Saturday, September 13, 2008


A great tradition began three years ago. Ristorante Bonaroti is what I consider the best resturant in the entire DC/Virgina area. Wait, really if I think about it my favorite resturante of all time. In just three years I have so many great memories there. The owner Sergio and his wife Noel are two of the best people I have ever been around.

So anyways, back to the tradition. For the last three years we have been eating there before every home game. It's always been Yoder and I, sometimes we incorporate some different faces (Colt Brennan tonight), but me and Yodes have never missed.
I even have my own appetizer on the menu, unbelievable by the way - buffalo mozerella wrapped in dry aged filet minon. It's called brezola, really I don't know if that's how you spell brezola, and I can't ever pronounce it right, but it's damn good!
Although I am listed on the menu, I haven't actually ordered from it in over two years. When Yoder and I show up, we just ask Serg whats the best thing we could order and he hooks it up every time. Tonight I went spaghetti, best spaghetti in the world, and I'm counting on the energy in the heat tomorrow. Bonaroti's never fails!

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