Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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Wow... I'm really impressed at Tony's skills... I never tought he could manage to do that.

and let me tell you guys, these videos rock!

If CC ever does go to the WWE, he's already got his paints.

Chris cooley goes to a computer store. An employee says are you Cooley from the redskins? Cooley says DUHHHH!!!!! Cooley procedes to take his computer from the employee. He then leaves the store(which btw is located next to Redskins park) So Cooley who was wearing a polo shirt with the collar popped, procedes to burn rubber out in the computer store parking lot. This story was told to me from a friend who works there, and he is a Skins fan. He said Cooley is the biggest douche he has met. Cooley should probably focus on getting better. Witten is buy far a better player then you. Just look at the numbers, and teams records while you play. Also Cooley cant block. Also he likes to post pics of his naked body. Oh and then there is Jason Campbell, shit Campbell is a good guy. But before you talk shit about Romo look at you guys have at QB a future backup. Any football fan knows that you 2 idiot are wishing you had the ability that Romo and Witten do. Tanner stop riding youre brothers jock. You people think that its soooooo funny that you get locked out of a car? Or lets post a pick of Cooleys cock online......that will make us famous. All you people want is attention. OHHHH Cooley is soooo funny he posted a video about the players he wishes he could be as good as. How bout you guys win some games maybe you will get some attention that way. BTW you can delete this post again Tanner. I'm sure you don't want people to hear the story about youre COOOOOL brother at the computer store.

Cowboy lovin wuss go get brokeback w/ romo and witten! oktowus

for someone who hates him so much you sure do spend sometime at his site?!?

probably not even from Dallas just some bandwagon fan from some non NFL city

Romo sure has done well in the playoffs...

OKTOPUS - dude whatever, Chris Cooley is cool as hell I've met him. Don't try to knock on a rival team just to bitch. The Cowboys are NOT that good. And this year looks like they'll be worse. Witten may or may not be better than Cooley, but if Cooley was on the Cowboys you would want to hump him too just like you want to hump Witten. For God's sake man SPELL CHECK!

dude get a sense of humor,just some friendly ribbing thats all!

On January 6, 2007, the Dallas Cowboys traveled to Qwest Field to play the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC wild card playoff round. With the Cowboys down 21-20 and 1:19 left on the clock, Dallas attempted a 19-yard field goal. Romo botched the hold for the kicker by dropping the snap as he attempted to set it down.

also skins have more recent playoff win then the cowboys!

In the Cowboys' January 13, 2008 Division playoff game against the New York Giants, Romo was unable to lead his team to a come-from-behind victory
on December 28, 2008, Romo and the Cowboys failed to compete against the Philadelphia Eagles in a 44-6 loss.[17] Romo committed three turnovers in the game and went 21/39 for 183 yards and no touchdowns

Oktopus, shut the hell up. I met Chris and sat behind him at a bull riding event a few weeks ago and he could not have been nicer. Also, you should quit talkin' up your Cowboys because they haven't done anything but choke lately.

is "tony romo" colt brennen? and chris i saw you driving a slick bmw the other day in arlington va

That 8 ball shot is mad skilz man... Skilz! Tanner almost caught it in the eye on the dart...lol. Fortunately he had his Romo Tonto mask on to protect him!

Nice to see we have 12 year old Trolls ...cough Oktopus...cough posting here! Please hit puberty before posting next time... thanks!

Looks like you're glad to be home... Throwin darts at unwilling foes; awesomwe!!!!! Still waitin for a good answer on how to post pics from our homesteadin' journey to Powell/Cody this past summer on your site... No worries, nothing bad; just some pics showin us enjoyin the Big Horn Basin without ESPN in the bush, might be nice to show the bloggers how it is without the cameras. Was able to enjoy some time fishin in our private lake off of LN 11, and the river that runs behind the Cody Rodeo (Codeo is Rodeo!!), our direct drop point, with noone hass'lin us. My wife caught more fish than you too Chris, only she threw them back so YOU could catch them later for the ESPN crew, and the blog (we caught em to make sure they were good enough for you to show ESPN)! We live close to the Mason/Dixon line normally... Big fans! Love your bloggin' best s*^# goin. Get in shape so we can do this thing... HAIL, and your fly fishin' cast sucks!!!!!!!!!

scarier than chainsaws...

check out my blog at auburntigersfootball.wordpress.com;i am a 14 yr old who is trying to get my blog more popular, check it out!!

cooley wishes he could be a third as good a s witten!! wittens a better reciver, blocker and teamate!! And when was the last time the deadskins won a SB!! Exactly!!

we skins fans dont have to take up for cooley, we know he is better. Broke Back cowboy fans are jealous that T.O. is gone and there is no one to make tony romo look good. There is still Witten who is a great athlete but Cooley is the MAN. So go ahead post bad comment bout Chris hopefully it makes you feel better about being a cowboy fan. CHRIS COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEEEEEEEEEY

PRICELESS, you and Colt put on a great Romo and Witten. LOL

I don't recall a computer store located next to the Park...There is a bike/running trail next to the Park, but not a computer store...

octo... its by not buy you moron

Im not gonna sit here and trash talk cooley, and I know my Cowboys haven't won a playoff game in 15 years. As much as I hate the redskins, and the politically incorrectness of the name in general. I believe chris cooley is a good nfl TE, i just dont see where insulting your rival is fun. Poking small fun about skills, ok i see that, but touching sexuality is nothing but wrong. Im not going to be the guy that fights for it. But this reaction is not suprising. I know the Redskins are still upset about dallas even having a franchise, but let it go. Instead of insulting players like romo and witten, prove your better on the field. and Good luck to the Redskins this season.

Dang octovagina I don't have time or any reason to check out a Romo, Witten, or Dallas web site. Seriously if you don't like the facts stay away from the truth. Stick to your BS Cowboy sites on how they will go 16-0 and leave the real facts to true Skins fans. Go Skins and the best tight end in football...Chris Coooley!

hey maybe cowboys should go back to doing what worked for them in the 90's...pick up all their talent from jail...

haha just read a comment by cooley on pft.com...i think my comment from wed got under his skin a bit!! The truth hurts a little cooley dosen't it bud!!

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