Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Cooley Zone: A day at the track with Dale Junior

"Getting bored with the interview I casually strolled toward the garages. I popped in and out, witnessing the crews working on the cars and shortly found myself wandering into the open garage of Tony Stewart. No one was home and I figured if I could just look like I knew what I was doing it would be safe to snoop around. Rooting through Tony's toolbox was a much bigger rush than I expected and looking back I wish I could have returned home with a souvenir; at least a wrench or something."
To read the rest check out Shutdown Corner. Thanks

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Another great blog Cooley! It's good to hear that professional athletes geek out about meeting other celebrities the way we fans do. By the way, my husband loves Lindsay Czarniak. Please tell me she's a royal bitch in person! Ha! Love that you sported the DC101 shirt!

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