Friday, September 18, 2009

Strong Character

This past Tuesday, Christy, my cousin Ryan, and myself, along with the film crew from E!, attended The Greater Washington Sports Alliance Sneakerball VI. The event is hosted every year to recognize a number of different athletes/mascots in the Greater Washington area, one of which I was being nominated for, The Solid Character Award

I felt that not only did I meet all the requirements, but I surpassed them by miles. The competition was some what stiff, going against athletes such as Serena Williams and Ryan Zimmerman, but I cant say I was sweating over the ordeal. After winning the award and gracefully sitting in my seat I continued with an interview.

Ok, to tell you all the truth. I had no idea that I was up for an award until a few days before the event. After seeing who the other nominees where, I was honored to even been put in a class with not only great athletes, but amazing people as well. I am honored to have been chosen to receive the award and was 100% surprised when the selection was made. Thanks to all those involved.

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Congratulations Chris. FYI, the video won't play, it says "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."

Good luck this weekend, please no repeat of last year :), that was painful.

David, do you really think he wants that to happen? Do you really think only CC can control it? I think you need to re-read FP post. Win/Lose I am always a Redskin!!!

Chris, congrats. I heard you guys had a snake in the locker room and that Heyer picked it up. Did we get a new nickname for him? Did it look like this?

Congrats, CC47!

Looking forward to seeing the video.

Of course not, it was said tongue in cheek hence the smiley face.

Congrats! Kick some ass this weekend - HTTR!

I FIGURED IT OUT!! We now know who sent that nasty letter to you chris. It had to be Antwan jamison in a jelous rage over losing character of the year award.

Congrats. When does the show air?

Hello Chris,
My name is Deb and my boyfriend is a huge Redskins fan and more importantly a huge fan of your abilities. I am a local artist who works at the new Workhouse Arts center in Lorton VA. Aaron, (the boyfriend) told me about the Art exhibition you are having on the 20th of October and I was floored to learn you were a potter. ( I teach clay classes and have been a clay sculptor for years) I would like to invite you to view my blog at I would also love to ivite you to come to the Workhouse Arts Center for a tour of the facilities. We used to be the famous Workhouse Prison built by T. Roosevelt to reform prisoners. This is also where the Women Suffragettes were held when they fought for the right to vote. In short, there is alot of history on this site and now alot of art! We house over 100 artists and hold classes in everything from painting to cooking to pilates and Tai Chi to dance and theater and scultping. You name it! I think it would be a real treat to have you come on down here and throw a pot!
Keep up the art!

Serena Williams was up for the solid character award?

The award should have been national and not just limited to the D.C. area. Congratulations Chris on a well deserved and befitting award! You do more for local and national charities in a month than some do in a lifetime. Thanks for using your positive influence and popularity in a positive manner always thinking of others and not just yourself. HTTRS!

Yeah man you sooooo deserved it. I mean who the hell is serina williams and ryan zimmerman anyways. Nothing compared to you.

But can you post somthing about the snake in the lockerroom that musteve been really creepy. interview stephon "higher" (no clue how to spell his last name) about his heroic deed =)

Congrats Chris! Keep up all the good work! And Thanks again for the personalized autograph for my boy Scottie. I truely appreciate it.

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Chris- your video is so typically t in c Cooley. HAIL!

Why aren't you running hills? LOL.

hey 47,

i just want to let the whole team that we all believe in you guys. the booing wasnt towards the players. it was just simply towards the play selection. we love you guys man. im sure you will make the playoffs

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