Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photo Contest Finalists Part 1

Like we said in the initial blog about the photo contest. In order to win the game worn jersey, you had to have purchased items from our online stores. We are going to allow the fans to vote on the 15 finalists we have selected. This was a very tough process and want to thank everyone who submitted a photo. Please vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. The contestants are numbered from top to bottom from 1 - 15. Good luck! Part 2 of the contest will be posted over the weekend.

This guy actually bought a shirt and it wouldn't make it in time so he sent us his receipt and this photo. Since he's from Canada we cut him some slack.

Anyone wearing the shirt on the job (and a dangerous job at that) was definitely considered. Thanks for fighting fires in your Cooley gear.

In Afghanistan with a Life Coach shirt, a Riggens jersey, and Redskins logo painter on the helicopter. Deserved finalist for sure

This one made it for multiple reasons. 1. She is adorable 2. She has both a hoodie and a hat. Double score.

Location was one of the requirement along with creativity. These two are on the 103 floor of the Sears Tower.

Gotta love the creativity here. Wearing the shirt is a must when placing the Dallas helmet where it belongs.

Made the contest for multiple reasons as well. 1. Location. Which I believe was the Kenny Chesney concert. 2. She sent in photos in a different life coach hoodie which means she owns 3 Cooley originals.

A couple holding a shoe...They are super creative or not at all. Either way, they look great in the gear.

Another submission from someone serving this fine country. Not only is he wearing the Life Coach shirt, he is hundreds of feet above ground in a helicopter.

Redskins fans in Dallas that Hate Dallas. I love this family and they deserve to be finalists.

This guy is currently at the U.S. Naval Academy and "snuck" out one night to take this picture on the statue of his mascot, Bill "The Goat" while the M.P.'s weren't looking. Risky because he has now exposed his crime.

Cooley fan in CC47 gear at a different stadium with a sign. Meets all the requirements of the contest. Location and creativity.

If they win the prize will go to the girl in the middle considering she's the only one in Cooley gear. Either way, this is very creative and they are at the Jimmy Buffet concert.

Direct quote from him "Throughout the day I must have been stopped atleast 500 times. I posed for pictures with random people, slapped high fives, and had people yell that they too hate Dallas. I had fans of other teams approach me to tell me they hated Dallas too. Best part was all the free beer that I got walking around from tailgate to tailgate in the lots!!" Finalist for sure.

Last but not least, the family of Cooley fans. They have anything and everything Cooley. Shirts, jerseys, bobble heads, and playing cards. They have more stuff than they can wear so they have to hold it up. Get work.

After reading the stories and seeing the pics, please make your choice wisely. Here's what the winners will get.
1st Game Worn Cooley Jersey
2nd Game Worn Cooley Cleats
3rd Game Worn Cooley Gloves
4th Autographed 16x20 photo
5th Autographed 8x10 photo

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#3 easily!! And thanks to all our men and women serving!!!

The worker on the roof is a firefighter!

Putting the logo on your helicopter = automatic win.

#9 Is actually in Afganistan! Was 22,000 feet up and I actually voted for the fellas in Iraq also. Just wanted ya'll to know where the pic was taken from. I voted for the guys in Iraq because its way warmer there then Afganistan.

#10 just because Dallas folk get to see it every day. A win *in Dallas* always makes the season!

Hands down photo 3, A apache attack chopper with a redskin flag in the window and two soldiers wearing the burgandy and gold, No contest

#3, #4, & #10 are all great. Tough call. That helicopter logo is badass. I just selected all three and hit vote. I think it worked.

what happen to the 10 hand made shirts?

^ What ten hand made shirts? And this is just part 1. For this contest, you had to buy your products from our site.

I voted for Indy Hates Dallas (I'm from there originally) and the Cute Little Girl (couldn't resist!)

#10 because I live in Texas (even though its just Austin) and can relate!

I live in Annapolis so I went for the Mid sneaking out after hours, that is just awesome.

I voted for #3. He actually is my brother-in-law!! So proud of all he does for his country and his family!! LOVE HIM!!! Go Brian!!

I voted for the Mid because I heard he could get in a lot of trouble for doing that. Shows dedication, ingenuity and a winning attitude!

Hating dallas in dallas made me lol

Redskins logo on the helicoptor = 5 TD catches for Chris against Detroit

Tanner, this is what i was talking about...

"For those of you who sent in photos early not knowing the full details, you are automatically in the running for 1 of 10 other autographed or game worn items (gloves, cleats, photos, etc.). If you don't have the money for the new products but already have Cooley gear, send us a photo ( You will be entered to win the other items.

The rules here are that you must be wearing anything Cooley. It can be store bought or handcrafted. The finalists for these 10 items will be chosen the same way they are for the jersey, creativity and location of where the photo is taken."

i was interested to see what kind of stuff people made

"2. She sent in photos in a different life coach hoodie which means she owns 3 Cooley originals."
They were so awesome! Sheeesh this is stressful

#10 because I know exactly where that sign is, grew up in THAT Dallas and I'm a huge Skins/Cooley fan too! Just sore I didn't think of it myself :P

Very tough voting here. Everybody is obviously a winner because they're fans of the greatest team, with the greatest fans on Earth. But when you're flying around a war zone representing...well, I had to go with the guys with the helicopter.

Got to love Firefighters!!!!I voted for #2.

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#3 is bad ass, but #10 is the best.

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Chris, Tanner, Whoever's Writing this Blog - you MISPELLED JOHN RIGGINS! Show props.

#4. She's too cute. Happy her parents are teaching her right.

@ Adam. ;) Hail to the Redskins! From #10(Duncan Family Photo in Dallas). And thanks to everyone else who's either voted or commented on our pic. We love our Skins and are Humbled to be finalists amongst so many other great photos. Thank you!

#3 is in Afganistan now, but has also been in Iraq. He is hands down the coolest and my nephew-in-law. Love you, Brian! Thank you for your service to our country!

Gotta give it to #10. That's what I call the perfect family portrait! ;)

#3 is the best..He's my brother-n-law too. He is the must fun loving guy. We are proud of you and thank you for all you do. Love ya, Brian!!!

Hey CC, please do not get bummed out about the fans booing. As a fan you only have 3 things to do. 1 CHEER..That's what We wanna Do. 2 Boo..This comes from frustration, Great driving down the field, then the RED Zone failure for TD's......3 Just sit there and watch with no input. I hope you understand us, I know it is what you all feal as well. We the Fans love you guys....WE want you all to kick butt and take names. With our MacDonalds pay, it takes us about a months pay to watch you LIVE and in person.....LOL on the Mc D's only half a week for me. But for Me, I feal the frustation from the fans and from the players and coaches, even Joe Gibbs teams got booed, back in the day, so let your teamates know that as well. If you think We can do better, give me some pads, I will fail, but everyone will know where my heart is.........HTTR
Fight for Old DC............

I voted for #3, Skins head on an Apache, gotta win.......HTTR

Cmon girls, wheres the 47 underwear and thong pics?!?!

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Wow my spyware filter at work has these pictures marked as porn so I suppose I can't view your smut contest lol.

Got to show love to firefighter and soldier in Iraq. should have been Riggins versus Riggens.

#12 Indy Hates Dallas HAS to be getting their friends to vote or voting a hundred times. How are they so close???

Sorry I'm not sorry for being popular! :) Isn't that how voting works, you get other people to vote for you?? Genius idea, or common sense?

#10 If you're gonna yell on game day, better to have the kids trained to cheer also!

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If it's about the #1 fan it's definitely Girl with All the Gear.

I'm with Wormann....those guys took the time(when they don't have a lot of it) and showed their support, creativity, and the MOST ORIGINAL location. They have the Skins colors hanging in the window of an Apache!!! #2 is the only other that should be considered.

To: Redskins Nation,

Thanks for the votes!

Chris and Tanner do a great job on this site.

Keep the faith in the Redskins. They can still have a good year.

From: The Firefighter in the #2 photo.


Chris and Tanner,
Thank you for including my picture in the contest. Your site is great, especially for fans like me who follow the team and don't live near the DC area.
Thanks for the votes everyone!
-The Dallas Flush (#6)

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