Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TC: Suisham After Rams Game

In all honesty, I was joking with Shaun before and throughout the interview. This should be taken light heartedly.

Yoder is good in cameo roles.

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Seems like a nice guy, I still am on my knees praying to the football gods every time I see us line up for a kick outside the 20, force of habit with this team though, we have not had a guy capable of hitting 50+'s with any regularity in my lifetime.

But keep it up 'ham, keep working at that long kickoff too, its looking better all the time.

Meant in fun but actually a cool perspective and appreciation for the whole team!

nice video but not so funny when Vegas is picking Detroit for an upset. don't believe checkout the link.
Chris post this in the locker room to fire up the Hogs. Are team will not lose to this team.


Thats the first time I've seen Suisham in an interview. He seems like a great guy. I hope he has a good year and sticks around for awhile.

TC were you gazing at his sausage?

Can Suisham throw a ball in bounds? Campbell sure can't, give the ball to Suisham. At least when Suisham kicks, it stays on the field. Remind me why Campbell is a starting QB? Collins is a proven veteran and Campbell still hasn't figured out what the white lines on the field means.

Haha I like this guy. He is a humble regular Joe. Great interview TC. Kill Detroit!

Ochocinco kicks the ball farther than Suisham.

um...didn't reaize how CUTE he was! aw!

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