Sunday, September 13, 2009

FP: Coping With A Redskin Loss

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Redskins lost to the Giants…I know it sucks, I feel your pain. But, it was the 1st game of the season, it was the Giants and it was in New York. Sure it would be nice to get a win there, but 1 game does not make a season. As a fan that can remember games back to the 81’ season, I’ve suffered thru 213 losses…that’s a lifetime of heartbreak. However, the key is learning how to deal with the loss and recognizing certain symptoms that come from the losing. You may be suffering from some of the conditions that I’m going to discuss in this post…the first step is admitting you have the problem. Ladies and gentleman, the stages of a Redskin’s loss.

DAY 1 (Game day)

Disbelief – During this stage you take a few moments to review your thoughts. You say things like “we didn’t just lose, did we?” “WTF happened on that WR option play with Randle El?” “Are we really the only team in the division without a win?”

Anger – Oh yeah, your pissed now. You text, email or call everyone in your cell phone that will listen to you, even the ones who won’t listen to you! You say things you really don’t mean, things like “Portis is over the hill, put in Mason” or “F Campbell, sign Garcia or Jeff George” and “We’ll never win under Zorn, I want Shanahan.”
Your wife/girlfriend asks you “what do you care it’s only a football game” you reply something really stupid like “I’ve loved them longer than I’ve loved you.” This will haunt you a lot longer than the loss to the Giants!

Numbness – After you’ve gone thru your Rolodex and contacted everyone you can, you sit in your Lazy-boy and drink and eat everything in the house. You barely speak, in fact you're only forms of communications at this point are mumbling and grunting (maybe an occasional fart, your wife/girlfriend is really happy with you at this point.) The day ends with you passing out in your lucky jersey (which is no longer lucky) and your wife’s diary looks like this.

Day 2 (The day after)

Game Hangover – You wake up, groggy and trying to collect your bearings…and hoping the day before never happened. You get on the Internet and confirm that yes, the Skins lost! At this point it’s time to take your thoughts to the mainstream media, I mean all your friends have already heard your BS…let’s post it on the internet message boards and call sports talk radio shows! At the Cooley Zone you say something like “Chris, here’s my email address, tell Zorn to call me…his play calling sucks!” or you call Lavar and Dukes to say “the Skins will go 6-10, it’s time to start planning for 2010.”

Day 3

Rest – On day 3, you rest. You re-watch the game…but you’re not angry. You cuddle with your wife, you watch some Housewives show on A&E.

Day 4

Coming out of the fog - The Dallas fan at work greets you in the morning with a jab about the Skins, without thinking you tell him to go F himself. You start rambling on about how we were a couple plays away from beating the Giants in New York and how we’re gonna sweep the Cowgirls. You sit at your desk and you feel…peace.

Drinking the Kool-Aid – You look at the remaining schedule and all of the sudden…the Skins are going to go 15-1. You start texting, calling and emailing your friends and say things like “I think Portis is going to to rush for 150 this week” and “JC’s going to have a Pro Bowl year, just wait and see!” It’s time to go mainstream again so you head back to the Cooley’s message board “Zorn’s going to be the Coach of the Year” you call L&D “the Skins will win the Super Bowl this year with a last second option pass…Randle El to Cooley.”

Day 5

On day 5 you go back to your normal self, and I guess what I’m trying to say to everyone is…just pretend like it’s day 5. Don’t get too high when we rip off 4-5 wins in a row and don’t bash the team after this loss. The Skins played hard and it was a tough situation that they went into. I’m a diehard and I’m sure you are too, let’s support the team and move forward. I mean…I looked at the schedule, I don’t think we’re going to have to deal with another loss this season.

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hilarious. diary was awesome. HTTR

Ay I feel you Tanner, its only the first game and I hate to say it but the Giants are a pretty good team that have just had our number for the past couple of years (6-7 against us).
I'm actually starting to hate them more than Dallas....nevermind I'll take that back but its pretty close! Look We have the easiest schedule in the NFC East this year so lets take advantage of it! Hail Skins! New goal: 15-1 record!

Pretty decent article. The Skins made mistakes in Week 1. However, I'm confident that we will bounce back. Yea, they're a rival, but the Giants are a pretty decent football team. Are they better than the Redskins? Yesterday they were. But not by a long shot. We'll go to war again on December 21st at FedEx. In the mean time, let's smash the Rams this Sunday. Keep up the good work, Chris, you're the man. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

I realy liked it, except let's get outta the 50's shall we?
Write one where the wife is the HUGE fan and is ticked because her team lost to the stupid Giants.

What would that week be like? I bet there'd be NO damn cuddling going on.

awesome how my situation was the opposite of the entry. im the girl, the skins fan, and the one that sat mute and grumpy for hours, while my stupid cowboys fan bf tried to find out if i was mad at him. of course im mad at him, his team won, and mine didnt. he should know to leave me alone, right?

I've been a fan since I remember Red being my favorite color. Plus living in Carlisle PA I grew up with the skins having summer camp in my back yard! Yeah that's almost exactly how I do it but I already told my cowgirl friends they were getting swept right after they started calling after Giants loss I probably was a bit mean about it! I also send tweets to all the redskins telling them we goin to be 5-1 goin Into meeting with Iggles. HTTR!

If we only beat Dallas I'll be happy. HATING THE COWBOYS in Abingdon, VA!!! HTTR

Coming out of the fog is hilarious!

God Bless You. This is the hardest I've laughed since London Fletcher hit the sh!t out of Brandon Jacobs.

Give the Giants all the credit. We ran into a buzzsaw. Regroup and wipe the floor with the Rams. Will we finally beat the teams were supposed to?

If not, Im not listening to the radio and all the crybabies all week. Please done let Shanahan be the next coach. Unless hes bringing Elway with him...

Since I am female we can do my diary and my take on how I watch my Skins play. I am watching the game at the local bowling alley where the Skins fan club meets here in Pensacola. I get there 30 mins early for a good seat and to pay this years club dues. As I start my 2 grey goose and tonics, my Skins have taken the field. After cussing at the screen and now moving onto double grey goose and tonics, my anxiety has now moved to having restroom breaks to go get physically ill. On a good game I only get sick once a half. After yesterday's game i lost count after 5. The only highlight for me was the trick play for the TD (if I am not mistaken was the guy looking for the bathroom in Jax as we yelled over the railing asking here where he was going and why) as well as bringing in the UFC with Santana Moss adding some excitement to the game. By the end of the game needless to say I was on the 7th GG and tonic and really could give a crap. Onto next week. I think I will stick with beer. Needless to say I came home and refused to speak to anyone, and all my friends on Facebook can just leave me the hell alone with all their little "cute" comments about the game and I use that term loosely. (amen) whew!

Ditto what dawsonfoto said...! FP nails the process, CC47 talks serious shop, what else can a Redskins fan say but- "may I have another glass, please?"

Another Week, another GAME!

mustafa: check the blog roll:

This is great except I don't want to talk to anyone after we lose. In general I avoid facebook and all phone calls.

I to am a female and my response to a loss is much more dramatic. First after cussing for the first two quaters of the game I proceed to start cooking dinner because I've completely given up on the team which I've loved longer than my cowgirl lovin husband. After attempting to calm down while we are in the middle of half time I come back to the game and it doesn't seem to make me feel much better seeing those sorry Giants score more points. Ok so my cowgirl loving hubby is now home from work.. but he knows better than to say one word to me or he may just get his head cut off! He knows "the look" by now. I pretty much go to bed without talking to anyone. Monday morning is here,dun dun dunnn... I am in complete morning by this time and all I can do is mope around all day. Tuesday is here and I see the schedule and I am hopeful.

I can honestly say i am demented!! When the skins lose I go absolutely insane.Especially when its a loss like the one on sunday.It actually ruins my week!!! Im not exagerating one bit either!!!I couldnt do anything sunday night and Im watching post game live on a repeat at like midnight cursing and swaring at campbell like he can hear me!! The real sad part is I have 4 kids and they all (except the baby hes only 9 months)know to leave daddy alone when the skins lose!! I live in eastern pa/western nj so im surrounded at work by giant and eagle fans!!! God help me!!!! Jason campbell please STEP UP!!!!!!

It's almost wednesday.. only two more days till Friday when i can start feeling better about the week. And about the Skins playing on Sunday.

and what's with Redskins fans torturing themselves by marrying/dating dallas fans? i know a ton of such couplings.

culs, it's that whole thing about you have to love them and all of their faults to. Trust me I've tried my best to change him. Just a couple days ago I said you've been married to me for 11 years now and I can't believe I haven't made a Redskins fan out of you yet.

The funny thing is, not only is my husband a cowgirl fan but he has turned my youngest daughter (who's 8) into a cowgirl fan too! At least she has an excuse she is to young to know any better.

Long time the blog...never commented because I'm fairly aware that I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to football...

That being said, I have two questions for anyone who knows a thing or two about the game...

(1) Why did we try to run the ball on those 3rd and long situations? Sorry for not having specific examples here but I recall maybe 2-3 situations where we did that and (sweet jesus) it failed.

(2) (this one might be fairly subjective) Why were we in so many 3rd down situations compared to the Giants?


Why can't we bring Jack Kent Cooke back to life, have him eat Snyder's face off, rename the field and reclaim his rightful ownership of the Skins?


Hey Mav you feel that....yeh Goose i think i do...that just made my dick HARD!!!! st louis better watch where they step...nah mean....

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