Monday, July 27, 2009

J-Wit Dog's Fantasy Files

With football right around the corner we thought this would be a good time to share a little video we made last year. J Wit-Dog and Tony Romo are a little jealous that they don't have a fantasy files video so they decided to make one on their own.

Part two coming tomorrow. We will give you a chance to see Tony's skills in action.

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That's funny keep those coming.

Hahahaha!! that was funny.

You guys crack me up! Killa!
Your bud, SUPR FAN

Ain't nothin to J'Whit DOG!

LMAO Funny!

I would say you should worry about them using this as bulletin board material. But they are in Texas, so I am not sure they know how to use a computer to get the video. Nor can they probably read. Nor do I worry about Tony Romo vs the Skins.

Cooley only in your dreams will you ever be as good as Witten. Who is the Redskins QB? Exactly

chris "cool as cancer" cooley strikes again with his unrivaled wit!


Cooley has no reason to talk considering the Redskins suck every year anyways! You will never be as good as Witten, so you have to clown him to make yourself feel better? Lameeeeee

haha. Funny thing is we will se what Witten can do this year without TO taking all of the coverage. You think that the new R williams is going to be a spark for your team. HAHA.

Omg! You know how to make a girl laugh! Keep up the comedy routine it works for you Chris!

Freakn hilarious. Keep bringn't it.

Cooley is a funny guy but lets be honest. Jason Witten is 10x the athlete and happens to be a difference maker on the field. Chris, you want to be friends w/ your qb like witten is w/ Romo? maybe you can go to Cambells home and help him pack.

All you Cowgirls fans are hilarious. You claim Cooley isn't as good as Witten, yet you all come to Cooley's blog. Why? Because those hayseeds down in Cowboys land know as much about the internet as they do about putting up stable buildings.

This is completely full of win. Love it.


Unlike the East Coast media types, us Texans, scratch that...Fans of the Cowboys all over the WORLD, are open to all media outlets, including where I found the link. We don't rely on East Coast media that can't see past the Mississippi. Go Cows, Go Mavs, Go Rangers, Go Stars, and by golly...Hook 'em Horns!

EEEAAAASSSSYYYY there cheif first off Colt from Hawaii id rip you dude but you will be cut by the time you read this and chris as for you, your just salty because Witten is the reason youll never make another Pro Bowl and tell me how on earth could you make fun of someone when you own a pair of pants like that, but i understand why you made this video your preparing for life after football which will be in two years bro` your terrible dude!

DAL vs. Deadskins:
All-time series DAL leads 57-39-2
Superbowl champs: DAL leads 5-3
Superbowl appearances: DAL leads 8-5
Recent history (2000s): DAL leads 12-6
Best Skins player ever: Sammy Baugh (Texan)
Most racist owner ever: G.P. Marshall

Stats don't lie. And by the way, the video was lame. Looked like rejected footage from the Blair Witch Project.

You guys are going after Vick? Bad idea, dog.

Redskins have swept Dallas in both of our recent playoff years. A more popular coach was once 8-8 in his first year. The next year we won the Super Bowl. Secondly, with the loss of T.O. you guys are going to struggle more than you think.

Cooley is a tool, a big mouthed one at that.

Sorry cock, I guess losing by 40 to the Eagles to clinch a 9-7 record and missing the playoffs is better.

I do agree with you bashing darkclaw though, he made no sense.

Ha Ha - seriously, are cowgirl fans so uptight that a little harmless video s**t sends them running to rebuttals? In Tom Landry's name, get a life and get used to underachieving! Moss does grow on a rolling cowgirl cornerback...and always will! Ha ha...let's start the pool on the first Romo fumble...I say 20 min into training camp! Hope the cowgirls' stadium roof doesn't the team usually does!!!

"What kind of fag wears 47"

Seriously? I mean seriously *this* is part of your put-down? This is the best your Texas Sun fried-ass mental glop that passes for a brain can come up with after tons of time to think about what it is you want to say/type?

Obviously, my "stable" friend, you are missing the quite delicate yet poignant homage Messr Cooley is paying to one danny white...and and ironic one at that...since dw was known to be a tight end in the end, analysis.

And yes, both your stables and your stable bldgs all fall down..."ring around the Romo... pocket going to s**t, aw *s**t, the balls on the GROUND!"

Have a nice day, "ya'll"

Redskins fans - please ignore the errors in typing - cowgirl fans...your reading eye dog wants to go out...and empty his Roy Williams.

Chris Cooley is a very odd man. Very good tight end and I'd love to have him on my team, but a very odd man....

Pffft Cooley, you would be 3rd string on Dallas.

Sit down!

I think Marty B TV is much better. If that isn't an insult, I don't know what is!

hahaha are redskins fans born jealous of dallas?

i hate some dallas fans, granted i have some on my blog that are normal readers, but some of those fans are REALLY stubborn. Did TOny Romo have to go through 8 different offenses in 8 seasons. NO! So shut up about who our QB is....dang....and did your offense have to change last year? NO! Is that why Cooley produced so poorly? YES!!!Anyways, I am a 14 yr old who is trying to get my blog to become more popular. I have had a couple of recent posts on the Redskins and why they went downhill. check it out...Thanks!!!!

ok mr cooley will do... im glad you have such a high opinion of yourself and how you play... thats good to hear... theres not enough players in the nfl with confidence so thats good to see... if you usually dont comment on what ppl say why did you now? and as far as your 'shut up and laugh' outlook... im just responding to these guys on here that cant get their lips off your cunt and tell you how great you are... and as far as laughing at the video.. i would have loved too... unfortunately it wasnt possible...

HAHA!! That was wonderful. Good Romo impression too!

hahahahahaha i'm a cowboys fan and redskins fan/buddy of mine sent me this....f'n hilarious hahaahahhaha GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

I hate Dallas and love Cooley

But this is just childish!!.

c'mon witten is the best TE in the NFL.

Cooley try and spend some time with

Campbell so that maybe you can be the best some day.

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cooley jealousy is a disease Witten is better than you and Romo is way better than campbell and portis needs to come out of the closet lol crossdressing thursdays what a gay team

Cooley sux. These video's are the only way he can get people talking about him cause people def. won't ever talk about his football skills.

cooley and kittens stats are nearly identical, but the one that matters most, touchdowns(Cooley-28, kitten-25). And oh by the way, Cooley has won a playoff game. career stats head to head. Cooley 41 rec, 432 yds, 5 tds. Kitten 45 rec, 458 yds, 3 tds. Again nearly identical, except what really counts.

Colt hid his face because he's sitting second string to Jason Cambell(BURN) and for anyone trying to compare Cooleys stats to Wittens must be a skins fan (ignorant) Cooley is the only target in DC. Moss is nothing better than a #2 anywhere else. You know why you didn't see Romo and Witten making a video, because they don't have to. shit Martellus Bennett is better that Cooley...

it must be sad for cooley knowing he will never be even the best tight end in his divison. now that tony gonzalez is in atlanta he wouldnt even be pro bowler. witten=novacek cooley=yoder only smaller penis

and as for quarterback the cowboys didnt try to acquire sanchez or cutler, romos their man. i also love the way people take up for campbell, he has been in some many different offenses its not his fault. face it he sucks, or maybe he needs a new home, it worked for rich gannon stan humphries brad johnson trent green

That's pretty funny lol Cooley isn't any where near as good as Jason Witten. Honestly Redskin fans, if you think he is you're lying to your selfs. I've lived in Texas and Virginia, and there are WAY MORE in-breed hicks in the Hills of Virginia than there are in the city of Dallas. Good luck Redskin fans. You'll need it.

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