Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gridiron Legends Gaming Challenge

For more details follow @GridironGala on Twitter. Or you can search Gridiron Legends Gaming Challenge on Facebook to RSVP.

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terrible acting
worse than the charles barkley one LOL

At least you'll have a better chance to Win since I won't be playing.

"Whitten Show!"

Who is Whitten? What team does he play for?

ouch, someone just got burned.

with acting that bad, we know that chris is definitely straight.

Was that really ricky sanders? He looked more like bill cosby

If anyone out there ever wondered what I would look like in a skin tight suit
fatpickle = Ricky Sanders

for the record I heart Gary and Ricky

Have to respect any former athlete willing to jump into those suits...hilarious. Big ups to TC for filming this thing too.

Whitten Show... lol... what the hell?

"We got the bling to show it; TWO TIMES"

Pretty soon Cooley and Co. will be able to say that.

Hail to Gary Clark
Hail to Ricky Sanders

wow, that was some terrible acting

I bet gary clark and all 285 pounds of ricky sanders could outperform our current crop of wide recievers.

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