Friday, September 12, 2008

TC: College Football GOW

I don't care who you are or where you're from. North, South, East, or West the college game this week has got to be #5 Ohio State heading to Hollywood to take on the top ranked USC Trojans. Are these teams that good? Yes. One of them has played for the national title each of the last four seasons and this game could determine who will go this year. Should you watch this game? Yes.

"We love competing against the top teams," USC quarterback Mark Sanchez said. "That's why I came here. It's going to be a great day for college football. The (Los Angeles) Coliseum is going to be rocking."
God came down and handed me that pick of the week but here are some others that I feel are notable.

#23 Cal is coming to College Park - Will this be a good game? If a good game to you is watching one team destroy another, then yes it will be great. I mean Cal is sort of good. In 2 games they've scored 102 points and only given up 34. Maryland on the other hand lost to Middle Tennessee State last week...enough said

I know that a good one will probably be Kansas at South Florida but instead I am highlighting #6 Missouri vs Nevada at 12:37 pm. Why this game? Because Nevada is in the WAC...and I hate them. Plus the 12:37 kickoff jumped off the page at me so I had to check it out.

After saying that WV was going to "beat ECU's ass" I owe a true apology to them. Like I said before, my knowledge is still on the west coast. But after beating the Mountaineers last week ECU jumped to #14 in the polls and should have an easy win over Tulane this week. GO PIRATES!
Being fresh out of college I still have plenty of friends that play football for the Aggies. No, not Texas A&M, not New Mexico State, but the Utah State Aggies. I feel like I can say that because after losing to Oregon 66-24 last week the Ducks actually moved up two spots in the polls. Good job with the strength of schedule on that one computer. And this week doesn't get any easier for the Aggies as they try not to lose their 11th straight game against #22 Utah. Good luck guys, at least it won't be snowing Logan.

Normally the Michigan/Notre Dame game is a good one. This year...not so much. They just aren't that good anymore. But thanks to NBC you can still check it out at 3:47.

My final game worth noting this week is UCLA at #18 BYU. I briefly mentioned how I wanted to be watching BYU last week against Washington, a game was won on a blocked extra point that was long because of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but I chose Cincinnati/Oklahoma instead (head slap). So this week I am putting them on the charts.

So fellow fans, check the blog regularly tomorrow and give me your thoughts on the games. I know I will need something besides football to fill my day.

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