Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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Sorry it’s been a while since my last post but with minicamp and OTA’s I haven’t had a lot of time to write. So I guess here are some of the things that have happened lately.

PTI talked about my last Yahoo post and I would like to say thanks for not talking too much shit about me on ESPN. I mean come on Tony, I make it to the pro bowl and the least I can get out of you is “a mid-round pick” with a load of sarcasm. Was that because you “hate” bloggers?

Speaking of blogger hating, I finally watched the Buzz blow up. Buzz, great job showing that you aren’t easily intimidated by us bloggers. If you don’t want the shit pissed out of you anymore, you better check out my writing. I wouldn’t want to “dumb down America” with any of my posts.

Also, I will be a guest on Blog Show tomorrow. Make sure to check it out. And finally, get ready for some good stuff over at Shutdown Corner this Wednesday morning. Thanks for reading.

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Damn get some rest kid, don't you got practice in the morning?

Chris... I saw that PTI. Kornheiser definitely gave you a cheap shot there, but I believe he and Wilbon ended up agreeing with you at least.

Thanks for taking the time to get on and post on your blog after a weekend of Minicamp and OTAs today when you have to get up any minute for more tomorrow. You have to know we appreciate it as fans. At the same time, get some rest. Hahaha... can't have you getting injured or anything because you're not getting enough sleep to recover.

HA! Nice DC-101 shirt. I'm sure Elliot would get a kick out of you wearing that. Chris...you're awesome and we'll keep reading as long as you keep writing. So, thank you and keep growing the white-man 'fro.

Only a couple weeks until you get married.....nervous? Your life changes after the ring slips on her finger. No matter, it changes. Hey, you can make (or try) babies legally. Are you blogging on your honeymoon? I would assume that would be better reading than minicamp, lol.

Seriousy, congrats and have a great time.


Outstanding job sitting down so you make Steinz and Mottram look like they are bigger than you. Steinz looks downright badass.

Wilbon is an Idiot...I stopped watching PTI after they continuously have nothing but negative commments about Washington area sports teams. I hate ESPN too. I took a sign to the skins/buff game saying F Wilbon and ESPN and security took it away from me. I have no love for them. How's the new guy Zorn? I'm kind of worried...really wanted Gregg Williams.

Hey Chris, whats this I hear about a race between Portis and Landry? Who's faster? Did you see the race?

Buzz Bissinger is a major Douche bag. Keep rockin the burgandy bro, and don't just beat Dallas, pulvarize'em! ... the Eagles too, I can't stand either team. Hail Skins!

NFL.com had video of the LaRon/Clinton race. LL says he won, very close all and all. Chris you may want to buy Fred Davis a few alarm clocks, I think 7-8 should do the trick.

Thanks for the update...

Kornheiser is trash. I listen to Sirius NFL radio for Monday night games, I just pause the HD DVR so that the satellite radio delay is the same... and ta-daa.. I get my choice of home broadcasters.

Almost anything is better than listen to Tony K. destroy Monday Night Football.

What're you going to do about your buddy, Davis? Heheheh, I imagine that is going to be the source of some razzing.

I just discovered this blog, and wanted to say I really enjoyed reading through back posts and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say this summer and during the upcoming season. Thanks Chris, we appreciate it!

Don't worry Chris, Kornheiney's just jealous of your full head of hair.

Chris is the man. No fear. Better to die on your feet fighting rather than laying down.

Yeah people need to stop hating on the bloggers and get a life. Anyways, great update Chris..i always look forward to what's going on in your world.

Hey Chris, I just recently found this site from someone at your draft day signing but wanted to say I'm glad you stepped up on the rookie signing issue. I'm sure allot of people agree with you but just don't have the balls to say so.

About the PTI thing... Tony only said that cause he has a 100 "smart ass/witty" remark quota he has to full fill per episode... Like one of the earlier posts said he still agreed with you though so even if he did take a bit of a cheap shot at ya, your message got through.

The mere sound of Tony's voice makes me want to puke. He is so full of shit and himself I can't stand it. I hope CC's next ingrown hair pus ball splatters Tony's face.

Hi Chris. Loving the DC101 shirt! I wanted to say that I cannot wait for the season to get started! Kick ass this year!!

Kornhollio is just a big stoopid. Don't worry about what he has to say. I can't remember the last time I heard him say something of value that was related to sports. Oh wait...maybe its because I haven't listened to him in forever.

Kornholer's a douche bag anyhow and his mega-mouth only spews bullshit. Chris, you are one of the better TE's in the league and you and Dallas Clark are redefining the H-Back/TE position. I hope with Jim Zorn at the helm, and a little more work with Jason Campbell (whom I think can be a really good Pro Bowl caliber QB) you can get a few more balls tossed in your direction. Keep up the good work both on your blog and on the gridiron.

Come on, folk, Mr. Tony didn't slam Cooley at all. He "hates bloggers" because he hates some fool that blogs at DCRTV.

Story here. Blogger TK hates here.

The mid-round deal was just to say that of course Cooley hates top 10 picks grabbing cash b/c 1.) They don't deserve it relative to established players and 2.) Cooley wasn't on the take when he was drafted. It wasn't any comment on his ability now.

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