Friday, September 25, 2009

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My favorite part is "Dip Lohmiller."

Remy is the bomb!

Property of the NFL... Bwahahaha!


Im not sure whether you will get this or not before you guys head out to Detroit, but...this is the 2nd edition of "fan mail". Ill start with this:

Ive been a fan since the '91 SB. I was 9 yrs old and my whole family were Redskins fans, I was destined to become one regardless of the SB win. Since that time, all I can remember (other than '99, '05, and '07) is mediocrity. And Im tired of our season ending in December. I was one of those fans booing you guys last Sunday (from my couch). I dont boo to be a jackass. Ive watched that game film multiple times and you guys did some really great things. You almost fucking have it. You are so close its disgusting. I think you have the chance to do something as a team that no teams have done around here in a long time. We dont boo just to boo. You know and I know what youre capable of, and I refuse to not let you know that. I boo because I care, and Ill still boo your asses. Emotionally Im right there in the trenches with you, and that counts for something.

With all that being said...WIN. Ive been sick to the stomach listening to the radio this week and reading your blog...WIN. Fuck the critics, fuck playing tight and worrying about making mistakes...WIN. Fuck beating yourselves and just play the GAME of football that you know how to play...WIN.

I dont want a new coach. I dont want a new QB (JC has played great so far and he should be proud of himself under so much pressure). WIN. Fuck everyone. Its time to let your nuts hang and show the rest of the NFL how good you can be. Its time to shut everyone the fuck up and make every POS media member kiss your collective asses. Its time to put it all together and be everything you as a team know you can be. If not now...youll never have this chance again...

Play hard fellas...this is one fan who will still be here no matter what. I know you can be great this do too...its time.

Nice video. They put a lot of work into it, and it shows. It's nice to see that there are still real fans out there that love the skins, no matter what.

OK, I'm sick of fans that are shitting on my skins, but most of all, I'm sick of fans like realstatejake. Dude these guys are professional athletes. they work their asses of every week and then go out there and take brutal hits from behemoths and still get back up so they can do it again.

Jake what do you think you accomplished with your bullshit letter? I'll tell you what you tried to do, you want you "fan" mail posted in the locker room just like the other "fan" earlier this week. what do you think, it'll be fourth and goal on the one and JC reads this letter to pump everyone up before the play starts. what we say means nothing. I believe we have a good team here that got a little unlucky last sunday. Enough of all they nay sayers and "fans" who are looking to either shit on the team or try to give win one for the gipper speeches.

These guys know what to do. They'll do it.


P.S Jake, I love the Redskins but theres more to life than football sir

Nice rap, a lil cheesy but who cares ! Hail Skins ! Check out my link above, it's pretty funny.

Video didn't work for me in Firefox, but did work in Internet Explorer in case anyone was having trouble

That was almost as bad as your pottery videos

GL this week. Be careful man. I actually have the lions winning this one. It's gonna take a strong redskin effort to win this week, that team is coming out charged. Again, good luck!!

That's good but check this out. Redskins Fans and Players circa 1986.

Just wanted to make sure I was right about this. The whole theme of your letter is WIN, right? Not sure if you could tell from the couch but 9 is more than 7.

"Now the cowboys can watch the playoffs on that"

That is hilarious! Those guys should be at the home Dallas game to do the halftime show.

lol that was great! better than chris paul and bootsy vegas.

The Redskins Rap video is hilarious at times; clever and entertaining all the way through....loved it!!

Haha, "Good they cant watch the playoffs on it"

Chris you rock best rap ever but they should change clinton potis hit it again to chris chris cooley.

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