Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playoff Interviews: Terrell Suggs

We want to thank Terrell Suggs for taking the time to do this interview for the Cooley Zone. Terrell is a great guy as well as an outstanding football player. So congrats to him and the Ravens for making it to the AFC championship. Hopefully you guys enjoy this one as much as our Celek interview and make sure to check out the audio at the bottom of this post. You gotta hear the part where we discuss the caterpillar that rests below his QB's forehead.

Suggs: Hello.

Chris: Hey whats up dude,  this is Cooley.

Oh whats up Chris, whats hot.

Whats up how you doin' man?

I'm chillin' man I'm just hangin'.

Dude, well thanks for doin' this. It's just for my website if that's cool with you.

No problem.

Alright so I just have a couple questions for you. Um the first one kinda goes back to the first of the year. Me and Jason Taylor were talking about you and um...


...we started yelling T-Sizzle. And it kind of like stuck through out the year every time we saw each other we yelled T-Sizzle. "T SIZZLE!" and um, so we were wondering if guys on the team call you that?

They call me Sizz....or, ya they call me that. They call me Sizz or Suggs but mainly Sizz you know they just short it out. You know T-Sizzle, that's a lot of tongue work.

I know, but it's money.

(Laughs) I know (Laughs) but guys are gettin' kinda lazy, especially late in the year so its just Sizz.
Nice dude. Um....okay (Laughs) Do you have a sack dance or touchdown dance for this week cause if not we have an option for you.

Uh no I don't. What do you got?

You don't ever prepare one?

Say that again.

Do you ever prepare one?

No. Its kind of spur of the moment.

We think you should air fry. Like you should take a pan and air fry Sizzle. (Laughs)

(Laughs) That'd be hot!

Maybe like 2 pans or maybe a pan and a spatula...

That, that'd be hot. Like a pan and have Ed write Sizzle

YES! I don't know if anyone would get it but I would definitely get it.

I think that'd be hot.

(Laughs) Nice dude. Alright. So um, this is kind of back to our game. Do you laugh when you line up over a tight end and it looks like a run play? Because you just pushed me in the backfield every time we ran the ball. I mean honestly, do you feel like a tight end could ever block you?

Ya there have been times when the tight end block me but we just don't wanna get embarrassed. You know you get your ass mauled by a tight end, that don't look good. You know cause ya'll are there to catch passes ya'll aren't there to block. You know so, we just try not to get embarrassed, but we don't laugh. But I did laugh when they brung in that center or whatever and put him at tackle. That was kind of hilarious. He was like 6 foot maybe 300 and something pounds and I was like "Oh my God. They got this guy at tackle."

I know and you beat him for a sack the first play. It was embarrassing.


We had no other option...

I know I know. Ya'll was down, ya'll was depleted. But I don't laugh man. I just try not to get my ass whooped.

(Laughs) Sounds good. Um what's up with Flacco's eyebrows? Do you think you could tweeze 'em out a little bit. I can't even watch him on TV.

I think so definitely, for the simple fact that, you know he's gonna be the face of our franchise. He's gotta look like...he's gotta clean that thing up. Everybody loves a the quarterback. You know I said. Look at Tom Brady he's been on GQ magazine like 7 times...on the cover. You know whenever he's big he's big. He's dated all the hot actresses, all the hot models. If Flacco even wanna compete to that he's gonna have to clean that thing up a little bit.

I mean he's not that ugly, but he looks like a caveman with his eyebrows.
Ya, you know you gotta trim the eyebrows up just a little bit.

Seriously. So I just two more questions for you. The championship games involve three bird teams. The Eagles, Cardinals, and Ravens. Just comparing mascots, who would win and why.

Oh man I think our mascot would win for the simple fact of his name. You know his name is after Edgar Allen Poe. So you have some history there and anywhere you got got tradition and we got a tradition of whoopin' ass so I think our bird would win. You know, no disrespect to the other two birds, we love 'em, and I think Poe would get 'em.

Nice dude. Last thing. I was just watching NFL Network and James Harrison arrogantly stated that Pittsburgh is the best defense in the league. Do you wanna rebut that or...just let it ride.

Naw, I mean, I think he can only say that cause he has a veteran offense you know. His offense is good enough that his defense, all they gotta do is not lose the game. You see what I'm sayin'so.... But with all respect due they got the number one, you know the number one in total defense but they just gonna have to prove that this week.

For sure man. Thanks a lot for doin' this I really appreciate it. 

Alright, thanks Chris


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