Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marcus Schrenker

7:15 this morning.  Christy and I are sitting and having coffee.  I'm getting ready to post an interview with Terrell Suggs, she is almost on her way out the door for work (Christy works in a hair salon that her dad owns).  The phone rings and I evesdrop a conversation of "Un-Uh's" and "No ways."  Before she has hung up the phone NBC is on the TV and it's showing the wild story of pilot named Marcus Schrenker.

Before the news is able to get any further into detail, Christy tells me that she has been cutting this guys hair every two weeks for the last year and she knows him pretty well.

Without knowing any of the news details she says "He's a really nice guy, but he's always trying to get me to tell you about these crazy investments."

As we continue to watch the news we find out that he is an investment business man who is alledged to have stolen millions of dollars from his clients.  -- Good thing we didn't give him any money!  He was also supposed to be having major marital problems.  He had bailed out of his plane a couple days ago and let it crash in Alabama...  then he took a little adventure down into Florida.  He was finally found with a huge cut on his arm that was supposed to be self inflicted.

It continues to show a couple pictures of him while the story runs and Christy says "At least he has a great haircut for the news."  I haven't stopped laughing.

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