Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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ahahahahah. let's go, Cooley! and why Valley? that's so far lol

Great interview. "I would elbow you in the Face". Its odd when Golston is talking with the visor, looks like he is blind.

Golston seems like a cool guy. He kinda reminds me of Portis. I wish he was more vocal. Looks like it could be a good fight though forreal. Let's see it!

Does Golston have Ricky Williams disease and can't take his helmet off during interviews?

On a somewhat related note, wouldn't the name "Cooley" sound incredibly awesome coming from the rich, breathy baritone of one Michael Buffer? You HAVE to hook that up at some point.

You should contact spike tv and see if they would broadcast it on pay-per-view. haha

Golston is huge,Sorry chris but i think golston would destroy you in every matchup except maybe air hockey

Dude, you could have Bear Grylls, Mr. T., and furious badger on your side and Kedric would still kick your @$$. But I would pay to see it, especially the badger, they are quite mean I hear.....

From a fellow wrestler I'll take Cooley in a minute flat, unless he toys with him and tech falls him!

Hhaha at Cooley picking the grass

cooley had it right, if golston hit him in the face, that would end his day

Kedric Golston is chill. That would be a good match up. Do you think CC can hold a block on KG?

No way would cooley lose a wrestling match to Gholston--he was an all american. He'd crush him. As to any type of MMA, I think Cooley would have the advantage as well, b/c he could take him down and get him to submit or knock him out b/c he knows the moves. Unless Gholston has some type of martial arts background, brute size and strength won't mean shit....

Kedric is the man. Lets see more of stuff like this.

I have seen people with some training go against much bigger people with no training. Training wins every time.


The trained wrestler would have the stronger guy twisted into a pretzel. Cooley wins no problem.

Shaun Suisam would beat you both..... :D

Cooley wins... state champ wrestler with an offer from the one and only minnesota gophers! yeah not even close, ground and pound baby!

hey.....wasn't this supposed to be today.....just saying

cooley would have won anyways

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