and 7 and the linebackers are bringing pressure, get physical and in the face of the wideout. Don't play 10 yards off the ball and let the running back have 8 yards for a first down lined up as a wideout. And not to single anyone out, but LaRon. Stop playing 30 yards off the ball. We need your talent up in the box. That's why Stephen Jackson ran by you, cause your flyin in from 30 yards out and all he has to do is make one cut and he's gone. You're better than that.

Overall, thought it was a good game with some things that need to be tightened up. Keep it up Cooley.

-Brian Haynie a.k.a. TRUE Skins fan.

For the love of God invest in a microphone.

You would think a fancy movie producer would know to do that!


Chris, Tanner...Redskins Nation! Check out my Jason Campbell Football Card Collection. Been putting this collection together since 2005. I started off slow but now I pick up new ones as often as I can. I've always believed in him and have never backed down. The guy is a class act and he has what it takes to lead this team and any other team to the promise land (great play calling always helps in the process though...Coach Z, in the words of Keyshawn "C'MON MAN!")

You can see my collection here:

I like how every thinks they are Tom Landry or Vince L... I am 1021 percent sure that Coach Zorn can and will do a better job coaching the redskins than any of us out there.. Although I would liked the team to throw on that fourth down becuase it looked like they had the box down pat, but that also shows the confindence that Coach Zorn has in Mr. Campbell.... We need to get into the Redzone (duh), and if we did we would have blown them out...

I used to love to attend games at RFK because there was a real sense of cohesiveness and community. I went to one game last season and the one on Sunday, and at both games supposed Redskins "fans" (I assume they called themselves fans since they were wearing Redskins garb) actually Booed the team. It's disgraceful. FANS should be booing the other team, not their own team. They even showed some of those morons on the news. To the idiots who think it is acceptable to put down their own team at home: Do me a favor and stop coming to the games. You're making the rest of us look bad. And if you have season tickets, give them up so people who know how to support their team can fill those seats.

When the team's front office is ripping off and sueing its fans, then fields a team that can't score a touchdown - YOU GET BOO'D! You are lucky your fans showed up to boo you. I stayed home.

I watched the game up here in NY at a bar and was one of probably three Redskins fans..I think I might've aged five years watching that game..
To get so close and not punch it in is frustrating to the fans, not just because of that one series or one half or one game, but its worrisome for the future when we won't win games with three field goals.
The Booing is way uncalled for and that is worrisome in itself, but I agree that its probably just some long pent up collective frustration surfacing and nothing more than that. All in all, Chris you saved us on offense in that game. Co-MVP with Defense for sure.

Some of you just don't have a clue. When a team plays as pathetically as the Redskins have for so long, don't you think people who shell out thousands of dollars a year to watch the team have a right to express their displeasure at the poor showing? This offense is atrocious! CC is great, but JC sucks at the single most important stat: scoring points. I couldn't care less how many total yards and completion percentage if it's not translating into points!

The fans were 100% correct to boo. It should be a wakeup call to the players, the coaches, and most importantly, to the FO and the idiot owner.

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