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Alright seriously, I usually never respond to the comments and for good reason. I don't want to give gratification to guys who call me the biggest douche they have ever met. Guys who comment to show their uncanny knowledge of football by telling me that Wit Dog is not only an unbelievably superior player (he is not - go watch game film), but a better teammate. I mean, unless you're one of the three or four guys (Jason Fabini) who have been in both locker rooms, it would be amazing to have that information. Plus, while I will listen to criticism all day about what a terrible football player I am, (2 Pro Bowls are enough that I don't even have to stand up for myself) I would consider myself a great teammate.

Let me wrap up with a couple thoughts. If you're a Cowboys fan don't try to make a point by asking when the last time the Skins won the Super Bowl. Instead ask yourself when the last time Dallas won a playoff game. If you don't like the content on our website, simply don't read it. Calling me a douche and an idiot does not hurt my feelings and neither do fabricated stories. All you do when you comment garbage is offend normal fans and readers. And seriously, the videos are just for fun. I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feeling or improve my on field image. If you watched the video then take it with a grain of salt, maybe even laugh. All I'm trying to do is provide people with a couple minutes of entertainment. Believe it or not, Wit Dog and I are actually friends. I'm sure he was not offended.

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Well said......Those pants still rock!

Right on brother. I think that stuff you put up here is hilarious.

Chris, can I still call cowboy fans names on this blog?

You are the Coolest TE in the league. No other TE and probably most WR couldn't have made that catch where you laid out in mid-air, tucked the ball and took a monster hit but kept control of the ball. I do admit, the tony romo fantasy files was a little stupid. J wit dog, hilarious

Some of those remarks from those rude Cowboy fans make me wonder if they are not closet Cleveland fans ;0

Phuck Cowboys fans! Who cares how they feel. This is DC!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Cooley, I am a huge Cowboys fan & thought that the these two clips were actually pretty funny. I was curious if u were actually doing it because u hate J-Wit or if it was just a gig. So thanks for clearing that up for us! I found it entertaining.

What makes CC47 cool to me is that you are here for your fans (and non-fans). You make the team and the game more personal and more accessible - and the humor- well, more enjoyable...

But if "someone" really got hurt by that dart... well, auntie will scold...


coch86, maybe if you dont like the website, dont get on it. That simple. I think we can all do without your sarcastic comments. The website is made to entertain fans (clearly not you). So maybe you should take the tampon out of your vagina, relax, and find something else to do with your life other than being a giant douche.

i hate some dallas fans, granted i have some on my blog that are normal readers, but some of those fans are REALLY stubborn. Did TOny Romo have to go through 8 different offenses in 8 seasons. NO! So shut up about who our QB is....dang....and did your offense have to change last year? NO! Is that why Cooley produced so poorly? YES!!!Anyways, I am a 14 yr old who is trying to get my blog to become more popular. I have had a couple of recent posts on the Redskins and why they went downhill. check it out...Thanks!!!!

BTW, Chris, how determined has Jason Campbell been this off season, and how has he emerged as a leader? If you do a post of that it would be pretty tight.Anyways, if you need any help in the secondary I heard that David Irons, former Auburn and Atlanta Falcons CB has just been released...Jason Campbell probably knows him. I think Jason was a senior and David was a freshman with his brother Kenny Irons. Anyways, what I think is funny is how some "fans" think that players in the NFL/NBA/College level are not friends with players on other Kobe and LeBron, Brady and P.Manning....and now..dun...dun...dunnnnnn Witten and Cooley. OMG, rivals can be friends with each other....damnnnnn...this is new. BTW, I am a 14 yr old who is trying to get my blog to become more popular. I have had a couple of recent posts on the Redskins and why they went downhill. check it out...Thanks!!!!

"Mr. Cooley, I am a huge Cowboys fan & thought that the these two clips were actually pretty funny. I was curious if u were actually doing it because u hate J-Wit or if it was just a gig. So thanks for clearing that up for us! I found it entertaining." I take it you didn't read the post that you commented on? Hint: skip to the end

coch86, you are the stereotypical cowboys fan. Actually read the post. Chris and Jason are actually friends so if Jason doesn't give a shit then maybe you should relax, stop being a stubborn dick, and just laugh. And if you are unable to do this then stop wasting your life away reading a blog that is written by someone you don't like on a rivals team.

They are both in the class of the most elite TE's in the league so defending one as being better than the other is dumb as shit. And by the way your stats you provided are shit. Typical cowboys fan, throwing around stats because that is all you guys care about (Who cares if we win a playoff game as long as Romo and Witten put up Pro bowl stats?). Cooley is going to have less TD's because he has to stay in and block since his OL is bad. I see you put the # of fumbles in there. Think about it; Chris Cooley fights for every yard he gets and carries as many guys on his back as long as he can. Witten runs out of bounds and doesn't always challenge tacklers. And some elements of making a TE (and any other position) the best aren't seen in stats. For example blocking. We all know that Witten can't block worth shit and Chris can.

That being said they are both friends and 2 of the best TE's this league has ever seen so just relax a little and enjoy the videos and blog or stop looking at it prick.

if cowboys fans hate or don't find any of this stuff amusing then why do they keep visiting this blog? Cowboys fans are just jealous they don't have anyone half as cool on their team like Chris to do stuff like this. TO provided all the entertainment for u cowboys fans and now hes gone. ESPN even named Chris the funniest football player of the DECADE based on his blog so if u dont like it dont visit it...stop hating. Go on to your little Cowgirls site and comment about how Tony Homo dumped Jessica Simpson or some stupid crap like that.

I don't understand why any Cowboy's fan who is as full of hate as this coch86 jackass would read this blog. Why do we post on here? Gee, I dunno, maybe because we like the Redskins and we think Cooley is entertaining (not to mention a phenomenal player) and we enjoy commenting on things we like. Why the hell do you? I could NEVER imagine going to a Cowboys player's blog. I could never even go to their team website out of principle!! I mean, what would be the point other than to further piss me off by reminding me of the Cowboys' mere existence? Life's too short dude. Please go out and get one.

cooley is in a west coast offense, where the TE gets a shit load of looks. And if stats are pointless then why bring up the last playoff victory. redskins won a playoff game in 2005. if thats relevant now then lets talk superbowls. oh thats a long time ago? well where are the limitations? to me nothing in the past is relevant unless your talkin about greatest franchise. yeah cooley is one of the best TEs in the game. and witten isnt a good blocker?! are you serious? that has to be one of the dumbest things ive ever heard. in the west coast offense cooleys number should be better than they have ever been, so lets see. and lets be completely honest with ourselves, ive been a cowboys fan all my life (not a badwagon guy, i live near dallas.. yes im from texas shocking right? yes i ride a horse to get from place to place, and no i dont have electricity and running water) the redskins AND the cowboys are two of the most underachieving teams the past 2 years, probably the cowboys more than the redskins, i realize that, sucks but what can you do. and if witten was making videos about cooley and cowboys fans were talkin shit i would hope yall would stand up for him, maybe not though.

Mr. Cooley, this video is absolutely hilarious, and I totally agree with your response to the negative comments. I don't see how anyone can get fired up over this, and start calling out who is and who isn't better. I mean, we as football fans look up to many ball players out there, but can anyone really point out a more down to earth dude then Cooley? He's got enough popularity and money to walk around and not talk to any of us, sign an autograph, and much less post funny vids he made on his free time with his friends. Some people should take a few notes from the icon they are hating on, and quit taking everything so seriously. Chris Cooley is one of the few NFL Players that is just having good old fashion fun, and is in the news for his carisma and talents, rather then some of the other things that NFL Players make the news for. Go Skins!

wow Coch86 needs to clean out that sand in his/her vagina and hop off Witten and Romo and well you sir have no life for commenting a lot on this blog; oh and i wanted to ask you when was the last time Dallas has won a playoffs game? tell me when was the last time??

umm 1996 actually, when was the last time Wash won a super bowl? witten doesnt fight for yards?!

BTW coch... Cooley did set personal highs in the WC offense for receptions. He holds Redskins record for receptions by a TE. Touchdowns... we sucked in the redzone, so fuck it. He's still got more than Witten in the time you listed with fewer receptions. In fact, he had 2 more catches than Witten this past season, and 17 more than he had last season.

As a Skins fan I don't go to nor do I check the blogs & twitter posts of ANY Dallas Cowboy player. I stick with the Skins in good times and bad & I wonder why in the world is coch86 wasting his time here....get out of town already!

Few things 1) If Jason Witten had a blog I would not read it, nor would I care if he made fun of Cooley on it. 2) If you read Cooley's sub piece for Peter King he was humble as hell saying with Tony Gonzalez and Kellen Winslow now in the NFC, and Jason Witten still there it's gonna be hard for him to make the Pro Bowl. 3) Who cares about numbers whens the last time Witten won a playoff game? 4)This is for fun, if he's having fun who gives a shit, he doesn't come to your job and tell you that how pump gas so leave him alone. 5) If you delve into Chris's personal life how about you use your real name and let him into yours since he's such a cool guy and let's us into his. 6) The Cowboys still suck and if you hated the Skins as much as you claim you wouldn't be hanging out at are star players website.

I think Chris made this site for the fact that he is giving insight to an NFL'ers life, which is cool & what he thinks. So, what sucks is when we take comments out promos he makes on Witten & try to spin it out of control. I live in Texas, I am a Cowboys fan, but I still like to hear from the rivals. In fact, I wish the Cowboys took the shit talkin we feed as serious as I do. And I mean that respectfully.

In fact I dig Cooley. I think the dude is over looked. I obviously like Witten more, but the Skins screw w/ Jason on who the QB is. That is on the owner. Don't judge the Cowboys, judge Daniel.

Db2969, don't lie btw, if Witten had a blog, made a video that made fun of Jason, u would also. Don't act otherwise. U would find out about it, like I did through talk radio & u would say something. Just like I am. I'm not even talkin crap about Chris, I think the dudes a solid TE.

Hey Coch, I'm assuming you mispelled Cock - which is that thing you seem to have in and/or around your mouth at all times.

If you can't take someone joking about your team, then don't comment on here. It's that simple, even you can handle it. Where are you from by the way? And when you say somewhere other than Texas, tell me how you became a Cowboys fan.

i said i was from texas cunt muscle

Coch, all football and trash talk a side, you need to find something to do with your life. Trash talking on a website actively for 5 hours while calling a bunch of people online "cunts" is no way to live. Get a life please. Your pathetic. Your not some tough guy, as much as you think you are. It's an online chatroom, not a face to face barfight. If this is how you spend your days, I feel sorry for you. Just chill out, stop posting, and let the majority of us, who want to enjoy the site, enjoy it, without having to worry about jerks like you polluting our message boards(or whatever you call this) with your language, and negativity.

if he won't leave us alone.. we won't leave him alone..

have at it people.

Enjoy the spam email Coch86

Cooley your the man! Just booked my hotel for Aug 8th, can't wait brother! I've been living in Philadelphia for the summer and eagles fans blow.

Well look at all this drama, Dallas sucks? Hmmmm, well it seems to me that Dallas has the Skins #. Chris you are a good player we all know that. I said some things about you yesterday, and you and Tanner deleted those comments multiple times. Look guys if you can dish it than you gotta take it. I respect that you actually didn't delete my last post. I still stand behind my "FABRICATED STORY". But Chris serious.......look at the game tape? I think when we watch a full season we can all see that Witten is a better player. Get over it. Chris you are actually one of the players on the Skins that I respect, but that video was a bad move. "Mocking" Witten and Romo? One solid pro bowler mocking them and one 3rd string QB who doesn't need a mask to hide himself. Go ahead and take off the mask Colt nobody will recognize you. Trust me they won't. Oh and Jason Fabini is bitter he isn't in a Cowboys jersey. AOL runs this story just like you wanted Chris, so don't ask the Cowboys fans to stay away. You got what you wanted, attention. Just like all the other videos. Again if my story is a fake don't you think I would think of something a little better? Chris keep drinking the Pro bowl starters Kool aid, just put some extra sugar in it. sincerly,Octopus

wheres that email Dallassucks?? it was your idea... get some balls

Its fans like Oktopussy and Cock that really make me enjoy watching the Cowboys lose games they should win, escpecially playoff chokes!

Fans like these are senseless to talk to, they are like mindless robots that repeat the same rhetoric over and over regardless how stupid they appear. Personally I am surprised Tanner has not banned the both of them from even posting.

As a 30+ year 'Skins fan who, unfortunately, lives in Dallas I can say that every Cowboys fan I've enocuntered down here is either fair-weather or thin-skinned like a little girl (and they're ALL delusional). It'd be MUCH harder to be a Cowboys fan in DC than it is to be a 'Skins fan living amongst all these Dallas fans braying like donkeys about Super Bowls their team won when most of them were still in elementary school.

You wanna see something funny, look up the video of Bradie James attacking a Cowboys fan outside the training facility at Valley Ranch last year. At least he's good for something besides jumping up and down like a spastic little monkey after tackling a ballcarrier six yards downfield.

And as for the 'Skins having the Cowboys number lately? 5-3 'Skins advantage the last four years. Pendulum is swinging back our way, asshats. Tell us more about those Super Bowls and playoff games you won decades ago since you obviously don't know what the hell's happening lately.

HTTR and to hell with the Cowboys.

ohh noo not tanner. what no negative comments on cooleys blog? his nepotistic assitant keeps it on lock?

One more thing Chris Cooley is one of the best Redskins since Darrell Green. So hate all u want because Chris has had the cowboys number the past few seasons and sure hell show up with his top game this season as well

no pro bowls dont mean shit, cooley brought that up. yeah he has had our number, 11 rec and 75 yds last year in two games against the cowboys. and i never made the stats out to sound RIDICULOUSLY different (learn how to spell) i was just proving that cooley isnt better. Ill be here alllllll year

Do you all really think Cooley needs you to defend him against hate spam? I'm a skins fan, but I'm embarrassed by most of you who stoop to the same level as others. Especially if you can't put a coherent sentence together. Newsflash -- if you don't respond to him, he won't respond to you.

Cowboy fan here. The site is great and the video was hilarious. I visit several times a week. I love Wit and wouldn't trade him for the world, but your willingness to interact with the fans makes you a close second. Look forward to seeing you on the field.

I as a Skins fan definitely feel luck to have Cooley on our team! His entertainment off the field is a great bonus! The videos were hilarious...great work! Cowboys fans need to get a life!

Well said, I totally agree with your response. Some people just don't know how to take a joke. I won't lie I'm not a fan of the Redskins but, I am a fan of yours and your blog. Way to go and play your heart out on the field as always Mr. Pro Bowl Player! :o)

As of today, that would be 4597 days since the Cowboys won a playoff game. That speaks for itself. Keep up the entertainment Cooley! (on and off the field)

I dont know whats sadder...Coch86's lack of a life, or that ive just wasted 15mins of mine reading these posts!

it was on, so i checked it out. then i saw cooley saying he was better than witten and all of yall defending that. so i defended witten, and you guys went ballistic. i know in the bubble of redskins fans theres not much criticism because the fan base is small. but if you ladies cant handle a difference of opinion. if cooley is gonna have a public site and makes fun of another teams players, guess what, people are gonna post.

Ima huge die hard cowboys fan and Witten is my favorite player on the Cowboys but the videos you made are hilarious. Its all fun and games.

My problems with your video isn't that it insults Cowboys players; it's that neither video was remotely funny. I never thought I would say this, but ask Martellus Bennett for some comedy advice.

Chris.. Kick rocks and Pound Sand, you cant hold Jason's jock you PAB!

Nice picture player2chase13

If we can all just move on past this strange and unusual tit-for-tat...

I for one am pretty excited that finally July is ending; the most boring sports month of the year, where all that's available is boring baseball.

May the football gods grant us another excellent year of entertainment.

Cooley - Wish you the very best my man! Hang in there with the 2-a-days. Btw, you've been on my Fantasy Football team 3 years running and I have a feeling your gonna be just silly this year and post huge numbers with JC.

Stay strong and kick some ass! HTTR!!!

CHRIS COOLEY IS A BUM... he can dish it but sure can't take it!! He's delusional if he thinks Witten isnt the superior player. Like Parcells would say "He's one of those pass catching TEs" Witten by far is the more complete player in all categories except YAC.

Cooley,you are the defintion of being content with past achievements!! You came in the league making some noise and catching peoples eyes, but now you have fallen to obscurity. No longer your name mentioned among the best TEs,keep blogging and running your mouth for entertainment since that's the only way you can remain RELEVANT!!

Chris Who???? I didn't even know you were still in the NFL! Amazing!!! I can now put you down as a potential TE option to draft in the 15th round now....sweet! Maybe I can impress everyone with that pick, when the rest of the room goes, "He's still in the league....which team???"

You said you wanted to entertain people with your 10% videos.......try entertaining us by letting us know you're still catching footballs in the league.

shits funny man, these ppl take things to serious, i'm an eagles fan but it aint need for all the animosity/hate the season hasn't even started yet, ppl to uptight cant just take things for what they are and have a quick laugh, a dallas fan sent me the link and he thought it was funny to, either way have fun live ur life, tell zoro to take his mask off, not really sure what thats for

You must have a lot of time on your hands. Just 2 pro bowls? Witten has been to more than that. His stats are also better.

He is widely considered one of the best tight ends in the league. (If not the best) We don't hear people bring up your name. (Wonder why)

Your not a better player than Witten. But, if that's what you need to tell yourself.

We don't need to watch game film. We watch the games!

I say thin-skinned do you have to be to go out of your way to run smack on a blog for a player from another team?

Nothing personal but I'd have to work real hard to give a shit what any Cowboys player or fan thinks.

Cooley cares, or he wouldn't ask fans to ask themselves 'When the last time the Cowboys won a playoff game' was. When's the last time the redskins advanced out of the 2nd round? Going off the top of my head but wasn't it 1993? Or did they lose after the wildcard win? I don't know, but I'd say both teams are doing pretty bad right now.

I just wish you'd lay off Jason Witten (Uhhhh 5-time pro bowler) and bash on Martellus Bennett... That way you'd be right about your insults but we could see a blog-war. That would entertain everyone and, with you two idiots, probably make EVERYONE laugh.

All these dallas fans have really good comebacks and jokes, I wonder if they will stay good in December.

Where did all these cowgirls come from honestly i have nvr seen so many douchbags get so flammed over a video what chris cooley should do is just keep making more videos of the cowgirls players and you must be retarded to think cooley wasnt in the nfl metcalf and it figures that your a cowboys fan cuz you know nothing of football thats 80% of the cowgirls fanbase ppl who just choose the cowgirls and know nothing of football lmao

You gonna wear your hot pants in camp again this year fancy boy?

Hey Cooley: practice what you preach.If you don't like what people write about you, take your own advice and....don't read it. But I wouldn't call you a douche. Putting you anywhere near a woman's privates is giving you too much credit. How about colostomy bag? Yeah, I think that one fits you.

Hey Dallas Fans have fun at the bottom of the NFC East. Poor little Romo no one to throw the ball to now....

As a cowboys fan, the only thing that bothered me was the middle finger on the 3rd stringers jersey pointing to Romos number. It also read I think Wit Dog is sexy. Romos had two of the hottest girls on the planet while Colt Brennan has his dick in his hand. You can sit on that middle finger 3rd stringer, its the most action you're gonna this season

Chris, I'm a huge Cowboys fan, but I think you are one hell of a player, and your blog is very entertaining. The videos were very funny, but I still hope (and am confident) that we will crush you guys this year. Do us a favor and beat up the Giants and Eagles.

Been a skins fan for a long time and never new about this blog until J Rome talked about it. Wow! This is hilarious. Keep bringing the skits with Romooooo and J Wit Dog, they are awesome. I still don't understand why Cowboy fans check this out. I don't care what a Cowboy blogs about; cattle, sheep, or tight wranglers. Keep it up Chris go Skins and Wyoming Cowboys!!

Wow talk about thin This really brought out some serious NERD RAGING! I am nearly swimming in the river of tears!

To the ones that can take a joke, applause... its all about fun, I honestly wish more players in the NFL would do what chris is doing, it would be fun to see!

All these dallas fans have really good comebacks and jokes, I wonder if they will stay good in December


All you Dallas clowns and wanna-be Dallas clowns have no class and everybody knows it. Your team is unstable because of fans such as yourselves who want to talk but just can't think of anything good to say. Well not everybody gets a seat at the table here, junior. All you can do is point fingers when you lose games, which in the past ten years has been pretty often. Parcels picked your dumpy franchise out of the garbage and you cast him out because he thought T.O. was a menstruating princess?! You stood behind T.O. even after he spiked the ball center field at dallas stadium and got knocked out like Susan Suranden.(remember that?) So Parcels is gone and now look what happened: T.O. imploded on the sidelines and everybody is laughing at you. Now your nervous about the upcoming season so you're mocking Cooley from the safety of your dirty basement. CC and the Skins are going to stomp Dallas with class and once again yall are going to embarrass yourselves by moping all over the place; well quit moping sally slapnuts. Dallas Sucks. HAIL

Figures you'd be into that girlie romance novel stuff Alien039.

Typical Dallas bandwagon fan. Probably wasn't even a fan in '91 when they went 1-15.

alien039 it says on your profile that you're from Europe so your opinion is no longer credible

Figures you'd be into that girlie romance novel stuff Alien039.

Typical Dallas bandwagon fan. Probably wasn't even a fan in '91 when they went 1-15.

July 31, 2009 10:42 AM

BTW.. Who was the 1 win against that year?

Hey culs, Coach Bombay, & Rendel:

Thanks for reading. Guess I got under your skins (no pun intended).

I'm not sure where your info comes from, but neither the profile nor the youtube info is about me. I'm actually a Cowboys fan (since 1967, by the way) living in the DC area.

Rendel, in case you were wondering, you are an idiot: the Cowboys were 11-5 in 1991, including a smashing victory over the 11-0 Shitskins at RFK. Remember that? The 1-15 season was in 1989 and, ironically, also included a smashing victory over the Shitskins at RFK. Do you get the feeling that we own you guys? I do.

Coach Bombay, if my opinion has no credibility, why bother responding to me? Because I got you going with my post. That's what they call credibility.

So what if Cooley isn't as good as Witten? Or if he isn't as good a teammate as Witten? He's good enough to be a Redskin, and that's about all you losers in your pathetic fanbase deserve anyway.

COOLEY.. WITTEN is No friend of yours!!He basically says: "I mean, we've met a couple of times, if that's what you call friends."

Check it out here:

LOL... thats the sound of someone giving you the cold shoulder, saying, "COOLEY WHO?"

Witten is class, Cooley not so much
By dcfanatic,

Two days ago I put up that unfunny video of Chris Cooley and Colt Brennan mocking Jason Witten and Tony Romo. Scroll down if you didn’t see it.

Well today Witten was asked about the video, read here.

“I kind of got wind of it,” Witten said after today’s practice. “I haven’t really seen it myself yet. You know, I know Chris is into the blogging and that deal. It’s not really my style. My focus is here in camp and trying to be a better team. I don’t know why he’s doing that. I haven’t really looked into it that much. I haven’t had much time.”

Cooley, responding to angry blog comments from Cowboys fans, wrote that he was “sure” Witten wouldn’t be offended by the videos. He mentioned that the Pro Bowl tight ends were friends, which was apparently news to Witten.

“I mean, we’ve met a couple of times, if that’s what you call friends,” Witten said before changing the subject, clearly wanting to avoid any controversy. “He’s a good player. He really is. I just try not to get involved it just right now with my focus being here and trying to help my team. I have enough focus on my job and trying to be the best player I can be.”

Yo, Ken Hamlin. Can you please knock Cooley out for me?

I would ask the same about Colt Brennan, but we know he won’t be seeing any playing time this season.


I find it disturbing how completely out of hand this has all gotten. What the hell is wrong with you people? Apparently humor was lost around the same time all of you were force graduated through high school.

Alien039 - You do not live in America and no one gives a shit what you think. Shut up already. Perhaps you can go read some Euro-Trash blog about how terrible America is or some other such ignorant garbage.

Coch86 - I am beginning to wonder if you are some kind of relation to J Wit because of your dog like loyalty to someone you have never met.

Your pseudo-arguments are pathetic and honestly not well thought out. You have very little grasp of the English language or the formation of coherent thoughts.

If the summation of your life the past 2 to 3 days has been stalking the online blog of some football player you do not know, I feel sorry for you.

Perhaps if you were to stop trying so hard to show how awesome/witty/correct you are, you would find the time to get a job. It would probably be a bit more fulfilling than stalking Chris Cooley.

Chris Cooley - I enjoy your blog. Keep up the stellar work.

Nuff Said: are you really as stupid as your post indicates, or are you Chris Cooley's gay lover trying to defend his itty bitty peepee?

I live in the Washington, D.C. area, and have for the past 45 years. I have no idea where you are getting the information that I live outside the U.S., but I'll be happy to answer any question about the DC area that can't be verified on the Internet to prove it.

Now, putting that aside, if you didn't care what I had to say, you would not have felt it necessary to reply, would you? But I've pissed you off and you can only discredit me with patent stupidity.

Chris Cooley is, at best, a second-tier TE who does not belong in any conversation about Jason Witten--well acknowledged as one of the premier tight ends in the league--unless the conversation is something like "Chris Cooley couldn't even hold Jason Witten's jockstrap". That may chap Cooley and Asskins fans everywhere, but it's true.

Cooley is so remote from the center of things that even Witten can't figure out what Cooley's problem is with the videos and claims of friendship. I guess Cooley thinks they're friends because he got Witten's autograph at a Pro Bowl or after a Cowboys-Redscums game one time, but I tell ya it has to be embarrassing for him and you fans to realize that you don't even register on Witten's consciousness.

By the way, if you're ever in College Park, stop by the Marathon Deli, just off campus--they have the best gyros I've eaten anywhere. Good for for real Americans like you and me. It's on Lehigh, just off Route 1 near the Potbelly's. Make sure to take plenty of change, though, because College Park strictly enforces the parking meters there. I narrowly avoided a ticket the last time I was there.

lol look at portis and campbell wearing the "cooley is my life coach" shirts. They're so happy. hail victory

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