Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Fan" Mail


Before I say what I'm about to say, I've been a Skins' fan longer than you have been alive. I'm pissed right now. I saw a bunch of SOFT, OVER-PAID, B**** MADE MUTHAF***AS on Sunday play against the G-Men. Yes, I'm talking about the whole entire Skins Team. First, the defense got their a**es handed to. Again, the d-line looked like s*** most of the game (Haynesworth is soft and not worth that large contract) and the secondary couldn't stop d***. Landry is always late with the help, he needs to shut the f*** up and learn how to play. Sure, he is a hard hitter but he sucks a d*** at saftey. D-Hall is the softest b**** on the team, next to Portis. He looked like a high school CB out there among men on Sunday. Shouldn't have let Springs go for this sorry a** b****. Smoot is straight up the worst CB in the league. The only thing he could cover is a d*** with them big a** l**s......LOL. Offense looked like s*** but what else is new. You bamas can't seem to do s***. Moss, is NOT a number 1 receiver. If he was on any other team he would be a number 2, maybe even a number 3 receiver. Portis had that one good run to start the game and didn't see s*** after that. Oh, wait a minute, the camara caught him s*****g your d*** on the sidelines..... Damn, we need some new players cause you guys are not getting s*** done and I can't believe management keeps bringing the same soft s** b****es back every year thinking this year will be different. YOU GUYS f****** SUCK.... just a bunch of b****es out there not caring if they lose cause they know dumb a** is going to pay them and then over pay again when they are free agents......YOU B****ES NEED TO START PLAYING WITH SOME HEART, PASSION, AND LOVE FOR THE GAME instead out there collecting paychecks. The only team I see out there with some heart are the cheerleaders. TELL BIG SOFT A** ALBERT HAYNESWORTH TO GIVE BACK HIS PAYCHECK THIS WEEK BECAUSE HE DIDN'T EARN IT.....MATTER OF FACT ALL YOU B****ES SHOULD RETURN YOUR PAYCHECKS CAUSE NONE OF YOU EARNED IT.
Dare Greatly

It is not the critic who counts; nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcomings; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best knows in the end, the triumph of high achievement; and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

~ Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919)


First of all the letter is up in the locker room for the entire team to see.

Secondly, it's amazing what a complete moron you are. You could never know what this team means to myself and my fellow teammates or the amount of work that we put into playing for the Redskins. For someone to say the Redskins didn't play hard is a joke. You're a joke and should be embarrassed to call yourself a fan.

Oh and by the way, I reserved your last name and email address, but I would be more than happy to post it tomorrow per your request. Also, if you really wanted to be accountable for your outstanding piece of literature, I would love a picture so we can all see your shining face. :)

Thanks for the note,

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That "fan mail" is conspicuously missing a couple of names that usually take the brunt of "fan hate".


Well, my cup is half full... HTTR, that's all I have to say. Have a GREAT GAME this week!

Speaking as a TRUE Redskins fan, I can say that we don't want guys like Joseph labeling themselves as fans. Go and take that s**t to Dallas. AND die while you are at it.

Chris, I dont think we need joseph to send us a picture of himself. I am pretty sure I saw him at a town hall meeting yelling obscenities at a congressman because he doesn't like healthcare reform. Where has all of our common decency gone?

I think all Redksin fans felt a deep sense of frustration after the Giants game. There were some glaring inefficiencies and mistakes. And more than once I yelled at my plasma TV hoping to shake the team out of its funk!

That being said, I believe there is a lot of heart on MY team and I know that you all were much more frustrated that I was. Personally, I am just chaulking this one up to first game rust for the starters. Please prove me right against the Rams. PLEASE!!!

Joseph, it takes a real coward to verbally abuse people via a posting. Feel free to walk up to Albert sometime and call him heartless in guess is that you will be heartless after he pulls your heart out of your chest with his bare hands! It also is a very good indication of the level of your intelligence that you could not complete a single thought without the use of some vulagarity. Please take your obnoxious ignorance to another are not welcome here.

What a complete a**. I agree we dont need "fans" like that, no club needs those jerks for fans. Pisses me off reading that stupid s***. Creat a section on your site for Banned Redskin "fans", hes #1.

Thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the team does and kick some ass the rest of the season!
P.s. Thanks for posting the email, i was running out of TP. Id take Josephs email and turn it into toilet paper and sell the rolls in your store.

Dear Mr.Cooley,

How many times have you fumbled in your last 20 receptions? Perhaps a little more time thinking about football and a little less about multi-media fun is in order?

Just a suggestion.

In no way do I want to support that first poster. But it's disheartening to read stuff like "Well, it was the Giants in NYC.."


The team got smoked EXACTLY like last year. Doesnt bode well for the season.

I assume you cleaned up the expletives Chris.
There is a saying something like: there are three types of people; Those who don't curse, those who curse out of anger and those who curse for humor. The first are fine people but I find them rather boring, the second I watch out for because they have a tendency toward anger management issues. The third always have a good joke on hand, so let me hang out with them.

I find it ironic that this kid (i assume) used a TR quote that you cannot criticize those in the field for working as hard as they can to win, after just complaining about what you did in the field.

Some people just cant put a good argument together.

Man people like Joseph just plain suck. They ruin the game. I have always had faith win or lose and always will. Every lost game is a lesson, to learn from the mistakes and work on them. Redskins fan rain or shine, win or lose, thick and thin. I say better to get the lost out of the way.Always a bad apple in the bunch(Joseph). You guys are the greatest in my book. I will always be a fan no matter what. You can count on me at home in Oklahoma watching every game on Sunday Ticket. I truely feel that this is the year for the Redskins. This lost was like bugs in a piece of machinery-nothing is perfect-just gotta work out the kinks.Dont let the bad apples get to ya, prove them wrong, I know you guys can.Good luck in the rest of the season.

225 dollars later and I'll see you in row 10! Good luck out there and hope you get another Touchdown.

Roland....SMOKED? They lost by 6 effing point! There are teams that ACTUALLY got smoked out there.

CC, I thought you guys showed flashes of greatness that will become more apparent as the season rolls on. 1 friggin game and everybody has a stroke! We should all be nailing Mr. Snyder's ass to the wall for switching out coaches more than Donald Trump switches wives therefore creating NO continuity in the scheme that these guys have to go out and re-learn every 2 years. Look at the teams winning consintantly...Pats...Bellicheat has been there for years...Colts, Stellers, Eagles...all have coaches and/or shcemes that have been there for years. This team cannot have these sky high fan expectations until Dan Snyder learns to be patient and let things gel. PERIOD.

The guys played their asses off. I could see the mistakes and inconsitency as much as the next village idiot in front of their TV, but it's not my job to hand their asses to them. Leave that to the coaches...and leave the coaches there for more than a couple years. Tank you, come again


Great response Chris! Very classy. People like that make me sick and I am embarassed that he calls himself a fan. Keep working hard and the wins will come. I have been on the season ticket waitlist for 12 years and finaly got offered them this year and I look forward to cheering you guys on all season and for many years to come. HTTR!

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Sure, I yelled at the TV last Sun, I got a little pissed a couple times, even said "What the Hell" when Campbell threw that interception past the line of scrimmage. But I also gave big "Hell Yeah" when Hunter the Punter ran in a score, Hall grabbed that INT, and you caught that TD in the 4th quarter. But most importantly, after I turned off the game, I had dinner with the family, had a few more beers, watched King of the Hill and some other TV shows and went to bed. Its only a football game. Nothing to lose sleep over and not that important in the grand scheme of things. You guys dont need to worry about this guy, he will probably drop dead of a hear attack or die from stress soon. He has some issues and obviously has some things going on in his life that suck. Obviously his whole life sucks,lol. So he needs to take it out on you guys. I think what you should do is send Big Al over to his house and have him knock on the door and see if he will repeat this email to his face. People get awfully tough and awfully sure of themselves when they are protected by the internet and the safety of there homes. Hail to the Redskins!!

Hey randal, I bet Mr.Cooley will be the first person to tell you he's had problems fumbling recently (last 40 receptions or so). Lost or not is irrelevant, often determined by other players.


That game was not as close as the score indicated. The offense was putrid, just like Week1 last year and Weeks 9-16. The defense may have issues from time to time, but it's a unit we can definitely win with as it has been 4 of the last 5 years.

Fate of this team hangs on the offense rising from dregs of the league, at least up to respectability.

And it doesnt matter where or who we are playing. Good teams SCORE.

This guy seems to have some obsession with people sucking on the male reproductive organ.

Don't worry about it Chris you will get them next time keep up the good work!


I'm a 48 year old dad of a 12 year old son. As he gets closer to being a teenager, there are naturally fewer things we have in common -- but we both love the Skins. I appreciate how hard you dedicate yourselves to your craft, knowing full well that achieving excellence does not come without significant cost. I point out to my son that leaders do not always win, but they teach us that success comes from never giving up -- from getting up when you've been knocked down and not letting what anyone says while you're down affect you. I do not teach my son that winning is the most important thing -- I teach him that playing to your best ability while acting honorably is what defines the true "Winner."

I'm tired of all the incessant complaining there is nowadays about professional athletes. Unfortunately, many seem to transfer there own frutrations to you professionals -- probably because your "celebrity" status appears to make you easy targets.

Rest assured that there are many of us normal people in the greater Washington area who appreciate what you do. Many of us who have our own struggles and realize you must also. MAny of us who are proud to hold you up as role models for young kids.

Keep the good work. Go Skins!


P.S. what exactly is a "bama?"

Imma let you finish -- but the Bills' collapse in the 4th quarter against the Patriots was the LOSS OF THE YEAR

We're just about all tired of the constant "starting line" position of the Skins.
Character insults weren't needed.

He's right. You're wrong by 6 points.

The Skins are sick nasty. I don't care what anyone says. Just a bad first half that's all. Win or lose I'm a fan for life.

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when I read that, the eminem song, "stan" started playing in my head.

Put that guy on suicide watch. Keep banging Chris.

@bernie - a bama is a chump or a punk. I'll use it in a sentence. The guy who wrote the letter to Chris was a cold bama.

It started around the 70's and if you're not from DC you'll probably never hear the word.

I just put people like that in the ASS category or "attention seeking sacoshit"

Best just to igore them Chris - I'm sure the guy is getting a woody that you put his letter up.

Doesn't matter if the attention is good or bad - they just want to waste our time.

I'm going to steal a point made my Colin Cowherd: Take a civilian man in decent shape, let him into a game and take the hits that a football player does. He could *maybe* take three or four hits before not being able to get up, before spending the rest of the week in bed, if not the hospital.

And you guys do that, week after week after week.

And someone dares call you soft? Please, oh pretty please, invite good ol' Joseph out to practice once. Let him volunteer to take some hits and see how soft he is.


I never really have any comments, but this guy does not know anything about football. After watching the game I realized that the skins needed to play a closer to perfect game to win. Eli was avoiding the rush and putting the ball right on the recievers hands. Living in NYC it was almost like a copy of what he did in the playoff run 2 years ago. Did the skins play mediocore yeah, but when Eli is slingin it like that they can beat anyone. The next time you guys play them and there is a little wind watch what happens to Eli's ball, we'll win that one. Also great catch for the touchdown.

I love when people don't support claims with facts. The defense held NYG 55 yards below their rushing ypg from last year, wich the exceeded on the skins. They also got 2 sacks on one of the best O-lines in football. Only two things really bothered me from sunday: The play call to go with an ARE reverse pass after Clinton had a huge run to open up the game. It was just a confidence killer. The second one was Jason's pick he threw 3-4 yards past the line! I can deal with a pick but he was 2 yards from picking up the first with his feet! Thankfully Tanner and Happy Drinks kept me from losing my mind. Love the In-Game chats.


I'm a Broncos fan, but I'm also from Utah originally, so I follow you and your team. Any "fan" that writes a letter like that warrants a citizens arrest. In the words of Kanye,
Yo Joesph,
I'm really happy for you.
I'm gonna let you finish,
But you are one of the worst fans of all time! Of all time!

Joseph sounds like a mouth-breather.

i was thinking the same way up until yesterday, i suppose a 14 year old can mature faster than that man, i am always sorry about thinking that about you guys because we do not and most likely will not never know what happens on the field, we must take your words', also I THANK YOU FOR BEING A GREAT PLAYER BECAUSE YOU AND THE OTHER GUY AT TRAINING CAMP WILL WORK HARD FOR TWO HOURS IN EXTREMELY HOT WEATHER AND SIGN AUTOGRAPHS, THANK YOU

and thank you cooley because i am at the age where i got snubbed by players for the little ones, i enjoy looking at your autograph everyday and thank you for staying out on the first day of training camp for a long time, i thank devin thomas for not signing autographs, but "just giving love", i thank deangelo hall for helping a little boy on his fathers shoulder from falling off, i thank you all for your dedication to this team, i know you will be amazing this year, i have a feeling, avenge sean taylor! you got the arundel high school redskins fans behind you
1 show all thoselarge number of bandwagon cowfuck , eagterds, and giant wimp fans at our schools' and work places' what you guys are made of
p.s show john the ass how much you "don't" care about the team

I know you guys played your hardest and I am truly proud to say I am a fan of a team with great role models for my children. This guy is a jacka**. Good Luck Sunday all your true fans and faith in you guys!!

Don't think, meat. Just pitch.

And kill the Rams!

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Dear Chris Cooley,

I am a psychopath who has never played football in my life and you all are complete soft failures. I cut my wrists and beat my dog after every loss. I obviously care and have more heart than you ever will. I don't live with my mother, she lives with me. I NEED TO TALK IN ALL CAPS I AM SO PASSIONATE1111!!!!!1!!!!

haha what an ignorant/immature child~

No offense there chris but the guy is right on the money although his insults and name calling were childish and cowardly. That was a pretty sad showing vs the gmen. Its almost as if the redskins have accepted losing with there nonchalant attitude after games. As a 35+year redskin fan i have never in my life seen a team post game that plays off losses as if its no big deal like this current regime. I know you guys work your tail off in practice but as a fan i have to say i just dont see the winning attitude so many of the other great teams that played in DC had. How about after a loss tell the media what you did wrong instead of what you did right.I think i speak for alot of fans when i say we are tired of hearing the losers speech.Im sorry if i have insulted you with this post. Feel free to tell me to F myself of if i could do better put on pads, but at the end of the day im the fan who buys the product and i will voice my opinion.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.
-- Vince Lombardi

Unfortunately this is how people act in today’s world. They flip you the finger and yell at you from their car if they think that you somehow caused them to be 2 seconds late for something. They call you names and talk junk to you on message boards without even thinking twice about it. Funny how everyone is so brave and tough when they are not face to face with you. I would love to see that guy walk into the Redskins locker room and say those things in person. But we all know that he wouldn’t. because he is a coward and fraud. HTTR!!!

I was frustrated and mad when the Skins lost... Who wasn't? but that doesn't mean that i'm gonna do what that stupid fuck did... besides there are still 15 games left so neither the skins or us should worry about a thing... but Chris Cooley if you read this please please please take care of the ball I thought you fumbled man come on please im asking you please please!!


Courtesy of your man behind enemy lines....

Mike Ahl(yeah I gave my last name) from Highland,NY a 100 miles north of New York City. The consensus here in the foxhole is this guy is a traitor. I'm sitting here in the mud and all bloody up from the recent "Battle in New York". (sound of helicopter coming to pick me up).
I just got out of a fierce fire-fight with 14 other Giant fans i invited to my house. Provided beer and food for these aggressors in the hopes of a statement from the boys on the front-line. It was a hard fought battle. The defensive and offensive generals battle-plans were poch marked with shortcomings here and there but overall were emerged with a loss but no major casualties.
A play here and a step up here and we would of been right in it.(In chopper.... Intel reports the nest battle is in St. Louis..."Pilot take me to St Louis!!!"
Have faith as I'm sure you guys do...There's alot of us out there that feel its kinda like this in our respective hometowns. Feel good though for as deep behind the enemy lines you may be there will be fans rooting you on not far away!!!!!


Wow I didn't know Redskins fans hated their team so much. This guy is just as bad as any Cowboys fan.

HTTR!!!!! I see 5 straight wins before the eagles game. Hip Hip Hooray!!

OK OK so Osi recovers a fumble and returns it for a TD that dont happen we WIN! JC higer passer rating than that of highest paid player in the leauge Mr. Eli..... open day im content. No fan can ever feel the pain of a loss like a player can. I played from age 7-19 and one year at ECU. It hurts!! Just like everybody on the team knows adjustments need to be made its just implementing those ajustments. Like long fan for 29yrs HTTR. For lack of a better word FUCK joey! Chris keep up the good work this year MORE TD!!! your on my fantasy team.

Hey Joseph - Unless you've walked in the shoes of those who you dare to criticize - then your hate filled letter has no substance nor any validity. I can honestly say that I have now seen profanity used as a verb, adverb, noun and an adjective(not that you did that on purpose)- however, you fail to see that each player did make significant contributions throughout the game and we were only a play or two away from winning. I believe the team is far better than last year and will only improve through the year. So, sit back in your lazyboy and continue to feed off your parents. I wish they had a show called Joseph Vs. 'cause I'd love to see someone from the Skins knock the snot out of you.

Hey maybe we should ask Obama about what he thinks about that guy's post... maybe he will have the same words he had for Kanye! "He's a jack ass!"
I am a true Redskin fan for life. Win or lose. I still love them day in and day out!

LOL the guy has a pretty good point. He may of handled it in a bad way with the mud slinging and cursing but Redskins definately looked flat on Sunday, but the Ginas played poorly too so later in the season it won't look as bad on the shedule as it actually did in game. Lots of football yet to play and hopefully losing this div game doesn't come back to bite at the end of the season.

Grew up in northern Maryland as a Redskins fan my whole life, even went to the final RFK game where we smashed the Cowgirls. Since then my entire family and pretty much every football friend has jumped ship to Ravens or Steelers. I have sat through 3 stompings of the Skins in the meadowlands when I used to live in NYC so I was not expecting Washington to win this game anyway and the sunday loss didn't really bother me too much. Now I live in Honolulu and don't know a single other Redskins fan. Just hordes of "flavor of the month" fans. Seeing Colt get drafted by the skins was a dream come true after watching his perfect season first hand and I can't wait till he gets his shot at running the team. This season is a scratch for me anyway until they get rid of JC. I refuse to get excited until that man is gone. I highly respect him and I like his attitude, I just don't want him to quaterback for my team anymore lol. He has had too many chances and has struggled for too long, I have seen him do great things only to cover it with 10 terrible ones. This is not a superbowl team as long as JC runs the offense. Sad but true. Passer ratings and useless statistics mean little to me. W is everything.

I can see where the guy that sent the hate mail could get pissed and where some of his ammo came from. I love the current Redskins roster since everyone is personable and funny and from the blog vids and reportings everyone seems to have a really fun time and full of personality, BUT, I don't see a team like that winning a superbowl. This is not the team of old, this team is WAY MORE talented, but way less focussed (or so it seems to the outside fan). I've seen snyder cart in the neon deions and bruce smiths and it didn't do sqaut. So excuse me if I'm not overly excited about Fat Albert playing the middle and screaming "this is the year!" like so many blind fans. I epect a decent season, maybe even scraping through and grabbing a wild card which would be more than I could hope, but Cooley and Clinton can't carry this ofense by themselves.

Good thing about div games, you get another shot at them later in the year and this time they are in our house! Good luck against the Rams and go get a W! HTTR!

Great response Chris!! Let's show the fans what the skins are made of this Sunday. You hear that the team lacks heart constantly from half-hearted fans, and yeah I see the Ravens defense bouncing around before games, but I know you guys have the heart. Let it shine Sunday!!

What is the point of putting this letter up in the locker room. It's useless. I know you guys are good team players and try to stick together, but let's face it. You guys suck because of Campbell. Somebody needs to write a letter about how JC sucks bad and post that up in the locker room instead. But then again, even after the Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez fiasco, Jason Campbell still is a horrible quarterback, so who knows.


Please don't think about us fans acting like we are from Philly or Dallas (Joseph). Personally, I'm a fan through good times and bad times, have been rooting for the Skins since 1971. I would love to see you guys have a great season and feel that you will. All I ask is to have coach Zorn use all of his receiving core personnel for the season, I feel that the young receivers are ready to produce and would love to see the ball fly.

Stay thirsty my friend!!


Profanity is the sign of a lazy mind.

I hate loses just as much as any other fan, but never would I call anyone soft who plays any sport at a professional level. You, the rest of the Redskins, and the other 1900 or so NFL players out there do something that most of us can only dare to dream of being able to do. Your ability to refrain from stooping to this "man's" level is extremely admirable. Men of less character would have done so... or perhaps emailed him about it.


Ive been a Redskins fan since i 10,I watched you guys have put in such hard work in the offseason. Im looking foward to a real run in the next 5 games before the break..Stick together as a team and the fans will always support you!!


I've been a Skins fan since growing up during the 80s. I used to love when the Skins went to the Super Bowl because it meant going to a sweet sweet nice cookout at one of our neighbor's houses that had a front projection big screen TV. Now everyone has big screen TVs. Anyway, to Chris and the rest of the Skins, the true fans appreciate the hard work you guys put in week in and week out, and we true fans also know that even though you guys put your heart & soul into it, so does the other team. This letter's author cannot be a true fan, because a true fan would not have such a knee-jerk reaction to a tough game and a tough loss. We can't do what you guys do, otherwise we'd be doing it instead of watching it and living vicariously through your triumphs and failures. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We'll still be here cheering you on. We won't give up on you guys after one game, or sixteen.

Last time I checked, the Skins offense outscored the Giants offense 17-16. One rough play cost us the game. That's the way it goes sometimes.

And 1 loss won't kill us. I'm fairly sure Coach Gibbs always approached the season where we had to win 3 out of every 4 games we play. So, for the next 3 games our backs are against the wall.

I'll do my part to cheer as loud as I can. And Chris will do his and catch a few more TD's. JC will deliver the ball, my boy Orakpo will get a few sacks, and D Hall and Smoooooot will terrorize opposing QB's. And we'll win. Over and over.

Hail to the Redskins!

If this guy has been a skins fan since before you born he has seen worse years than the one we are about too... NO Doubt... I live in Texas and I am a Skins fan... I would never talk about my team like that... If anything I am defending the Skins like they are my family....CONSTANTLY... Regardless, win or lose... 3 things most important in my life are Family, Friends, and THE REDSKINS!!! You guys keep up the good work, I have faith in ya'll and as far as I'm concerned were winning the next 10 super bowls... Maybe I'm a little biased...

You guys didn't play bad but you definitely didn't play well. I'm interested to know how the team goes about trying to fix that and if you think it will work?

First of all, breaking that hatorade of a comment into paragraphs might have helped his argument. I kept getting dizzy reading that. Second of all, this is the kind of fan who's first to hate and first to jump on the wagon when we start winning. This guy should not be allowed to be a Skins fan.

ha all of this is hilarious... The skins looked horrible but I love 'em. I know that they know what they need to work on.. I think it was glaringly obvious.
I liked seeing Campbell start to get mad at himself. I was wondering if he cared at all that his team was looking like shit and he was the leader of the whole shabang.. Ya know you watch Peyton and everyone knows how he sits back there and "manages the game" barking off shifts and giving heads up, changing the play or routes. I want some of that. THE FIRE TO WIN and not compromise. I don't like the previous posts about just being happy with mediocrity, and I don't believe the team does either..
Lets see less three and outs and more quick throws to moss (not at the line of scrimmage) that will open up lanes for portis, throw in a few solid 1st down catches from our stud cooley and tada-victory!! and no more hatespeech

I think that letter is really from Daniel Snyder. He's a strange guy so naturally he has a strange way of venting.

Sounds like somebody lost some money in a bet...

Awesome responce EVERYONE!!!!!!!! I couldn't have said it any better!! Love you Skins, Most of all Chris. Great TD. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!! See you Sunday


While I was disappointed , it made me realize how much I love the skins. I would like to personally mail you 50 dollars for your touchdown, but you don't need it. I was almost about to be 200 dollars in the whole and have just lost but you broke the spread. Your resiliency is admirable.

Wow, this douche needs to get into anger management asap! Scary that someone could get that incensed over a damn football game.

Chris, you know we true fans love you and all you stand for no matter what the outcome of a game. After all is said and done it is just that - a GAME.

I think it's hilarious that you posted his note for all to read. I do hope it gets the team fired up for next week. And hopefully Haynesworth will picture this ahole when he's going after Boller on Sunday!

For all the people talking crap about Cooley fumbling - I'm sure it's hard to catch a ball that's poorly thrown every time. They either have to stop and wait for it or jump a mile for it, all the while putting their bodies at risk and risking the defender pulling the ball away. Why oh why can't Campbell throw to someone on the run?! He should work on that, and that only every single day.

Keep up the great work Chris! Don't let the turds get you down!


Hey Roland....The Ravens won a super bowl on Defense and their kicker. Nuff said...

You posted it in the locker room thats f---ing aawsome!! I hope when you guys are 11-5 he is geting his a-- kicked in parking lot trying to get tix to you 1st home playoff game. have great year latter

F@ck this Dude!!!!!!! HAil to the Redskins!!! One game dose not define a season. I know you don't need me to tell you this but Keep playing hard!! I want to take a sh@t down this guys throat!! As a matter of fact I want to see Big Albert take a steamer down this dudes throat!! Albert please do it !! Go Get Those Rams!!

Much respect for posting this Chris and standing up to this person. We don't need "fans" like this. Were the fans frustrated? Yes (and I'm sure you all were too). Did things really not look good? Yes. But that's when you guys go back, review, work on what went wrong and improve. For you and for the team, keep your heads up and kick some ass next week. HTTR! :)

Oh and for the guy that sent this, go be an Eagles fan. They seem to like assholes that boo their own team. We don't need that crap here.

Joseph is a closet Dallas fan. Unless he suits up and plays he needs to shut the f**k up. I'm sick of these boo-hoo belly-acher "fans".
Keepin it real in Abingdon, VA HTTR!!!

Dudes like that usually can't compartmentalize that stuff to just football either.

I feel sorry for his friends and family.

As I don't agree with how the "fan" showed his frustration with the post. There still is a lot to be said about the INTENSITY or lack there of that was displayed on Sunday. Yeah we know it was the Giants and they were playing at home. That's the whole point it was the Giants!!! And it looked to us "skins" fans that went to the game and to some of the Giants fans (assholes) that I was around, that the Giants just seemed way more pumped that my beloved skins. It was killing me to look on the sidelines and see half of the skins players sitting and look on the Giants sidelines and see their whole team standing and cheering.

It absolutely sucked seeing that!! I know that everyone has different emotional responses to how they get pumped up but dammit where the hell is the emotional leader???

Hail to the Skins...Fan for Life!!!



Great comeback on the letter. But seriously why do you fumble so much. You have incredible hands and catch everything thrown your way. You break tackles better than almost every other tight end in the league. Does it piss you off when you do. Because on TV, it looks like it doesn't bother you.

Chad Layman - Harrisonburg, VA

Yup mooch i was there as well and saw the same things. It was almost as if the skins believed they were going to lose before the 1st qrt was even over. Lets face it this team lacks the heart and desire to ever be anything more than a .500 team. Sorry chris your a good tightend but when i see the skins i see 53 players collecting a check and not a team.Blame zorn blame campbell dosnt matter it is what it is


I hear you but this team made up of the same core players have absolutely shown passion and fire...both of the amazing playoff runs under Gibbs and even last year until after the Pitt game. I loved the game in Philly (i was there). There was a lot of passion in that game. Just didn't see it on Sunday. I am going to chalk this one up to nerves...

Light a goddamn fire and kick the Rams ass on Sunday!!

Besides all the homosexual comments this guy is pretty spot on

The skins did look soft.
Laron Landry looks like a 4th rounder, not first
and D.Hall's ankles might still be in ice after Mario juked him Barry Sanders style.

Hopefully We don't lose to the Rams

This “fan” is garbage and not a TRUE fan.

For everyone who claims that Cooley and the rest of the Redskins lack heart, intensity and drive in each game- you should be ashamed. I invite you to get off your lazy boy, put down the 6 pack of Budweiser and suit up for a game…THEN you can talk about having the heart, intensity and drive to win. TRUE Redskins fans support their team 365 days a year, not just after a W.

Good luck this season CC!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

One of the team's problems is the offensive players over-inflated view of how good they are. The truth is without years of good-to-great defense in a row now...this team would be putting up 4-12 seasons. That's how bad the offense has been for several years and we all know it.

Yet players, like you Mr.Cooley, say things such as "We should be blowing teams out [paraphrase]" after the loss to the Giants.

Why would you say that when you guys NEVER blow teams out? Maybe it's time to face up to the fact the offensive side of the ball has been the problem for years, and act accordingly? Whether it means focus more or whatever, for you guys to decide.

But please stop with the weekly excuses and lamentations about what you see on film that we dont...the results are there for everyone to see. You guys cant go more than 5 out of 10 plays with all 11 players doing what they are supposed to, and that's why most drives stall.

Until you all start executing, the offense will continue to stink and the team will go nowhere.

and I thought the people on extreme skins were bad.

David's post hits the Mark. The one thing we have the opportunity too do is correspond with people like Chris in a way that never was possible before. I love sending tweets to my favorite Redskins when I get a tweet back i act like a 5 year old on Christmas! I did agree with what David said earlier. I love JC and wish he could sort it all out and lead us to the promise land but something about his focus doesn't sell me. He has flashes of greatness and composure and of being a true leader but then he follows it up with like a deer in headlights lost confused very unsure. I suppose the Giants blitz package could have the effect on many QB's. But it is only week 1 for some schmuck to come down on my BELOVED REDSKINS is pure BLASPHEMY! Chris Thanks for running the BLOGS and sometimes even respoinding to my TWEETS as far as I'm concerned everyone that is a hater can pound sand.... HTTR!



You are one of my favorite players and I love the or lose, I love the team! The dude who posted this comment sure used D*** a lot.. a lot of sucking d*** and d*** this and d*** that. Seems to me, the dude has some serious issues with d***...his is either too small or he really, really wants one and doesn't know it yet.

I hope he does turn to the Cowhoes... he's exactly the type of fan they need/want.



really the skins have always sucked and this will never change .... i think everyone in sports are over paid ... you're playing a childs game and making a killin... my hats off to you for that.. :P ..

that was a funny letter .. really the best rant i have read in years .. :) ..

keep sucking and making millions while doin it ... thats the american way .. ^_^ ..

Chris Cooley,

I think that even tho the fan said what he was feeling...he did so in the wrong way. It does go to show you that Redskins fans have run low on patience.

I have been a season ticket holder for 7 years now and will always cheer on the team. Always. But it doesn't mean I can't get mad at you guys for not playing well. Or missing assignments or not making enough plays. I hate to say it but the Offense has had a bunch of different Coordinators and the guys have pretty much been the same dudes. Minus a oline man here or there. I know it takes awhile to "jell" but either you have it or you don't. And we may just not have the right talent in place that works well together. Its not that you or portis or campbell are not talented. Its just that maybe for whatever reason you aren't all talented when put together.
And I think for the fans who actually pay money to go and see the team, its a lil disheartening to see the quality of play and excuses that come every year. Sorry but you guys are deserving of that email until you start to show some real constant production...AS A TEAM.


I have been a Redskins fan almost all of my life (except for those years between birth and age 6 when I was more concerned about other things). Yes, it can be frustrating to watch them at times, especially when they lose. Yes, I will yell at the tv, get frustrated, throw pillows and shout out an expletive or two whilst watching a game. However, none of this changes the fact that I am a fan. I love my team and it's players. Always have, always will. Now go out and kill the Rams on Sunday.

Too many fans take all the press about the skins too seriously. When was the last time SI or any other of the major sports outlets was right about a team. A team is made up of individuals. It is the character of each individual that will determine the success or failure of the team. The skins are a team with a lot of character and a few characters too. I think they will surprise a lot of people this year. A lot of "Fans" should hide their faces and never claim the burgundy and gold. If you are a fan then you support your team. If you don't like the skins then pick another team.
I predict that JC will be the big story this year and one of the highest rated QB's in the NFC. The defense will be the top defense in the NFC and the skins will make the playoffs this year. Just watch.

Joseph has alot to learn in life but I will say that Jason plays scared and until he snaps out of that the skins are no better then 9-7.However if he can man up and use the boatload of talent he has the sky is the limit!! I mean think about it Portis,Moss,Cooley,kelly,Thomas,and Randle El in the slot!!! Wow the pieces for something special are here regardless of what any of you so called fans that are actually haters say.I bleed burgundy and gold and have since the diesel was stompin cats in the early 80's.hey Chris mention to Zorn that throwing to portis would be a good idea once in a while.Im just saying its pretty obvious when Ladell comes in we pass and when CP is in we any case HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and Giants still suck!! LMFAO


I have you on my fantasy squad and I am fan of the Redskins and you, win or lose, because of your blog. Keep it up and I love the straight shooting.

You know, that "fan's" letter almost makes me hesitate to say that I have been a Skins fan longer then most of the current team has been alive.

Joe seems rather obsessed with D*** and the various things that can be done with and to D***. I find many men are obsessed with physical characteristics they themselves lack --- hence most men's preoccupation with my breasts. *g* Perhaps, Joe lacks a D***? I don't know Joe, but evidence would seem to suggest.....

A true fan celebrates the wins, mourns the losses and always, always supports/defends their team no matter what. In 1993 and 1994 I lived in Northern NJ. I worked in an office with 152 employees - me and 151 Giants fans. I still have acid flashbacks.

Bottom line - it's a GAME. If that D*** is this upset over a sporting event - he clearly has bigger issues and should seek some therapy. A lot of therapy.


Chris - one we love YOU! and our SKINS!
Two.. as I said on my Facebook page on Sunday - I love my Skins .. good, bad or Ugly!!! It's the 1st game -come on true fans - stick by your team!

Great Job Chris. You showed that A-Hole. Why doesnt he go root for the Cowgirls?

Those who can not articulate tend to use vulgarities.

I guess that is one approach to a loss. Me? I have lived in Central Texas for... well, too long... but what I do if the Skins don't win is get more swag, show more love... something. I don't know. It's my process. Last year I painted my house Burgundy and Gold. If we lose in October, you should see me at Halloween! I think I got it from my Dad. He thinks he is controlling the plays with how he wears his hat or where he stands. I used to yell at HIM to do it right next time!

Anyway, love you, guys! Get well against those Rams!

hey whats up Bossman, I have been a skin fan since 87.Most people forget an era of free agency we are lucky enough to have a team that has been assembled for a few years now. I know in my heart that Gibbs had a vision. A super bowl team.The reason folks are so pissy is because we know that you guys should be kickin ass. Forget this close game stuff. Go get after it. I do know that you guys bust your ass. But watch a tape of the 91 team those guys had an attitude. That they cant be touched.super bowl this year buddie....

hey bro, remember gibby, He loves you guys,and its killin him to see you guys lose. Joe is a happy camper when you guys play well.

i'm a partial fan seeing as though you guys are partial players...i do believe jason campbell is a better player, but he has absolutely no one to throw to. i know who he's going to throw to before he throws it(Moss). actually if i was coach z i would put in the young guys instead of moss..moss runs his pattern and once the ball isn't there he stops running. he doesn't come back for the ball or anything..i look at player's that he's suppose to be in there catagory ie...randy"go-getter"moss who can catch bb's in the dark try to catch every ball thrown his way. terrell owens who to me will try to catch anything thrown his way, and then there's the legend "my man" jerry rice...who defines a true receiver...he went out there every single game with the intention of catching anything thrown his way..really the shouldn't emphasis jason campbell's playing...they should look closely at mr.santana moss who work habits sucks..i honestly believe that you guys should give back your checks....the true hardworking redskins player to ever play the game was Mr.Sean Taylor (rest-in-peace). you guys just aren't hungry enough...maybe you guys should visit more inter-city schools to see the kids who have the passion,hardwork,love of the game mentality...just to keep you grounded..Mr.Taylor never forgot where he came from,and showed it every single game...when you guys enter that field every game you should remember Sean Taylor and how he played the game...remember his saying..."we're getting paid a King's Ramson for a game we love"

Wow, clearly came back from a 3 month CC board hiatus at the right moment. What a hilarious diatribe.

CC-Solid TD catch. That's why I took the redskins in the 2nd half! I miss vegas already.

I DON'T miss last sunday though. Bets mostly sucked. Bears lost and lost urlacher. Blah!

Anyways though, hope all is well and good luck this year.

The Redskins lost so there is a good argument that the team needs improvement. I'm not saying that it was no big deal to lose to a division team right off the bat again. I, as a fan, am disappointed and expected more.

That being said... I did see some good things out there Sunday. The punting game got better. The D-Line is better than last year. The O-Line held OK against a good D-Line. Chris looks great in the end zone. Randle-El brings his A game always. Run defense is strong. Fletcher is a bad Mo Fo.

Saw some things that scare me as a fan too. O-Line looks better but struggled attimes (week one and a good D = a pass here). Weak passing game, wanted to see the ball spread around more (you know, west coast style :-) Running game? Secondary (ouch). Orakpo (just needs reps I think). Play calling... not sure I see trust in the execution here. Ball control and time of possession.

So.... It's week one and the team has some things to work out and show the rest of the league. I still believe in the Redskins and can still see the playoff window open. The end of the season looks brutal so lets win now and develop the identity of the team. The Giants have the Skins number, we know that. That's over now and the Rams should pay for it.

Go Redskins!!!

Chris, that guy can't be a Skins fan talking like that! I think it was a Giant or Eagle or Cowgirl fan acting like he's a Skins fan. And what a dumb ass for writing that with your name and email on it Loser LMAO.....

GO SKINS BEAT DEM RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll take a picture of the scum bag. I'll print it out, frame it, and set it right next to my toilet. This will prevent two things: 1. I can piss on him instead of the floor (my wife ends to scream about it), and 2. It will keep the rats away at night.

That was pretty ridiculous.... Sorry you guys aren't getting the respect from "fans". I've seen some things I didn't like in the last two games. But there's no doubt in my mind that the team is coming together to correct them.

I wouldn't have replied to that ignorant BS. Doesn't deserve a decent response.

Mr. Cooley,

Obvioiusly this is a very sad if not troubled individual. He lives and dies with the success and/or failure of your football team. He projects all of his own self hate onto you and your team.

Mocking and challenging an individual like this comes off as bullying, childish and self pitying.

Over 40 years as REDSKINS DIE Hard Fan.

1.) Stop the BS about JC. He is a great quarterback and we are fortunate to have him leading the offense. He is levelheaded, makes solid decisions, throws a beautiful ball and has CLASS.

Secondly, who else do you want to lead our offense?

a.) Tony "Let Me Choke at the Most Opportune Moment" Romo? LOL
b.) Eli "Wake Me Up When You Need Me" Manning? Hell to the No.
c.) Donovan McNabb? -- Great quarterback - but sorry rather have JC

My last point is that JC is near the top 1/3 of most talented, consistent quarterbacks in the league today. I just hope to God that Synder chills the F up and does the right thing - respect the players AND sign JC to a long term contract. But he won't because that is his nature.

I frankly look around the league and feel grateful that we have JC. He should have made the Pro Bowl last year (and he was on that track - until injuries decimated our starting offensive line).

All of you haters (right term? Sorry older white guy here) need to step off jack. JC is the quarterback and still the guy who can lead this team.

I just wish our Quarterback Coach, err, Head Coach would start ATTACKING the opponents defense and open up the damn offense.

Jim Z. -- you are killing us...


Keeping it Real

Come on Chris. You gotta give us fans more credit that just being cheerleaders for you guys. Yeah, we're not on the field getting our faces smashed and getting bruises like the picture you posted of Yoder last year. But we fans not only have a palpable passion for the Skins, you guys, and Football in general but we KNOW FOOTBALL. Although the guy who's letter you posted in your locker room is obviously way off base with his characterization of you guys, he is right in one regard--The status quo of an anemic TD scoring offense for yet ANOTHER year is gonna cause a whirlwind of negativity everywhere. The scoring issue should have been resolved in the off season and now, even though it's only game 2, this season is starting with where it left off last year...and we all know where THAT ended.

Seems like you're the only one who is dependable, doesn't drop passes and truly can be counted on offensively. All the fans are keenly aware that if the entire team played as consistently as you, a Super Bowl trophy would be in our near future. And that's why all the fans are frustrated.

I personally think that guy and all of his words are a joke. What a childish person.

You have so many fans that love you!!!!!!!!! Don't even let this guy bother you for one minute. In fact tear down that crap in the locker room... you don't need that to prove your skills.

When you walk out onto that field and the stadium is full, kids are asking for your autograph, fans are fighting for a good spot to snap that photograph of you... thats what you need to see... Play good for those fans... that should give you the encouragement that you need... not some dumb letter that some guy that specializes in foul language with. That guy must hate his own boring life to pick on The Redskins.

Chris Cooley you have accomplished so much. You are a hero... so are the other Redskins!!! All of you!

You rock!


For quoting Roosevelt Cooley wins.

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