Sunday, September 20, 2009

Redskins vs Rams

For those of you enjoying the game at home today on Dish Network, take some time to give your thoughts in the comment section. As always, we will post the Twitter feed from local media during the game to give you an inside feel for what is happening. Lastly, if you haven't seen the Ram hunting video, it's worth a watch.

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HAHA so this is what rich people do. Very nice.

"Spectacular horns"

well i couldnt find a way to just send an e-mail. Enough with the hodgepoge, i am a bills fan and i am drunk, but i gotta say that i hate your helmet dude just wear the old school deion look those new age helmets...yeah concsion helpers, they look dumb, i love your style of play and the access you give your fans, i gotta tell ya JP Losman never did any of that but he is a gay, love you man no homo thanks

p.s. ditch the new helmet go old school

Great game CC. Please DEMAND that ball in the red zone!

Great game Chris! Should have got that pass interference call in the end zone. All in both O and D played a great game. Just need to work on getting the in the end zone once we are in the red. Lets crush the Lions!

Chris, saw your comments on the fans booing and wanted to make a comment on it. Frankly, I don't remember the last time the Redskins got booed at home and to me that should say something. I'll always support this team and I'm not one of the people that have called the team out; however, I think it was pretty apparent today that the fans are mostly done with Zorn. His play calling has not improved over last year and we can't seem to get it done in the red zone. I'm tired of people blaming all of this on JC. The plays make no sense at all and then Zorn seems to get pissed at all of you when it's his game plan. Then listening to his press conferences he seems to have rose colored glasses on. I've always been told that if everything in your life is going wrong then you should look at what you can do to change it. I think Zorn needs to look at himself.

I think the players, for the most part, are doing a great job but it just doesn't seem that you're all getting the direction you need from a head coach.

Great Game! You and JC were clicking pretty well, especially in the first half. Hopefully Zorn wont take the ball out of JC's hands everytime we are in the endzone. Keep working hard, we believe in this team!

Hey Chris,
I was at the game, MAN were you tough. Great game, just, obviously we need to get into those all important 10 yards called the end-zone. Keep on playing though, you are by far my favorite player.

I can't say I enjoyed the game that much. I just don't enjoy mediocrity. A win is a win, but the Skins were inside the 10 yard line five times, and didn't come away with any touchdowns! It feels more like a loss. I'm glad for the win, but today's game did nothing to make me feel better about Zorn, Campbell and this offense. A few more games like this and the drums will start beating for a change. I think I can hear them faintly already- the raging caucophony of the disenchanted, which is threatening to harmonize even now into a symphony of, "Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins..."

Kangaroo, how in the world do you blame ANYTHING at all on JC??? He played really well, the play calling inside the red zone is what kept JC from having a 3-4 TD game that he should have. Horrible play calling, that's all that I can complain about. CC, you were GREAT today. An average of 7 catches a game makes a monster year, keep it up badass!

Chris. Hail to the Redskins!
Thanks again for playing a great game. Wish the offense could've produced more, but we'll take it. I'm a little frustrated, we need more than you, Hunter and SS to score! LIVE AND LEARN. Off to Detroit for W#2!
Watching this f'n dallASS/giAin't game makes me friggin sick.
I wanna take this time to thank you for a different outlook, a players outlook, on life after the game. I've been a Redskin fan for 29 years, I'm 37, and living 15 minutes from the dump they call Giant stadium in NJ isn't easy. The few, strong and proud Redskins fans stick together here in NJ, and after a loss is tough stuff. I got the boot from the hotel last week in NJ, was waiting to see you and the boys, but f'n security was harsh, ah, next time.
I hope our O line can stay healthy or heal fast, and hope JC can find some comfort soon. We have the weapons, no question!
Thanks for giving it to that ignorant "so called" fan.
That's the friggin problem today.
WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE REDSKIN FANS, I used to watch at RFK? We are loyal fans, but so many give up way to easy.
Well, go get em kid! You're the BEST!
I met ya last year in Canton, got your autograph on my authentic jersey and framed that bad boy! LOVE IT! Tried to take a photo with ya too, but my buddy doesn't know how to take a pic, HAHA maybe next time!

Great video. Nothing quite as thrilling as hunting wild ram in McLean.

barefootkangaroo - Get a job hippy.

Sorry Chris but you guys deserved some boos today. Call it tough love, you guys should be playing so much better and I find it hard to believe you don't feel the same way.

You've got Sellers dropping a sure TD, Moss fumbling away a scoring chance, and questionable play calling at best in the red zone by Zorn.

That said a win is a win and there were some high points. You and Campbell were ballin' and it was nice to see Malcolm Kelly getting in on the action. And the D was pretty stout as usual.

Keep working hard the fans still support you guys despite the boos. Again, it's just tough love.

First, let me say...a win is a win.

I hate to do this, since you are my favorite player. But someone needs to serve up some truth (and just because we don't play on an NFL team does not mean our opinions are invalid).

Now to the real stuff: You guys need to stop whining about getting booed. There are several reasons why, which I will conveniently list for you here:

1) You guys have never done anything. You've never even sniffed a super bowl. You haven't even gotten a sideways GLANCE at a super bowl. And, believe it or not, that is what the fans expect. (ps- you guys certainly don't look like you'll be sniffing a super bowl anytime soon with the way you're playing and coaching.)

2) You're all ridiculously rich. In many cases (such as yours) multi-millionaires. We non-millionaires have very little to zero sympathy when you complain about being booed at. Are we hurting your feelings? Maybe you could designate $100,000 out of your game check as a 'booing fee'. Suck it up. Seriously.

3) Clearly you just don't understand WHY everyone was booing. Well let me fill you in since you are not well-versed in Redskins history: we have SUCKED for about 18 years now. We. are. sick. of. sucking. And out there on the field guys were continuing that recent tradition of playing down to the level of the competition (remember the rams, bengals, and lions games last year? same thing). We don't demand a 50 point whooping, and a win is a win, but we do demand competency. And as far as I can see, you guys are very far down the road of getting your coach fired.

After he is fired, and we have to get a new quarterback, and start ALLLLLL over again, maybe you will finally understand why we boo.

I'm gonna quote a story I just saw:

"One such case happened on a beautiful November day in 1990. The Redskins had just come off being embarrassed on national television by the Philadelphia Eagles. They came home to play a mediocre Saints team. Early in that game the Skins fell behind and Gary Clark and Art Monk dropped some easy passes. Both players, especially Gary Clark, were booed by the fans."

"For you current Skins players who don't know your history, Gary Clark was a pretty decent player for the Skins :) He was booed."

"You know how he reacted?"

"Did he piss and moan like a wussy crybaby because the fans let him know how bad he was playing?"


"He got mad at himself and proceeded to have an 8 catch 131 yard day with 2 touchdowns. After the game Gary said that the boos actually focused him and made him realize that he was not getting the job done and needed to do better."

"See, that is a professional.
That is a guy who wins Super Bowls.
You guys are not."

Hopefully, you can learn from history. Gary Clark was an all-time great. So was Art Monk. You would NEVER hear either one of them b****ing and moaning about what the fans were or weren't doing. In fact, you wouldn't hear anything. They let their play do the talking. Imagine that?

Obviously I'm not talking about the performances of Chris Cooley here. You always put up great numbers, and come out ready to ball. But I'm talking about the team as a whole. You guys aren't owed a thing. In fact, I think it's safe to say that you guys owe all the fans...big time! They are the ones spending their hard earned money to watch you guys underperform every week (and every year, for that matter).

Redskins deserved the boos and for cooley to think they didnt is a joke you my friend need to wake the hell up and figure out that you guys nee allot of changes and maybe the fans wont boo your sorry ass's off of the field after a pathetic win

The team earned those boos. If you don't like it, play so that we don't have anything to boo about. And I mean the entire team when I say that. Chris, you were spot on today and if the play calling had matched the intensity of your efforts, we would have owned the red zone.

By the way, what is up with Sellers? First he drops the FLAG last week, and then he drops the ball this week?!

Hey Chris...nice game as usual.

But I got to reply to your comment about the booing. I'm a season ticket holder for 8 years now and a fan for over 40 years. I have never booed at a player or coach in my 8 years at FedEx or a smattering of games at RFK.

Today, the fans, including me, were booing your coach. His play calling was the worse I have seen as a Skins fan. It was horrible...and darn near lost you the game. Same with last week against the Giants.

The problem is not bad execution as Coach Zorn wants to blame it on the players is very bad play calling. Play calling of the quality to be found at a midget football game at Loudoun County HS.

It was embarrassing....and this is the second game it has been embarrassing.

After 15 years of bad and mediocre football, Redskins fans are tired of the team playing down to the level of it's opponent game after game. There is far too much talent on this team to lose to the Rams last year and beat them with luck this year by 9-7. Your coach is holding you and your offensive teammates back.

Thank God, Blache knows how to coach the defense.

I booed Coach Zorn, and I'm proud of it. He deserved it.

Uh, whatever. I don't believe in booing your own team. Ever. YAY REDSKINS!

yeah I don't understand the booing either....I may be dissapointed that we didn't get a touchdown but I still had a smile on my face b/c the team played damn well. I don't understand why the complaints on the playcalling...Zorn's playcalling and the execution by the players got us down the field 4 different times on only what?...6 possesions.....burned a lot of clock, kept the defense fresh...what more do you want?...the TDs will come....if anything it gives the team a chance to dissect what went wrong and make the changes necessary...I would never boo my own team...we are supposed to be the 12th man for our own team....not the day glory will happen again in DC...GO SKINS

I think enough people here have articulated the reason why we booed, and I think most fans agree that the boos were justified.

For this Henson character to get on his little Twitter account and complain is just immature and down right dumb. The guy barely made the team, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't even activated for Sunday's game. He better shut his mouth before he gets cut to make room for an O-Lineman because from what I've seen our LB's are pretty nasty this year and we don't need to waste a roster spot on someone like that.

#47 had a great game, and hopefully we'll see more of Cooley in the slot, dragging a LB for 5 yards and a first down.

Monday's always the worst day after a poor performance (and we all know that that game was a poor performance). I think by tomorrow or Wednesday we'll all agree that the offense showed improvement on their performance in week 1, and this early in the season that's all you can really ask. If they keep up those drives next week and work on getting in the end zone, I think fans will see an ability to improve. If they can't fix the red zone problems each and every guy on that sideline should expect to be booed.

This season, whether the players realize it or not, is a big one for Skins fans. We know that we've had this same core of guys for 5-6 years now and if they can't get the job done NOW then the window will be closed. If we can't show large improvements on last year then there is a good chance that this team will (and should) be blown up, sold for parts, and completely reconstructed. No player or coach is safe.

As much as Zorn and Co. like to say "stay medium" I think it'd be smarter for the guys in burgundy and gold to use the term "urgency" as a mantra for the 2009 season.

no matter what, a true fan wouldnt have booed. specially with a win. With out the two dropped passess it would have been a totally different story. Im going to see the positives of this game.

1.Us driving down the field almost at will
2.JC is looking better in the pocket
3.Defence still looking great and its only going to get better

we can improve in the redzone and i think we will. Half of the skins fans are starting to look like the CRYboy fans and i dont like what im seeing.

going for it on 4th down was a good call even if we dont convert, the rams have to go 99 yards to our endzone agaisnt our defence.


WOW more and more skins fans are starting to look like COWgirls fans. I would never booo my team no matter what. Specially after a win(an ungly win but a win none the less) ill take this win over scoring lots of points and loosing just ask the cowboys. Im going to look at the positives of the game. If we didnt have two dropped passess we wouldnt be complaining too much.

1.We have done a better job of driving down the field.
2.JC is looking more confident in the pocket
3.defense is playing better and what scary is that they will only get better

we do need to improve in the redzone and i think we will. Ohh just cause u been throwing ur team under the bus for the past 18 years doesnt make u a real skins fan.
Looks like we are going to be hunting LION next week, great video btw

Sup hogs,
Just wanted to say that you are my fav player on the skins. The fact that you wanted to be an art teacher and I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design; and the fact that I moved from NY to Utah 3 years ago(the state of your alma mater) convinces me even more that you are my bruddah from anutha muddah! I was a Redskins fan back since I was a kid growing up around Giants and Jets fans but I stuck to my guns. Keep doin what you do best and that's making awesome plays!

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