Monday, June 15, 2009

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Indeed, this is probably the most meaningful way one can honor the gifts and blessings he has been given- loving and teaching children.


Kids really do remember moments like this forever. Great stuff!!

I still remember the 3rd string Tampa Bay LB who visited my peewee football practice in 1982. (Mainly because it was so random that a 3rd string Tampa Bay player would show up at a P.G. County, Maryland kids' football practice, but I digress...) I can only imagine how thrilled these guys were to be out there playing ball with Chris Cooley!

why does chris throw like a girl?

because he is a grown man throwing to a child?

Great work Chris and those who helped, thanks for giving back to the community.


We travelled down from NJ for my son to attend
his camp and he had a tremendous time. He was
patient with his teaching, accomodating taking
pictures with fans and signing too many autographs.
My son will never forget this experience. Chris
is a genuine, down to earth individual. We want
to thank him again and wish him the best.

My son had an absolute blast. From the very first moment he got there and saw Chris and had a 2-3 minute conversation with him, to the end of camp when he got a high five from Chris, my son had the biggest smile on his face. He told his mother that it was the best day of his life. As a lifetime Redskins fan, I was excited to see how polite Chris was to all of the campers and how accomodating he was to the parents that attended. I have never seen anyone give so much of their attention to the kids as he did this weekend. My wife was excited to know that he was going to be a teacher (she teaches in Fairfax County) and wanted to know if you would come speak to some kids at her school. My son said the only thing that would have made his weekend better would have been to get his Cooley jersey autographed. There is always next year. My son can't wait.

Awesome stuff Chris. --KingofVols

i am the father of the kid who won the football and even without all of that it was a blessing to be there at that camp to see all the smiles he put on those kids faces!!!! the camp was ran perfect hats off to Pro camps and Coach Huber for being the task master he was. but Coach cooley was the best it is awsome to see a All pro understand IT!! I pray that Chris never changes. it would be easy to stay home and count your money on a sat. and sun morning but he was out there the whole time making last memories in not only in my child life but in all the kids and parents life. thanks for the wonderful camp and GOD willing we will be there next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris! Post your videos from YouTube! These don't work with my iPhone :(

My son loved the camp. He has told anyone who would listen how great it was for him. Chris Cooley left a very good and big impression on my boy, who now wants everything Chris Cooley has...jersys, posters, pictures, etc..This camp was a great experience and if my son chooses Chris Cooley as a role model...well after this...that's fine with me! Can't wait for football season!

My son is a football player by nature, so just being in that environment was enough for him to lose his mind. Hearing the whistles blow, coaches giving direction on drills and actually getting a chance to play tag football just made it that much more enjoyable. However, when Chris took the time to actually interact with him and give him pointers, as well as compliments, it changed him forever. We even got to see him on Comcasts Sportsnite I can't even tell you(as a parent)how much I appreciate you taking the time to do this with our kids. The impact you have left on my son was one we will be talking about forever. Tanner was also nice enough to take a picture with him at the end of camp.

Thanks 47. You're more than just a Redskins player to us, you're a good guy.

K. Blount

Very cool Chris. In response to the "why does chris throw like a girl" comment... I thought you all should see this video to see the alternative.

Chris is a true pro, class act. ProCamps put on a top-notch camp for the kids. My son love it when Chris was the QB of his team and threw passes to him. My daughter enjoyed when Chris complimented her on her blocks. Chris, thanks for taken time to allow me to take a photo with my two little ones. Hope to see you there at next year's football camp.

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