Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1000 Questions

Alright, I've spent the last two days listening to never ending gripe about how terrible the Washington Redskins are. Our coaching is dreadful. Zorn is on the hot seat. Our play calling is outright awful. Anyone can call better red zone plays. Our team is a bunch of overpaid bums. Getting booed by a bunch of "dim-wits." And I don't even need to mention the way fans despise our ownership. IT'S ALL BULLSHIT.

First of all we lost to an outstanding Giants team in New York. Bummer, yes, but not the end of the world. Secondly, we actually won the Rams game. A win for us is like a Van Gogh, it doesn't matter if it's pretty, it's having it. Now, of course it's obvious that we didn't score tons of points, but by no means were we terrible. We put together five different drives of over 10 plays. It doesn't matter who your playing, that's hard as hell to do in the NFL. We work our asses off and we can play!

With that little rant over I would like to add that we're fine as a team. I listened to DeAngelo Hall say we were gonna turn this thing around (assuming he means the team and keeping in mind were 1-1). Well, there is nothing to turn around - we just need to get a little bit better.

To lighten things up a little bit I figured it would be a great time to open the blog to 20 questions. Just ask them in the comments and I will pick what I think are the most interesting. As everyone knows I'm not gonna dodge anything so ask whatever you want, the more creative the better. Here are a couple successful examples.

- note - paragraph contains outside references and sarcasm. - thanks.

-One of the 20 questions was a celebrity offense. I looked no further than Clinton Portis to field this question. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

QB - Uncle Rico
FB - Mr. T. (Actually looks like our current fullback)
RB - Kung Fu Joe (Clinton choose him to fill his shoes)
TE - The Joker
WR - Forest Gump
WR - Sam Rockwell (Actually his character in The Green Mile)
T - Dewey CoxG - Shrek
C - Rambo
G - The Terminator
T - Hightower (From Police Academy and did play in the NFL)

-For a million dollars would you be willing to not have sex for a year (this is with or without a partner)? (If no, how about 10 million)?

I would have to turn down a million for the no sex thing (Christy would be pissed). Offer me ten million and Fred Davis might have a new job.

- Does it irritate players when a fan refers to his favorite team as "we"
"We" are the fan's team. That's why we are here playing football. I think it's great to have loyal fans that feel like we are their team. The only time guys get tired of the "we" thing is when fans tell us what we should and shouldn't be doing on the field. There is a reason that fans are fans. My job is to play tight end and yours is to cheer loud. To be the best "we" all gotta play our roles.
-7. Who would win in a tag team match between Chris and Christy and Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson?

The tag team match would start off with Christy and Jessica in the ring. Someone would come out of the stands with a cooler of beer and a couple of stools for Tony and I. We would proceed to sit ringside and high-five while clothes were furiously ripped off. In my world the match would end in Jes tapping out to a vicious choke hold, and I wouldn't be surprised if Christy dropped an elbow on her before she poured beer all over herself to celebrate.

And finally, don't forget to set your DVR for Sunday's game. With Dish, you can even set your DVR timer remotely. I use my iPhone. If you don't have Dish, you can sign up here.

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Would you rather be able to fly, or be invisible?

I've gotten in hour long arguments with friends over this one.

If the Redskins could trade Jason for Brett, would that be a good idea?

Do you think that the Redskins can have a high power/high scoring offense with the players you have now? Or do you think that low scoring wins can be enough to get the team deep into the post season?

Do you guys ever want to snap on Kelli Johnson during Post Game Live interviews? She holds nothing back most of the time with her baggering questions about mostly negative aspects of the game, and I am surprised that some of the personalities on this team have not clashed with her on the air yet.

Do you play fantasy football and if so who is your TE?


With cities growing larger and larger, Walmarts taking over every little space thats left over, and people dying everyday, do you think that we will run out of burial space, and people will have to be cremated against their will?

Also, do you think that if you had two birds of the same species, for argument sake, lets say a pair of yellow finch, do you think one can out fly the other? If so why do you think that?

If you had first pick in a Fantasy Boatrace (the drinking thing, not real boats) League, which Redskin would you pick?

If I get an extra ticket to Bruce Springsteen in November are you coming?

I recently saw a preview for Ghost Don’t Exist. Do you have an interest in acting or was this just a side project for fun?

Chris, what defender has put the best hit on you? BTW, GREAT game Sunday .. you are definitely the go-to-guy.

Do you prefer to kill Zombies or Nazis, and no combo cop out on this?

Any Star Wars/Star Trek fans types on the roster, or D&D kids?

how come we can launch a shuttle into space, but no one can make my shoes smell good?

The Skins may be "a bit" inconsistent from week to week, but one thing IS consistent, and that's Cooley's pass catching! Another awesome game Sunday! Makes me proud every Sunday to be sitting in my local sport's bar wearing #47!

Is all this blogging and t-shirt marketing and so on apprenticing for your post-NFL days? What are your plans? [And trust me when I tell you, it is TOTALLY fine with my if it's 2020 or better when they go in effect! No rush, just curious.]

Rookie's tweets aside, how do you feel about booing fans? I have heard athletes complain about boo-birds and say they're not true fans. In comparison, would your best friend be described as someone you like to just hang with or someone who's honest and is tough on you to make you a better person? I wasn't there, and while I wouldn't have booed as many times as the fans did, there were some boo worthy moments. I don't think booing should be able to affect the psyche of a pro athlete. I know athletes are tough on themselves when they play hard but aren't getting results. But if we are supposed to be fans, shouldn't we be allowed to voice displeasure?

If you were to return to college which current team would you join?

invisible....thats easy...chris do you sell your art


My girlfriend asks me alot of questions about football while I'm watching the Skins games. While this can be distracting, I can't help but elaborate on everything. She laughs at me when I get up and act out the roles players might have during a play in an effort to explain the answers to her questions.
(Most notable have been demonstrating why LB's lunge forward near the line of scrimmage to show blitz and also how a stop&go route can help a WR get separation against a CB)

So the question is:...
Am I doing a good job teaching her?
What experience have you had with this sort of thing and what are some of your favorite methods for teaching the ladies about football?


If you weren't playing in the NFL...what would you be doing?

Ken Pesek

If the NFL lightened up, relaxed FINALLY, and allowed players to alter parts of their uniforms and you wouldn't get fined (I.E. Socks, initials on Eye black, etc)...what would you do, or do nothing and be a big bore ass?

Note - I did not say Bare Ass. I dont need to see any more than you than i already have, thank you. Next time have wifey do pics!

Can I get tickets to the aforementioned fight (I'll bring the beer)?

If you weren't playing football, what would you wish to be doing as a career in your life?

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Who would win in an MMA fight, you or Portis?

How do you plan to um..."mark your territory" in your first visit to the new Dallas monument to excess?

Hey Chris, everyone has heard about the locker room material that some players may say publicly to the media. But how often does conversation like that go on during the week between players...maybe saying "We have the Rams, Lions, and Bucs on our way they're better than we are."

Hey Chris, I have a two-part question:

When did you first know you were meant to be a Life Coach?

Also, my high school friend and (former) plagiarizing journalist of NY Times fame, Jayson Blair, is a Life Coach as well, so I’m wondering: Is the DMV area big enough for the both of you?

To the best of my knowledge he hasn’t started selling “Jayson Blair is my Life Coach” t-shirts yet, so you’ve got him beat there.

What would it take to get you involved in a cool Washington, DC based breast cancer project targeted at men and women under the age of 40?

If you had to, would you rather do a fat girl (like those cows Roseanne Barr or Rosie O'Donnell) or an old lady (like the grandma from Titanic)? I would personally take the old lady, she's probably got a lot of experience and you know the one from Titanic puts out.

I recently had a dream where I was eating donuts with Albert Haynesworth while we were in a swimming pool. Have you had any strange dreams lately and if so what was it about?

The Ram Hunting Video was hilarious last year. Any more thoughts on doing any other videos? Perhaps on location somewhere? It does not have to be limited to just hunting, it could include fishing :)

If you could pick one of the following to eat for the rest of your life would it be:
1. Mexican food
2. Chinese food
3. American food (Ex. Texas Roadhouse cuisine)
4. Soul food (Good ole' southern cookin')
5. Italian food
6. I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast (You eat shit for breakfast?)

Another thing I'd like to know is:
What is your favorite alcohol to consume?
If beer what kind?

Whats worst? Getting kicked in the nuts or losing to the Cowboys?

Whats up Chris. Just wonderin are you a texas holdem player, and if u play online whats your favorite site?

Have you ever farted in front of Christie and blamed it on the dogs?

Harder to get open against, 4-3 or 3-4?

Harder to block, 4-3 or 3-4?


If your house was on fire, what is the one thing you would take with you before getting out? (Besides Christy and the pets)

If you had to be on a reality-show, which would you choose?

American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Amazing Race...?


You are my favorite player, not because you're a fun guy with personality, but because you play hard on the field and I LOVE the face that it's so hard to bring you you have a player that you model your game after in that way? Who's your all time favorite NFL player?


I get that the players are pissed about the booing, and I don't think it was very deserved in the first place. However, the booing was not directed at you all, it was directed at the fan turned owner. And its not just this one game. It was because for 10 years now we've been doing the same thing. That's even before you were drafted.

Frustration has come in a bit. Its not fair to you players, but that's what it is... frustration because the fans want you guys to be so great.

If you could write your epitaph say 50 years from now, what would it look like?

Assuming you were single, which Redskins would you take with you as your wingman when you go out? And why?

Will we see Santana move into the slot more often, so Mitchell and Kelly can have the outside. This could be very beneficial to all involved.

Ok so just like an "all-madden team" you get to pick an "all-cooley team". You can pick any current players you want to make up your team but (since I want to make this a little difficult) you can't have any current redskin players on your team. Pick your starting line-ups....

Who are the 5 COOLEST DUDES(non football) in the world.

I heard a rumor that the Redskins next coach is going to be the winner of the next Madden Challenge, is this true???

I am one of the many die hard Skins fans that are also gay. What do you have to say to Gay Redskins Nation? And, if you had to pick a mancrush from current team members, who would it be? From the league? We want to see how comfortable you are...

Go Skins!

If you weren't a married man, what celebrity would you be trying to go after?

The boos are totally not directed at any one player. The whole experience on game day has sucked the crap out of us. Believe it or not the fans enter the stadium pissed already. Kinda of like calling your cable company and knowing you are going to play ring around the rosey with a bunch of dim wits. You go into the call pissed off. Well the fans are just getting tired fromt he parking lot experience, to the ineptitude at every turn. Did you know that they put fences around the stadium, fow what to keep the fans out? Can you imagine telling people how to tailgate? Send Tanner out to the parking lot and get some real fan reaction and maybe you will see where the booing starts. But seriously dude, the coach not being able to see the 40 second clock and the one right next to him can. Just a lame excuse and does not add up. 4th and one and going for it twice? This can not give the Special Teams and Defense confidence that the coach believes in them. So these are just a few examples this year, I could go on and on about previous years and you might understand where the fans are so dismayed. This is not media driven but for one of the few times fan driven. Did you also notice how many empty seats there were? So Chris while we love you dearly please understand the reason behind the BOO!!!

Chris... It's hard to understand your frustration, because we don't see into the lockerroom and huddle what you see and experience. I like and respect you maybe more then any other player on the team, hence I got YOUR JERSEY and wear it proudly. I'll take your word on the BS.. but prove it by improving instead of making the same stupid mistakes week after week.

Where are we coming from? We as fans are SICK of the mistakes, the dropped passes, the fumbles, playing down to mediocre teams, the turnover of coaches the lack of focus and vision by the Front Office on the O-Line and needs of this team, the overpaying of has beens when we could use those spent resources on other areas on the team. I could go on and on... If this team is good and doesn't deserve to be boo'd - then the team needs to prove it. Was the boo'ing a bit premature for Week 2... probably, but its not that unreasonable. I probably would have boo'd on some of those plays, break downs, field goals but not at the W.

Bottomline: You are what your record says you are and it hasn't been good... This team has been at the bottom of the NFC East for a decade now... We are sick of it. We are sick of hearing how good you think you are or Vinny or Danny marketing the Redskins every offseason only to be let down again. Enough is Enough and we want to see this team finally step and play like it should. Its not a reflection of you, but it is a reflection of the incompetence of this organization the past 10 years... You are a team, so 1-for-all and all-for-1... you'll just have to take the heat for the rest of your team, because that is how it works. If you don't like it, step up and be more vocal, lead this team by holding your teammates accountable and get on their a$$es if they aren't stepping up... You owe that to yourself, your team, your coaches fans, and owner. This team needs leaders besides London... You guys should be at each others throats with some of the SOS $hit we see on this team with the dumba$$ mistakes and blown opportunities. Hold each other accountable and be leaders... If not, well... good luck with that.

I am all for Zorn and will give him slack as he molds this team to strive for excellence... Anyone saying he should go is f'ing stupid and an apprentice of the Danny... That's how he's done it and its been a F'ing cluster of a show...

Its finally time for this team to step up and be good consistently instead of showing flashes every other year... Yes, mistakes happen.. but learn and move on... You can't keep f'ing things up everytime there is a chance to put a team away. After the collapse last year, we want to see who the real Redskins are...

Now go out and show us by slaying the Lions!


When you wipe (of course with cowboys merchandise) do you go front to back or back to front?

Dude, we are with you. YOU being the WHOLE team. And Z-man. I'll be right behind you guys (2nd row!) in Detriot and you won't hear a boo from me (unless I catch you high-fiving T Romo, which won't happen obviously)...

Here's your Q: Assuming an expanded NFL, would you prefer to play a London based team or a Mexico City based team?

p.s. My GF commented on your pottery post. You have no idea how big a step it was to get her to comment on a sports blog. HUGE.

See you in D!

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First of all I'd like to congratulate you on a great game. I wasn't there, but I would like to think the post-game boo's were directed at the organization moreso than you and the other players that showed up and performed well on Sunday. I think you guys are making great progress, and I'm looknig forward to seeing the offense grow even more in weeks to come.

As you mentioned in your blog, however, the skins' red zone play-calling has certainly been under fire this week- the offense had three excellent drives down the field but failed to put the ball in the endzone. The easy way to address the source of this issue would be to point fingers at Zorn and the coaching staff as many have done in the media. At some point, however, doesn't this have to come back to Campbell? Does he not have the option to audible into a qucik slant or whatnot on the 4 if he sees something in the coverage? You mentioned on Elliot that you never got into any of your red zone plays because you never hit the 15- doesn't having set plays for each section of the redzone restrict our ability to score? Surely Zorn can't predict what the defense is going to send out when he calls the plays..

I guess what I'm asking is, does Campbell have the authority in our system to make the necessary audibles even in these 'set' red zone situations? If so, is it just that he is 'not there' yet as an NFL qb? If not, do Zorn and others in the org not have any confidence in the guy? Please help me out here because I can't see why we resort to hb toss passes in the zone when they can go to you on the same route thats been working all game...

Are you guys going to give Zorn a going away present after Sunday's game?

if you could swap places with anyone or anything in the world (real or not) what would you swap with, and how do you think the thing or person you swapped with would do in your life

"Turn it around"? Seriously? I think we're going to have a great season. Next 4 games are against a combined record of 0-8. Skins look good just had some trouble finishing the drives which WILL get worked out. The redskins are not a blowout team, I can't remember the last time JC won a game for more than 7 points which is fine, that is nail-biting-NFC-East-redkins-football, and I love it! I would rather watch a close game and cheer at a huge defensive stop with under 2 mins left or a 4th quarter drive to win the game then watch a team like the Saints or Pats that (usually) blow the scoreboard up and have already won by halftime. No drama or fun in that. The Rams game may not have been pretty, but I didn't sit down for the final 10 minutes of that game and that in my opinion is good football.

My question. Who was your favorite NFL team when you were a kid and why?

Do you ever just stop in your tracks and run over to someone in a parking lot or neighborhood and who is proudly wearing a CC jersey for no other reason but to say, "Hey, what's up? I just wanted to say thanks for all the support." That's what most fans dream of...ever thought about doing that?
Great game last week against the Rams, Go Skins!

who is the biggest player on the team( gets the most girls)


Did you not mess with any of the rookies this year like you did with Colt last year?

Which weight class did you wrestle at in high school? Were you recruited for wrestling by any colleges? Did you miss it at all?

If you could re-cast any film ever made to include Todd Yoder, what movie/role would it be?

1. Do most guys drink during the season or do they cut it out once training camp starts?

About how long did it take you to realize you are this awesome?

Notice how these Redskins fans keep to the topic and don't get embroiled in fights with each other on CC47's site.
I think that is AWESOME! CC IS a Lifecoach indeed!

:-) HAIL!

Two Questions -

1. What is your favorite restaurant in the Leesburg area?

2. If you believe that without the fans, none of this is possible (which you've stated before), don't you think it means something when the fans boo after a WIN? Why dismiss that and say we're not really fans? If I weren't a fan, I wouldn't pay $60 for seats in row 28 of the 400 level. I wouldn't pay $60 for the privilege to park in a lot that only has 2 port o potties. I wouldn't pay $8 for a beer, $5 for water and $10 for an average hot dog and soggy fries. I wouldn't defend the Redskins to every person out there who said I should have given up on you years ago. Don't say I'm not a fan. But continued behavior like this by the team and the organization WILL make me "not a fan."

Sorry, that was more than 2 questions.

are you nervous about your glock falling out of your sweatpants when you hit da club wit yo hommies on a fridizzle nizzle?


This is just some un-due drama...I think everyone thought the Skins would lose the Giants we looked awful no excuses, then a rebound game against the Rams the O looked fine until we got in the redzone Z man needs to be confident in JC or else im sure as much as you do Zorn will be out looking for a new job. Lets cut all the execuses and attacking the fans we pay to watch you guys if we want to boo we boo. If we were to switch places and you were watching me on the field and you wanted to boo because you didnt my team was playing up to what you thought we could then it is what it is..come out say we missed a few plays didnt execute some calls dont come out and say its bullshit for the fans booing stand up take your lumps get in the park and get working on the Lions.

Simple - House band for home games. Who would you want?

- Being born in the 80's, when did you become a fan of heavy metal rock and muscle cars, considering both had all but disappeared by the time you were 6?

- what's the weirdest request to come through the blog?

- Do you regret having alienated people from Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Dallas and Cleveland due to posts on the blog? (just in case you do, for some god awful reason, actually play for any of the teams in those areas in the future.)

Heres a mind boddlin question
What is worse to be called trash or garbage?

when snow melts, where does the white go?

OK...three part question.

1) Have you seen my baseball?

2) In what year will we (skins) not open up in New York?

3) Do you think Tony Homo dumped Jessica Simpson b/c she got too fat or b/c he might be gay?

Matt R

Was the picture of the fat hillbilly redskins fan a dig at your bloggers in retalition for the brutally honest comments that were erased by you a few days ago?

And for the record why would anyone pick uncle rico as the starting qb for a celebrity team with guys like Reno hightower (best of times) Johhny utah(point break) and that old man from necessary roughness, see the fans do know a thing or two about who should be starting ;)
The armchair QB has spoken

Who is one active NFL player on any team (any position) that you'd want alongside you on the Redskins? Note: I don't mean to replace anyone who currently plays that position on the Redskins, I just mean as another teammate. Could be for their personality, or for their playmaking skills or whatever reason.

If I fly my brother and my dad from Texas to Detroit to watch the Redskins kick the Lions in the gnads, will you be my life coach?

Seriously, we're coming dressed in burgundy and white. Game on, MF'ers!!!



Are you guys going to pump yourselves up for the Lions game this weekend by listening to that hot track that dropped last year 'Smashing Lions'?

Hilarious. Forgot all about this until today.

Best/worst line ever: 'The lions are a pile of hot, wet, steamy poop on the nfl shoe'


What person in all of time would make the best football coach, owner, and TE? Thanks.


Do you think you'd make a good lacrosse player? Earlier this week we featured you as an NFL player who would be a great attackman.

What was your most embarrasment ever! You know red in the face!


I'm not worried at all -- I'm a true blue (burgundy and gold that is) fan, and I stand behind my Skins all the way. The only thing you'll hear from my mouth that sounds remotely like boo is Cooooooley or Smooooot! Real fans don't boo -- you want to protest to the owner, send an email. But don't boo the hardworking players who bust their tails every Sunday for US!

My question: if you could create a real-life fantasy football team with any players present or past, who would make the squad and why?



P.S. @Robert - "teach the ladies"? Gag....

Sonny Jurgenson said that if he was quarterback, he would have changed the play or called timeout for that Portis pass on 3rd and goal. Was there any doubt in the huddle about that play call?

When is Clinton going to break out into costume and have Kung Fu Joe tell us how he feels about replacing Clinton at RB? Most importantly - when is Chris' alter-ego going to appear again? (I'm surprised there isn't a Lion hunt going on as I type). HTTRS! Classy response to all the B-S that is being put out there.

Okay Chris, if you were running the Redskins insteadl of Little Danny and after two, what offseason moves would you have made differently than have been donw and why?

Mucho Gusto Brotha!

Apparently the aliens invaded my body while I was typing. Let's try this one:

Okay Chris, if you were running the Redskins instead of Little Danny and after two games, what offseason moves would you have made differently than have been done and why?

Ok Chris, if you have to choose one would you rather have a laugh track play for the rest of your life whenever you say something funny or would you rather have theme music play when you walk into a room?

Just curious...when your nuts itch, do you prefer to scratch, or "pinch and roll?"

The problem is Chris is that why are teams like the Patriots, Ravens, Jets, Chargers, Steelers, Giants, Cowboys, etc. able to "execute" consistently? That is what us fans are griping about! I mean, how often are we suppose to keep hearing the same old excuses? Do you know how much money we fork out for jerseys, mini-helmets, tickets, bobbleheads, etc? Don't you think we want guys on our favorite football team be able to more than just keep saying, "Well, we didn't execute... we need to get better... blah, blah, blah..." In truth, statiscally 0-2 Detroit & 0-2 Miami are better teams!!! Come on!!!

Will you fufill your promise of 6 TD catches from JC this season?

What movie is this quote from?...

"the chinaman is not the issue here. Im talking about unchecked aggression here, talking about drawing a line in the sand that YOU DO NOT!!! also, dude, chinamen is not the preferred nomenclature..."

Before you were drafted by the Redskins, what was your knowledge (history of the team) and impressions of the team?

Bonus Question - What team were you hoping to get drafted by?

What is your favorite movie quote?

What will you do if the skins did not need you anymore? Would you do something else? join another team? If so which team?

What did you say to your brother when he Tweeted F this guy and the fans who booed?

I know that Campbell is not known as a running threat like Vick and I am sure you would let him dog sit for you if need be. That being said,in the redzone, what is wrong with a play action Qb rollout with the option to pass or run it in? I live in the Dallas area and am so tired of hearing how much J.Campbell sucks. I see so much potential in him and love how he seems to handle the pressure.(The offseason shit especially) He was not a whiney little bitch like Cutler. It seems like he wont throw until he sees the receiver open rather than throw to a spot where the receiver will be open. Is there a slight trust factor with the receivers? Is he worried that if the receivers make the mistake and a pick or incompletion is thrown he will be the one to blame? Please tell Campbell to unleash the beast inside him I know it is in him. It wants out. If he does not let it out then he will be looking for a backup job somewhere else next year and will probably light it up for someone else down the road. Take him to a hypnotist if need be. I will split the bill with your rich ass but it would be worth it to me living around all this Dallas cowboy trash here. One more thing if you go 3-13 this year please, please when you come to dallas take a shit on the stadium known as the deathstar. Humiliate these overhyped bastards in their shithole stadium with its stupid big screen tv that fans have to look at because they cant stand to look at their piece of shit team on the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris - I work for EA Sports. I would love to know a) who the best Madden baller on the Skins is, b) do you guys ever look at how you are rated in the game (and if so, any funny anecdotes?) and c) what other games do you guys play when you get the time?

PS - You, CP and Fletcher are MONEY for me when I play online :)


Chad Johnson changed his name to Ochocinco.

If you were to change your name to something other than Cooley, what would it be??

What did you think when Mike G. on Mike and Mike in the morning just went off on Henson.

Chris needs to read what Eric said. I could not have said it any better myself. Cooley, you are by far my favorite player of the decade, and I view you as a man of the people, I just wish you wouldn't get so mad at the fans for being frustrated with this team, because after 18 years of BULLSHIT we are fed up. I know its early, but it's not just about the game on Sunday. This frustration has been building up long before you even became a Redskin. Some of the fans of this team have been going to games longer than you have been alive. And they have seen alot of football, including championship teams. We know what a great team looks like, we've seen 3 SUPERBOWL WINS. Joe Gibbs return to coaching kind of distracted us a bit, and gave us false hope that things would get better but they didn't. we do not consider a wild card playoff win a success. And right now is pretty much how things felt before Gibbs returned to coaching. If you guys cannot get it together this year something has got to give. Because there is a hockey team that plays at the Verizon Center that knows how to put on a show and if they win a Stanley Cup this year people will spend more money on the Caps than the Skins. And if this team is really as good as you all claim it to be, go out there and beat some ass. Just win baby! I support you every game and wish for the best but don't get mad at me and others if we get pissed when once agian we are disapointed.

Chris - When Christy was still cheering for the 'Skins, did she ever mention, maybe in passing, that any of her co-workers had a superhero fetish?


When you wipe do you
A) Wipe from front to back
B) Wipe from back to front
C) Sideways

p.s. I think you should poll the team

who is the last redskin you saw blackout drunk....? and could you outdrink them?


First off, i'm a huge fan. Was when you were at Utah St. and have been a Skins fan my whole life. I spend my money each yr. on merchandise, tv packages, and airfare/ tickets to catch you guys whenever and wherever I can afford it. I wasn't in the crowd vs. St. Louis Sunday but I understand the booing. As a fan I've never once left the Redskin bandwagon, never allowed my wife to wear her Eagles shit in my house, always approached each game/season with optimism and support for you guys, but the mediocrity of the team is getting old. I know the season is early, but it's the same damn thing we saw during the choke job at the end of last season. I don't know nearly enough about the NFL or football to work within the organization, I'm not questioning the effort you put out on the field, I don't think that you guys want to average 10 points a game this year, I'm just tired of mediocrity. Something isn't working, whether it's Campbell, Zorn, whatever it is paying money every year and being told that Campbell is progressing, we're seeing huge progress within the organization, whatever it is it never changes. Trust me, I get upset about it, I'm a passionate fan, not a fickle "dim whit" who doesn't care about his favorite team and therefore starts booing them. I'm not going to play the 'millionaire athletes being insensitive in this economy' card because you guys bust your ass and have dedicated your lives to what you do. All I want to know is as a man of the people why you can't accept fans getting pissed with mediocrity?

Fans could be fickle like in some markets and just stop spending money for mediocrity. That would be a hell of a lot worse for you guys than a little booing. Redskins fans should not be satisfied with the execution or lack thereof, or satisfied with a team that hasn't been a contender under the past 18 years. We take our team seriously, we expect good football, we are passionate about our team. Now, go shut us booers up by whooping Detroit's ass, and giving us the team we've been promised.

Derik... do you want your coworkers booing you when you do your job, and you get it done? Doesn't matter the method you use, but you get it done and still catch flack. I totally get where they are coming from as players, and appreciate the hard work they put in day in and day out, putting their bodies on the line play after play.

If Chris Cooley is my life coach then who was/is Chris Cooley's life coach?

Look guys all fans have a right to boo yell curse sware throw their hands in the air or in my case scream at the tv like anyone at fedex field can actually hear me!!! Chris im far from gay but I love you man!!You are without a doubt the best overall player the skins have had in sometime.However I also agree with justin in the fact that Jason Campbell has to unleash the beast and take over!!! Run shit like I know he can.Hes so damn talented and for some reason just plays like hes scared.For example on that 4th and 1 on sunday if he fakes it to clinton and bootlegs out to the right he scores easily.I live in eastern Pa and I hear all year long how campbell sucks fly eagles fly the geeeeeeeeee men and now moron at work tried telling me that Sanchez is better then Campbell after 2 games!!! 2 damn games!!!!This is no bullshit I got called into the bosses office and was told to calm down because this assclown said campbell blows and i went off on him telling him jason played good game pay attention moron!!needless to say that was unacceptable to postmaster. LMFAO I think you guys need to losen up a little have clinton dress up again or maybe you dress up on media day.One last thing back in 05 when portis was doing that every thursday,I would come home from work and hop right online every was truely the highlight of the week until gameday.Oh and it worked too (5 in a row or we dont go)Hail to the REDSKINS!!! kick some Lion ass man!!!
oh yeah my question how many points do WE need to score this week to shut the nfl world up?

I second the question by conhead00, though I guess it would be tough to answer this one honestly:

Sonny Jurgenson said that if he was quarterback, he would have changed the play or called timeout for that Portis pass on 3rd and goal. Was there any doubt in the huddle about that play call?

A wizard is willing to accept a ONE TIME payment to make you more attractive. You could pay 1-100 dollars. One dollar making no physical change, but something about you is more alluring, and one hundred dollars being a dramatic and very obvious change in your appearance. How much do you give the wizard? :)

Chris, I read how Chad Ochocinco flies home to Atlanta or Miami every off day he has. What do you do when you get a break? I don't see you as one to dart the lovely NoVA area.


Hey Chris-

When you get interviewed before and after the game, do you always look for Erin Andrews from ESPN? I mean, thats who I would like to get interviewed by every single time...


How many times in your life have you wrestled your brother to the ground and farted in his face. Vegas has the over/under on this at 3 times. I took the over. I've also been drinking tonight.

"My job is to play tight end and yours is to cheer loud". One big difference there Chris, we don't get paid to cheer loud!

Chris, as a contractor I worked all over Iraq over the past couple years. NFL sends over coaches, players, and cheerleaders (sorry, never saw Christy over there)
First question 1.Would you be willing to do a USO visit as well sometime down the road, of course bringing Tanner to document the trip?

Second question 2.Would you be willing to participate in a charity 2 on 2 basketball tournament where it is you and Elliot in the morning VS. Chad Dukes and Lavar Arrington??

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Why do we not see bear traps used in cartoons anymore?

Where is Waldo?

How much wood does a woodchuck chuck?

Fill in the blank. A tootsie-pop is consumed after __________ licks.

Thanks for your time.

Also, I feel its my duty to make you aware of the awesome world of MATCH-UPS! A great game that passed many hours of college lecture time. The gist is you have to pick who would win in a true, full-blown fist fight. No weapons. I'm just looking for picks here, but explanations help fuel the debate.

Charles Barkley vs. Cedric Ceballos
Chris Berman vs. Chris Mortensen
John Gruden vs. Bill Cowher
Dolph Lundgren vs. Sylvester Stallone
John Madden vs. Frank Caliendo
Maurice Clarett vs. Mike Williams (USC wideout)
Pedro Ramirez vs. Don Zimmer (rd. 2)
LeGarrette Blount vs. The oregon duck mascot (youtube mascot fight)
Kyle Farnsworth vs. Anyone who charges the mound

That is a good batch right there. I expect answers!

Chris, I have 2 question for you:

If you were stranded on an island, what 5 things would you take? You can not take a boat or a plane. You have to survive, so what do you take?

Also in the NFL, you are obvious living a dream to a lot of people. Do players ever forget this is a game they loved as a kid? Does it become more of a job at times and you might loose your passion for the game? with all the media and the annoying "fans" it seems like it would be hard to love the game as you once did as a kid


all the fans that were booing wern't real fans anyway chris. a real fan always sticks by there team and never boo's them EVER!!! They are what we call a fair weather fan. so all i can say is to tell them to move to the city (every year) where the super bowl winners reside. Idiots. How embarasing for them.

Chris....Football and Art are your 2 biggest passions. Question: If you only had one choice, would you rather have a Superbowl ring or one of your pieces displayed in the Louvre?

I think you played one hell of a game sunday and so did the whole offence. I was so glad to see you all drive the ball so good and get into the redzone, even though it wasn't touchdowns the win is a win and guess what when you look at it on paper it says 1-1, not 1-1 because they can't make touchdowns!


Have you guys on the team ever heard of guy from the Washington DC area name Chris Paul? He is a die hard skins fan who makes weekly songs during the regular season that are played on the radio. Here is this weeks song. Let us know what you think.

p.s. should get it played in the stadium each week right before kick-off.


Whats your BEER of Choice if you are going to sit around and watch sports all day and pound a case?



Please watch:

I know you play fantasy football b/c that draft video from last year was hilarious.

Can I, a lifetime 'Skins fan stationed all over the globe, have the honor to kick every single one of your asses in your fantasy football league?


Why do you justify losing to the Giants by saying they are an outstanding team? Who gives a shit!!? We want the Redskins to be an outstanding team, don't except a loss to ANY team, I don't care if you play the 85 Bears you should be pissed to lose to ANYBODY!!!

After reading some of these very smart and valid comments explaining why the fans BOO do you understand why we are so frustrated yet?

It's ok you don't have to respond.

PS I still think you're a beast I'm just a little pissed off with everything Redskins right now because I spend half my salary on this damn team and I'm starting to wonder why not spend that money on the CAPS

I live in Texas, far West Texas and was wondering... Can you fly me out there to a Skins game? :) Would mean the world, well me and my brother :)

And if not, if I could hitchhike (1,965 miles) my way over there can I meet the team or have some sort of private tour? :)

I know a lot of people (including myself) who have weird superstitions about sports like what jersey they wear at a 1:00 game as apposed to a 4:00 game. Do you have some of your own superstitions?
My roommate layers his Caps shirts and takes one off each time the Caps score, its get to be ridiculous but Hey that's what fans do right?


I want to start off by saying your are BY FAR my favorite player in the NFL, and I am a huge fan of your blog.

My question:
Do you think it's fair that MOST professional athletes get paid more than police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and doctors combined in one year? What are your thoughts?


I'm overseas here in the Netherlands and my husband is active duty Navy. We watch as many Redskins games that AFN (Armed Forces Network) plays and all the others we listen to, so we're huge fans. I'm breastfeeding and occasionally have to pump, while pumping, I read your blog, my question is : would you be willing to use a double automatic breast pump on your chest if you lost your fantasy football league? I think its a great punishment for a lost bet...

Dish sucks, need DirecTv to see the games if not in the DMV area. Dish throw in free Playboy channel or unlock the porn for you to mention them?

I second Alex's question, I'm curious too :D

"Any Star Wars/Star Trek fans types on the roster, or D&D kids?"

Why did coach Zorn get angry with you in the New York game after a play near the end zone? Were you supposed to stay to block? I did not like him reacting like that nor the time he shouted at Clinton; he shouldn't do that, at least not on public. Greetings Captain Chaos. Enrique.

Chris, please keep up the good work, i know you guys can pull out a win monday vs the eagles, especially after they lost to the lowly raiders. Tell Jason the fans believe in him, i would love to see him open up the game with a long touchdown pass, just to shut up all his critics. No matter what the media tries to spin the real fans still believe the skins can get the playoffs this year. looking forward to the monday nighter.

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